Mushoku Tensei

Holy Night Chaos Breaker (2019 Xmas SS)
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Holy Night Chaos Breaker (2019 Xmas SS)

This takes place after the completed web novel and may contain spoilers for anime/LN/manga readers!

My name is Nanahoshi. Nanahoshi Shizuka.

A high school girl that tripped into another world.

I researched Teleport Magic and endlessly experimented to return to my original world. When the results all but confirmed that I can't return right away, I beseech Perugius to use his familiar - Sukeakoto of Time - to put me in suspended animation, so I might avoid succumbing to illness from an extended stay in this world. Now, I only wake up once a month.

One day, a month.

A day is short. Bath, eat, hearing about the state of the world, and the day is already over.

A year lasts only a dozen days from my perspective.

Time is but a fleeting arrow.

That sprightly Rudeus has turned middle-aged, his cute gaggle of kids have all lapsed me in age, some even married with kids of their own.

Not that I'm in a rush about that…

Just that, it can’t help but feel a bit lonely…

That we no longer share the same time.

"Huff… Huff…"

"You're finally getting in shape."

"… Thank you."

After several months of learning martial arts from Sylvaril.

I'm finally gaining praise instead of criticism.

"But on par with the average bar hoodlum, so don't get overconfident."

"Ah, yes."

It's not like I’m learning martial arts to pick a fight with someone.

Rudeus taught me what to do if someone tried to pick on me, at the bar.

To get away, cry and yell, run and shout.

If in Sharia, run towards one of the Rude Mercenary Stations, which acted like the police booths in our world.

Maybe even name drop Orsted as I run.

The me before the Teleportation Incident might be too proud to run away crying.

But after coming to this world, I saw how frail life could be, my dignity be damned.

Reality is often cruel.

After witnessing so much, I threw that naïve pride into the trash.

Right, next time, I should practice my screaming and train my vocal cords…

Rudeus said sounding as pathetic as possible would engender the most sympathies.

Maybe I should have him demonstrate next time.

"Alright, that will end today's training."

"Thank you very much!"

I took a quick bath after practice.

After drying my hair and changing out of sweat-soaked trainers, I head toward my room.

Next is the moment I have been waiting for.

It's not an exaggeration to say my sole reason for living nowadays.

But on the way back, I suddenly had a bad premonition.

Something feels off.

The castle seems to be in a state of agitation, but at the same time permeated by a strange quiet.

A sound breaks this uncomfortable silence.

Shan shan shan shan… freewebnovel(.)com

Barely perceptible, am I hearing things?

It's almost nostalgic.

This nostalgic feeling stirs up vague memories.

But one thing is clear.

The atmosphere that pervades the entire castle.

A heavy, suffocating air.

He’s here, I’m afraid…

Dragon God Orsted.

"I'm a little disappointed …"

Of course I'm glad that Orsted came to visit.

After all, he's the one I'm most indebted to, in this world.

Of course I am glad that, even now, he still cares and looks after me.

But if Orsted is here, that means Rudeus probably won't be.

If Rudeus isn't here, then the meal would be bland.

Of course, it was still tasty!

With the self-declared gourmet, Perugius, as host, there's no way it could taste bad.

It's more like having first class French cuisine (even though I never had it).

When all I want is Rudeus to bring me Japanese food…

It's a matter of personal preference.

Regardless, I'm happy for Orsted to be here.

Getting his perspective of what's happening in the world would be a nice contrast from Rudeus'.

Suddenly, I sensed something.

(Is there someone behind me…?)


When I turned my head to check, no one was there.

"Who is it?"

No reply.

Not a sound.

I don't have the ability to detect one’s presence, so I'm not too confident, but… I'm sure, someone is there!

"What do you want?"

No answer.

My question lingered in the air of the floating castle Chaos Breaker with nary a reply.

Feeling a sudden chill, I quickened my pace.

Something's wrong.

Sylvaril was the usual not too long ago.

So whatever the cause, it must have happened just now.

Floating Castle Chaos Breaker doesn't have any other occupants besides Perugius and his familiars.

I'm not his familiar, merely a guest.

Maybe his disciple, or a collaborator in research.

So, what if--

What if Orsted and Perugius turned hostile?

Then I'll no longer be treated as a guest.


My pace quickened into a run.

Hurrying toward my room.

It's still part of Chaos Breaker, Perugius' home base.

Despite that, I still seek the comfort of my familiar room.


I hear it again!

What I felt earlier!

Footsteps that’s not mine.

It's getting faster!

It's trying to catch up!

I turned around.

For a brief moment, I noticed something hiding in the shadows.


It was only for a moment, but I saw that someone was covered in fur and spooky tree branch shaped horns.

Not a creature that belongs on Chaos Breaker.


I ran down the hallway crying.

A full on sprint.

I just focused on running as fast as I could, while trying to ignore the footsteps quickening behind me.

I made it and opened the door to my room…



My room has changed.

My familiar furniture has disappeared, replaced by things glistering and bright.

A strange creature occupies the room.

Their right hand holding that shimmering light, looking back at me, just as surprised.

It’s not my room.

It has changed too much.

I was so shocked by what I just witnessed that I slammed the door back shut.

A hand patted me on the shoulder.

Their arms, hairy and green, and "I’ve been caught" was all I could think about.


My mouth and arms moved all at once.

I pulled onto that hairy arm, lowered my body, elbowing him right in the diaphragm.

Just like in practice, I punched my elbow hard at the opponent's center.

Then as follow through, while his head’s down, I grabbed onto his horns to knee him on the chin.


The elbow landed hard, but he seemed to have blocked my kick.

More importantly,

That moan sounds awfully familiar.


The one defending me also looks awfully familiar.


What happened next was a shock.

Out of the corner of my eye, from the fireplace at the corner of the room.

One moment there was nothing, next something flew out, in less than a blink of an eye.

Like a whirlwind it arrived and stopped before me.

A red hat, a fluffy, red coat with white trims.

A sloppy-looking red trouser.

Santa Clause.

But a Santa Clause with eagle-sharp eyes, overflowing with murderous intent.

When he intruded from the fireplace, instinctually one knew that his coat was only stained red by the blood of his enemies.

Or Rudeus would have said… But for me, he was someone I knew the longest of in this world.


Orsted, dressing up as Santa Clause.

Carefully wielding a large sack.

It’s the stuff of nightmares.

"What is it, Nanahoshi? Are you alright? What happened to Rudeus?”

With a gentle tone unbefitting of his stature, he inquired.

"What's… going on?"

Still in a daze, Instead of answering, I asked back.

As I responded, I observed my surroundings.

First, on the corner to the right of the room.

A large tree.

Filled with decorations.

It's covered in golden spheres and candy canes, adorned with a star on top.

It's a tree, no doubt.

But also moving.

It's happily wiggling its body in tune to that shan-shan sound.

Honestly, it's a bit creepy, but I recognize that tree.

It's Beat.

A treant, the gatekeeper at Rudeus’ house.

Cloned from a cutting?

Then I looked up toward the ceiling.

Tiny flags of the nations of this world spreading out from the center of the room.

The walls are covered in stars and ribbons, gold, red, and green.

And perhaps the most attention grabbing,

Two creatures.

Covered in monster pelts, domed with monsters’ heads.

With a pair of spooky, large horns.

Still shocked, even whilst ringing silver bells in their hands.

Shan shan shan…

So this was the source of that sound from earlier?

In fact, Rudeus (with tears in his eyes) was dressed in the same way.

No horns.

A doe?

No, he's a male with wives!

Ah, his horns are in my hand.

I must have tore it when I kneed him.

Looks detachable.

That must be why I haven’t noticed.

Finally, what I saw was…


A whole fried chicken, salad, karaage, popcorn, french fries… A table piled with food.

Also, a cake!

My mouth salivates as I finally grasp the situation.

But I also didn't understand.


In the Christmas party prep room, I mumbled.

Today is December 24th.

Holy Night.

This year's Christmas Eve just happened to coincide with Nanahoshi’s day of awakening.

That's why we should have a party at Nanahoshi's room, a lady on a diet who’s endlessly tormented by those devilish calories.

But a simple party won't do.

Since Nanahoshi only has but a single day.

That's why the genius Rudeus Greyrat came up with a plan.

To make the party a surprise, to plot in secret, in order to bring a smile to her face.

Indeed, it’s a surprise party.

That was the plan.

First, the room was adorned with Christmas decorations, then the moment Nanahoshi reached her room, Rudeus was to surprise her from behind with Christmas crackers and a Merry Christmas cheer.

Then have the guest of honor Perugius give a resounding toast, and have the party begin!

Then at the climax of the party, another surprise!

With the Christmas lights and sounds dim, the real Santa Clause arrives!

Santa Clause brings with him presents and holiday well-wishes from my wives and kids.

Thus, all the Nanahoshi walked out of theatres in Japan, caught up in a whirlwind of excitement and saying “that’s amazing…”

An outrageous plan.

Ended in failure.

The plan failed with Rudeus standing accused as a molester. But as the would-be victim, I can profess his innocence.

Rather, I should apologize for hitting him.

Rudeus said I landed a good one too, I’m so sorry!

Surprise aside, the party went well.

Karaage and potatoes, popcorn and cake.

Everything was delicious.

These evil caloric temptations!

Next time I wake up, Sylvaril will have to work me even harder.

Sieg-kun and Lara-chan came to help with the party. They sure have grown into fine adults since I last saw them.

Especially Sieg-kun.

The middle-schooler that Rudeus spoke about has grown into such a fine, young man, that I was taken aback when he sat himself beside me to serve me drinks.

He probably only thinks of me as a big sister or an auntie?

Lara-chan looks like her usual self, but seemed to become quite immersed in Summoning Magic, asking all sorts of questions about Summoning Circles and Teleportation Theory. I don't know much of what I said got through to her though.

Everyone has grown up.

Lucy-chan even married and had a son.

The Lucy-chan in my head was still that little cry-baby who couldn’t wash her own hair.

The only ones that never change are Orsted and Perugius.

Orsted with his usual frightening face, a little crazy of him to volunteer as Santa and deliver my presents.

Even Perugius laughed and said "I didn't realize you are a jester" when he saw the gettup.

It was a fun party.

After the party, Rudeus returned with his family.

Clean up will come later, so for now the room will stay like this.

Walls covered in shining stars and ribbons, residues from the Christmas crackers.

And all the gifts Orsted brought…

I opened each gift box one-by-one.

The usual.

Gloves, mufflers, sweaters, rings and necklaces.

It’s already Winter outside of Chaos Breaker, so they’re things to keep warm.

But more than just the gifts.

In each box carried the well wishes from everyone.

Sylphy and Roxy, Eris, Aisha, Lilia, Lucy, Ars, Lara…

Everyone I know.

Simple words.

Don't catch a cold!

Thank you for playing with me a long time ago!

Everyone's doing well!

For them, I must have felt estranged.

But not forgotten…

Those thoughts caused my nose to sniffle.

At least, I need to treasure these gifts.

With that thought, I fell back into my slumber.

This is a story of fiction.

There's no Christmas in the world of Mushoku Tensei.

But I believe Nanahoshi received those well-wishes.

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