Mushoku Tensei

Volume 1 Chapter 9 — Emergency Family Meeting
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Volume 1 Chapter 9 - Emergency Family Meeting

Part 1

Zenith has been diagnosed as pregnant. My brother or sister is going to be born.

The family members have increased. Yowzer Rudi-chan!!

Zenith has been troubled all these years.

In the past, she would sigh and suspect whether she was unable to have any more children, but about 1 month ago, she started to feel a change in her. She was getting tired easily, getting nausea, vomiting, etc. These are the common signs of pregnancy. Since she still remembered those feelings, she went to a doctor and was diagnosed as pregnant. Basically, it wasn't wrong.

The Greyrat family was overjoyed with the report.

If it's a boy, he will be named this. If it's a girl, she will be named that. There's the room too, along with how the kid can use Rudi's old clothes.

The topics were endless.

The laughter kept coming in on that bustling day. I was frankly quite happy, and made my opinion that a younger sister is better. That's because my younger brother destroyed the most important thing to me (using a baseball bat).

And then.

A month later, there was another problem that sprang out.

Part 2

The maid Lilia is discovered to be pregnant.

"I'm sorry, I'm pregnant."

Lilia plainly announces the fact that she is pregnant when the family gathered.

At that instant, the Greyrat family freezes.

(Who did it……?)

No one tries asking in this atmosphere.

Everyone faintly feels it. Lilia's a hardworking maid. She sends almost all of her salary back home. To solve the village's problem, she frequently goes out with Paul, and is different from Zenith who stays in the village to help out with the clinic. She almost doesn't leave the house except for work. There were no news that Lilia is especially close to someone either.

Could it be that she did it with a stranger……

But I know one thing.

After Zenith became pregnant, Paul was forced to stop having sexual activities, and when he couldn't find relief for it, he snuck into Lilia's room at night.

If I was a straight child, I might even have thought that they were playing poker.

Unfortunately, I knew. The two of them did it not during father's absence, but mother's absence.

I really wish they would be more careful. Didn't 2 random people say this before?

"Ye laddies!! 'Ye can do it if you try.' are very good words. They teach us the importance of contraception!!"

I really want to let Paul, whose face has turned green, know those lines.

Well, I don't really know if there is the usage of contraception.

Of course, I don't intend to divulge this matter and cause a family break up.

If it's the usual, I would not forgive anyone who lays his hands on the maid.

But I have received much favor from Paul about Sylphy's matter. I'll forgive him this once.

A popular guy has it hard. That is why if he gets suspected, I'll cover for him. I can even be his alibi. After I set my determination down, I make eye signals towards Paul to tell him to be at peace.

But at the same time, Zenith looks at Paul, full of suspicion.

And coincidentally, both of us have our lines of sight on Paul.

"S-sorry. I-it's probably, mine……"

This fellow gives up all too easily.

How pathetic…… No, honest men should be praised. He always likes to gather the family members and act noble by teaching me:

"Be honest" something like that,

"Be manly" something like that,

"Protect girls" something like that,

"Don't do dishonest things" something like that.

So he probably can't tell anything but the truth.

Isn't that good? I don't dislike that part about you.

(But the situation has become pretty bad……)

I think that as I look at Zenith. A Hannya mask is appearing behind her.

Just like that, including Lilia, we start an emergency family meeting.

Part 3

The first to break the silence is Zenith.

She leads the initiative.

"Well, what are you going to do now?"

From how I look at it, Zenith is exceedingly composed.

She only gave her husband who committed adultery, a mere slap without falling into hysteria.

Paul's face still has a red handprint.

"Please allow me to quit this job after helping Madam give birth."

The one who replied is Lilia. She is also exceedingly calm. Perhaps in this world this is a very common thing. The owner and the maid with an affair. Once it becomes a problem, she leaves the house.


If it's the usual, I will be interested in such a tragic story. But this atmosphere is making me unable to even twitch. After all I have restraint. Unlike Paul.

Just so you know, Paul is curling up in one corner.

A father's dignity? The heck is that?

"What about the child?"

"I plan to raise him in my hometown after I give birth in Fedoa."

"Your hometown is in the south right?"


"You will be exhausted after giving birth, and you probably can't take the long journey right?"

"………Perhaps, but I don't have anywhere else to go to."

Fedoa is placed at Asura's northern section.

From my knowledge, the cities at the southern side of the Asuran Kingdom require a full month's journey even on horse carriages. Even if it's only a month, Asura's kingdom security and weather is quite good. If you take a carriage the journey isn't very harsh.

But that's only for ordinary travelers.

Lilia doesn't have money. If she doesn't have the money, she can only walk.

Even if the Greyrat family gives her the fees for traveling, the danger doesn't change even if she takes a carriage.

A mother who just gave birth setting off alone to journey. If I'm a bad guy, what will I do if I meet her?

Of course I'll attack her, that's a golden goose right there. It's asking others to "please attack me". Taking the child as a hostage and then imprisoning the mother. Stealing all her money and belongings first. And there seems to be some form of slavery system, it will be a done deal if the mother and child get sold too.

Even if Asura is the most secure place in this world, it doesn't mean there are no bad people out there. She probably has a high chance to get attacked.

Zenith is right. Physical strength is a problem. Even if Lilia manages to endure it, what about the child?

Can the child last a full month's journey?

Impossible right?

Of course if Lilia collapses, the child will also accompany her. If they fall sick, they also don't have the resources to look for a doctor, and at the end they will go down.

My eyes can already visualize the scenery of Lilia carrying her baby collapsing in the snowstorm.

I don't want Lilia to die in that manner.

"But honey, that's really……"

"Shut up!!"

Paul tries to argue by stammering, but after Zenith's flat rejection, he curls up like a child in the corner.

In this matter, he has no speaking power. Hmm. Looks like Paul has already been eliminated out of the equation.


Zenith bites her fingernails in pain. Looks like she's hesitating.

She doesn't hate Lilia to the point of killing her.

Actually, the relationship between the two is very good. They have been maintaining the household for 6 years together, one can even see them as good friends.

If the child in Lilia isn't Paul's.

If Lilia got raped in an alley and got pregnant because of that, Zenith will definitely allow…… no, she will forcefully protect her, and let her child be raised here. From the flow of the conversation, this world doesn't have the concept of aborting a child.

I think there are two conflicting feelings in Zenith's heart.

The feeling of her fondness for Lilia and the feeling that she has been betrayed.

I think Zenith is plenty admirable that she's not leaning to the latter emotion. If it's me, I will surely be jealous enough to chase her out.

The fact that Zenith is able to keep her cool has something to do with Lilia's attitude. Lilia isn't finding an excuse for herself, and only plans to take responsibility. Taking all the responsibility towards the family she has betrayed, that she has always served.

But the one who should take responsibility in my opinion, should be Paul. It isn't right for Lilia to take all the responsibility.

This farewell cannot happen in such a terrible way.

I decided to help Lilia. I have received plenty of care from her. Even though we didn't have much interaction and she rarely speaks to me, but she has taken very good care of me.

Every time when I am soaked with perspiration from practicing sword techniques, she will have prepared a towel for me. If I got drenched from the rain, she will also prepare hot water. During the cold nights she brings me a blanket. When I forget to pack the books back to the shelves, she will pack them fastidiously.

And most importantly.

The most important, and that is of most importance.

She knows the existence of the Divine Artifact, but she kept it a secret.

That's right, Lilia knows.

Back then when I still thought Sylphy was a boy.

It was raining then. I was studying the botanical encyclopedia in my room with complicated feelings. It was then when Lilia entered and began cleaning. I was absorbed in reading the book and I didn't notice Lilia cleaning near the hiding place of the Divine Artifact. When I noticed her, it was already past redemption. Lilia's hand was holding on to the Divine Artifact.

I was utterly shocked. It's true that the 20 years of my neet life, that my room was completely messy without caring if there's anyone beside me. There's even a folder on the computer's desktop with the file name [Erotic pictures]. That is perhaps why my hiding techniques have grown rusty. But I didn't expect it at all that it was found so easily. I even tried earnestly to hide it…… Is this the living thing called a "Maid"?

Something in my heart starts to crumble, and the blood starts to leave my brain.

The witch hunt had begun.

Lilia said: "What's that?"

I said: "Wwwwwwwwwhat's that, ttttttthat."

Lilia said: "There's a smell to it."

I said: "Ses-- That may or may not be the smell of sesame oil?"

Lilia said: "Whose is this?"

I said: "……………Sorry, it's Roxy's."

Lilia said: "It's better to wash it."

I said: "How can that be washed!!"

Lilia puts the Divine Artifact back to the Divine Holding Place (the hiding place).

And she left the me who was trembling, and left the room.

On that night I was prepared to face a family meeting.

But nothing happened.

I was shivering the entire night. But when it turned to the 2nd morning, nothing happened at all.

She didn't tell anyone.

I'll repay this favor.

"Mother, I can get two siblings at the same time, why is the atmosphere so heavy?"

I must be like a child.

Lilia's pregnant. That's great, there are even more family members. Why are you getting angry?

I try to cut in based on this type of feeling.

"That's because she and your father had done something that's not allowed."

Zenith replies with a sigh. Bottomless fury creeps into her voice. But, that fury isn't pointed at Lilia. Zenith knows it clearly herself.

Who has the most fault?

"Is that so. But can Lilia resist father?"


So, even if it's unfair to Paul, he has dug this grave himself. Please bear all the blame.

I'm sorry, the repayment for Sylphy has to wait.

"I know. Father's holding on to Lilia's weakness."

"Eh? Is that true!?"

Zenith seems to believe my random lies, looking back at Lilia in surprise.

Lilia is expressionless as usual, but she seems to have an idea about this and her eyebrow moves a little. Is it really true that she had some weakness. But from how it looks, the one whose weakness has been caught is actually Paul……

Whatever. That's just as well.

"Earlier, when I went to the toilet and passed by Lilia's room, I heard father saying…… If you don't want 'that' to come into open daylight, you better obediently spread your legs or something like that."

"Wha!! Rudi, what are you saying……"

"You shut the hell up!!"

Zenith piercing shriek cuts Paul off.

"Lilia, is what he said true?"

"No, that kind of thing is……"

Lilia wants to say something, but her eyes are wavering.

She's thinking of something. It might even be that she has played that kind of "play".

"That's true, you can't say it out loud from your mouth……"

Zenith arbitrarily comes to an understanding of her own based on Lilia's attitude.

Paul looks flabbergasted with his eyes darting in confusion, even though his mouth is wide open he couldn't say anything, becoming like a goldfish.

Good. Now for the finishing blow.

"Mother. I feel that Lilia isn't in the wrong."


"It's father who is in the wrong."


"Father is in the wrong, but Lilia's getting punished, this is too strange."


There's not enough of a reaction……… A little more.

"I'm really happy to spend time with Sylphy, so I think it's better that my siblings should have friends of the same age."


"Also, mother. To me, both of them are my siblings."

"……………I got it. Sheesh, I really can't win Rudi."

Zenith takes in a deep breath.

You're giving me a lot of trouble, mother.

"Lilia, stay in our home. You're already one of us!! I'm not allowing you to leave by yourself!!"

She lays down the order.

Paul opens his eyes wide, Lilia in tears while she covers her lips with her hands.

And thus, this matter comes to a close.

Part 4

Just like that, all the blame has been gathered onto Paul, and things settled down.

In the end, Zenith looks at Paul as if a pig is going to be slaughtered.

In some professions this might be a reward, but my balls shrank for that moment.

Zenith brings that look in her and returns to her room alone.

Lilia's crying. She still has the expressionless look, but her tears keep flowing from her eyes.

Paul's hesitating whether he should hug her shoulders.

Well, I'll leave it to the playboy.

I chase after Zenith to the master bedroom. If this incident causes Zenith to divorce Paul, it's also a problem.

I knock on the door, and Zenith immediately comes out.

"Mother. The earlier stuff I said was a lie. Please don't hate father."

I said without any preface to it.

Zenith looks dumbfounded for a moment, but she immediately smiles wryly and strokes my head.

"I got it. I didn't think that I will like that sort of bad guy. That fellow is stupid and lustful, so I had prepared myself for when it ever turned out like that. But it just happened so suddenly that I was too shocked."

"………Is father that fond of women?"

I pretended to not know anything and ask.

"Yes. He is better recently, but he didn't care about the consequences in the past. It might even be possible that there's Rudi's older brother or sister."

As she talks, the strength of the hand stroking my head becomes stronger and stronger.

"Rudi can't turn out to be that kind of adult okay?"

She rubs my head firmly, no, she's grabbing my head with more and more strength……

"You can't treat Sylphy lightly okay?"

"Ow, ouch, of course mother, ouch~"

I feel like my actions from hence forth have been severely warned.

But, it looks like things should be fine now. Whatever happens will be Paul's effort.

But, our family's father is really mischievous.

There's no 2nd chance, mister.

The 2nd day.

The sword training is extremely strict.

I already helped you to comfort mother, can you not place your anger on me?

Part 5

--Lilia's POV--

I'll be blunt.

This pregnancy is my own fault. That's because I know I seduced Paul.

When I came to this house I didn't plan it at all. But, after listening to their heavy pants every single night, cleaning after their room that has the full scent of the night's aftermath, I would've accumulated sexual desire.

At first I settled it myself.

But, as I watch Paul train with the sword in the courtyard everyday, an unquenchable fire in my body starts becoming bigger.

Every time I see Paul train, I think of my first time.

I was much younger that time, and it was during the days in the dojo. The person was of course Paul, and it was a forced attack during the night. Even though I didn't hate him, but I didn't like him either. The first time wasn't very romantic, and I shed tears right then.

But right after that, the fat ministers were there.

Once I thought that Paul was better than them, I didn't mind that incident as much…

As I heard Paul was hiring maids, I was thinking of using that time as negotiation material.

The Paul that I have not seen since back then, was much manlier now.

The youthful boy has disappeared, and he had become an intense and rugged man.

In front of such a man, I actually managed to hold on for 6 years.

At first, Paul didn't flirt with me.

If it stayed that way, perhaps my own desires will be put out.

But his occasional sexual harassment lit up my fire.

Even though I can endure it, but I am conscious of the fact that I was on a tight balance.

Zenith's pregnancy broke that balance.

Using Paul's sexual desires as a chance for myself, I seduced him into the room……

So everything is my fault. Pregnancy is my punishment. A punishment for losing to my desires and betraying Zenith.

But I was forgiven.

I was forgiven by Rudeus.

That smart child accurately understood what happened, guided the flow of the conversation accurately, and even laid down the perfect trap.

As if he had encountered something like this before and remained calm.

That's too scary…… N, no I can't talk about him like this anymore.

I always found Rudeus to be scary and avoided him in the past.

Rudeus is very clever. He must have noticed that I was avoiding him intentionally. But, he still saved me. Even though he must have felt uncomfortable.

Compared to his own feelings, he chose to save this child.

I felt ashamed that I found him to be frightening and avoided him.

He's my savior. A person that deserves my respect.

I'll serve this person with the greatest respect till the day I die. No…… I can't repay it by myself when I consider about the part where I looked down on him.

That's right.

If this child grows up safely and well.

I'll let this child follow Rudeus.

I'll let him serve Master Rudeus.

Part 6

--Rudeus POV--

Nothing special really happened the next few months.

Sylphy's growth is apparent. She can use voiceless incantation up to the intermediate rank. She's also able to slowly perform the delicate controls.

Comparatively, my sword techniques' ranks aren't changing much.

Even though I'm improving, I still haven't left a mark on Paul's body, so there's no real feel to it.

Also, Lilia's attitude seems to be better. She has always been wary of me in the past. Well, it's to be expected since I've been whoosh-whoosh-whoosh casting magic since I was young.

Even though she basically keeps her expressionless face, her words and actions make me feel like she respects me a lot. Even though I find the feeling of that to be pretty good, it will make Paul lose his position, so I hope she stops that appropriately.

In any case after that incident, Lilia begins to talk to me a little.

Mainly about Paul.

Lilia actually learned sword techniques in the same dojo.

At that time Paul was very talented, but he didn't like practice. And he usually skips practice to play in the city. And Lilia lost her virginity due to Paul's sneak attack during the night when she was sleeping. Paul was afraid of revealing this incident and escaped.

She plainly describes to me the events that happened.

The stocks in Paul's shares began to plummet the more I hear Lilia's described events.

Rape plus adultery. Paul's a scumbag.

But Paul's personality isn't that of a bad person. He's wild and free like a child, the type that brings motherly instinct out. He tries hard to be a father. But he's terribly weak in being patient, and whatever that he thinks of, he immediately puts it into action, he's definitely not a bad person.

"What's the matter, why are you staring at me. Do you want to be as cool as your father?"

He asks me during sword training as I look at Paul.

This fellow is always trying to joke.

"A man who nearly caused a family to break up with his adultery, is cool?"


Paul shows a pained expression. I warn myself to be careful when I look at that expression.

Even though I'm the donkan type. I won't cause affairs, except with girls trying to fight over me. I'm that type who will try to cause that sort of thing.

"Well, with this matter as a warning, please don't lay your hands other than mother."

"L, Lilia is fine right?"

This guy seems like he hasn't suffered enough.

"The next time mother might leave to her hometown without saying anything……"


Surrounded by 2 women, is this guy trying to create a ménage à trois? Getting a beautiful wife and a maid that he can attack anytime, while teaching his son sword techniques in the rural area living a decadent life.

Hey hey, that's making people too envious. Isn't that one of the best ending?

Like a certain light novel, laying hands on both Louise and Tabitha and still be fine?

Should I stop chasing the donkan type and learn from him……?

No, no. Calm down. That family meeting, that final look on Zenith.

Do you want to be looked at with that eyes?

It's enough to have 1 wife.

"If you're a guy you should understand right?"

Paul is still insisting on it. I understand it, but I don't agree with it.

"What are you trying to let your 6 years old son understand?"

"Aren't you drooling over Sylphy. That kid will definitely become a beauty in the future."

I can only agree with that.

"I guess. Even though I think she's very cute now.]

"Isn't that easy to understand."

"I guess."

Paul's a scumbag, but we still find it easy to talk.

Even though I look like a kid, I'm past the mental age of a 40 years old NEET. A true scumbag.

Only limited to a game, but I like girls, and of course I like a harem. My base quality might even be the same as Paul's fondness for women.

This feeling happened after I talked with Paul after I forcefully stripped Sylphy.

After that incident, I feel that Paul is willing to approach on his own and be frank about things. Because I showed off my weak side, he isn't forcing himself to be a strict father, meaning that he has grown as well.


I suddenly notice Paul grinning.

He's not looking at me, but behind me. When I turn my head back, Sylphy's standing right there. She rarely comes to our home.

When I look closely, she's fidgeting a little with her face dyed red in color.

She must have heard what I said earlier.

"Hey, repeat that one more time for her to listen~"

Paul's teasing is really classic.

I laughed through my nose. Really, you don't get it.

Paul's still naive in some areas.

Even if something that comes from the heart, you will get used to it if you hear it too many times, and the thrill of it will become weaker. You must let people feel like you're very dense, but it will be more effective if you let out your true heartfelt words once in a while.

It can only be once in a while. You can't do it the 2nd time.

So I just smile and wave at Sylphy.

Also, Sylphy's just 6. It's 10 years too early to talk about this thing.

If you praise her as cute and continuously spoil her, she wouldn't become a good woman.

My older sister is a fine example.

"A-about that. Rudeus, is also…… cool, too?"

"Is that so, thank you Sylphy."

I smile faintly and reveal (my supposed) shining teeth.

Sylphy's really good at socializing. I almost thought it was real when she looked at me with her eyes full of admiration. Praising Sylphy as cute is my true words, but that doesn't include any romantic love in it.

At least for now.

"Then father, I'm off."

"Don't push her down in the grass!"

Who would do that. I'm not you.

"Mother!! Father is -----"

"Wahh, stop, stop……!!"

Today is another peaceful day for our family.

Part 7

After a while, Zenith started to go into labor.

It was really hard that time. Because it was a breech delivery.

Lilia is also unable to move, so the midwife from the village is called to help out. But the old lady has no solutions either.

Zenith's delivery is that severe.

Going into labor for so long, both mother and child had lapsed into a dangerous situation.

Lilia is using all her knowledge and moving around. I also try to do what I can, constantly releasing healing magic to help out.

With our efforts, the delivery is successful.

The child comes into this world without issues, and is crying energetically.

It's a girl. A sister. Luckily it's not a younger brother.

At the moment where we get relieved, Lilia also shows signs of giving birth.

That's the moment when everyone is relaxed and tired.

That word premature labor is dancing in my heart.

But, this time the midwife succeeds. She handles the breech delivery terribly, but she seems to be experienced in premature delivery. As expected of her age.

I follow the midwife's orders. Kicking the frightened Paul's butt, I let him carry Lilia to my room. In the meantime I used magic to create hot water, tried my best to gather clean cloths, and returned to the midwife.

The rest is handed over to the midwife.

At the child's birth, Lilia calls out Paul's name lovingly.

The sweaty Paul firmly grabs her hand.

The child that was just born is smaller than Zenith's daughter, but this kid also cries out healthily.

This side is also a girl.

Both are female. Both are sisters.

Both side are girls? ----- Paul says and laughs in a silly way.

A stupid father's face. This is the 2nd time I've seen that expression.

Come to think of it, Paul's really too miserable. After all, the female faction in our home has grown 2 times. At this scenario, who has the smallest foothold?

Probably the father who committed adultery with a maid that gave birth.

My goal is to be a respectable older brother, but Paul will definitely not get respected, probably.

Zenith's daughter, Norn.

Lilia's daughter, Aisha.

These are the names that have been given to them.

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