Museum of Deadly Beasts

Chapter 67: Tan Lin
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Chapter 67: Tan Lin

Translator: EndlessFantasy Translation Editor: EndlessFantasy Translation

This was the second bestial soul curse the museum had recorded. The first was from the cross-dressing girl from before. Come to think of it, the beast soul curse seemed to only like beautiful women. Otherwise, why would the victims all be girls?

The museum also contained a detailed explanation for bestial soul curses.

Just like humans, beasts had souls as well. It wasn’t uncommon to use beast souls as medicinal ingredients just like how Lin Jin used one for a pellet refinement. However, some unique beast souls could potentially turn into deadly curses when the wrong spell was applied. And once these curses possessed someone, it would only end in disaster.

While others might not be able to resolve this, Lin Jin could.

Especially now that the museum had shown him a very detailed and swift removal method.

“When the target least expects it, gather fire spirit energy onto one finger and jab the target’s Heavenly Pivot point. This will break the bestial soul curse!”

After reading this instruction, Lin Jin had a rough idea of what to do next.

The spirit energy finger was a basic skill used to regulate veins. He just had to borrow Xiao Huo’s fire energy and that was it.

The key was doing it to an ‘unsuspecting target’.

“It isn’t a huge problem, you don’t have to worry too much...” Lin Jin got up and took a step forward. All of a sudden, he jabbed a finger onto the girl’s abdomen, more precisely, the Heavenly Pivot point.


The Museum of Deadly Beasts showed him an announcement.

However, what followed suit was a slap across the face.

Fortunately, Lin Jin managed to dodge it in time with his quick reflexes.

There was now a layer of ice over the girl’s expression, accompanied by a murderous aura.

“You lecher! You’re just like the rumors said, unskilled, corrupted, shameless!” the girl berated Lin Jin mercilessly.

Lin Jin got annoyed as well.

“You better not accuse me. I only helped you out of goodwill and not only did you not thank me, but you’re accusing me instead!? What gives? Had I known that you would react like this, I wouldn’t have helped you.”

The girl was trembling with anger. “Nonsense! All of it! I need to teach you a lesson today and help Maple City’s Beast Appraisal Association get rid of a disaster.”

“You’re the disaster!” Lin Jin had never seen a patient like her before. She came here asking for treatment, and treat her Lin Jin did. Not only did she refuse to thank him, but she was admonishing him instead.

What kind of person does that?

The girl said nothing. Shaking her sleeve, a wasp darted out, and with the cast of a spell, the wasp grew bigger.

This must be her pet beast.

Just then, a voice called from outside. “Master Lin, I’m back.”

It was Zhao Ying.

The girl in the hall hesitated. Following a scoff, she called back her wasp, left a message, and turned to leave.

What she said was, ‘Your beast appraiser certification has been revoked’.

Tan Lin was furious.

As an inspector sent here from Jade Dragon City’s Beast Appraiser Headquarters, she never thought she would come across such an outrageous incident during her ‘unannounced visit’.

To certify a beast appraiser was a strict and diligent process. Also, if a certified beast appraiser showed inappropriate behavior or made a huge mistake, it required an equally prudent process to have his or her qualifications revoked.

Hence, this gave rise to the inspection system.

Headquarters would dispatch inspectors to personally investigate the reports.

Tan Lin took her work seriously. Without informing Maple City’s Beast Appraisal Association, she arrived at Maple City two days in advance to conduct an ‘unannounced visit’.

She felt that the truth would only be revealed if she did things this way.

And now, she thought she had seen it all.

This Lin Jin was just like their chief, Wang Ji, had reported. In fact, he was worse than the report. Upon first meeting, the man dared to touch her here and there before going on to spout nonsense. It didn’t matter if he was skilled or not, even if he was, he shouldn’t be allowed to remain a member of the association.

What she declared before she left wasn’t a joke. As an inspector dispatched by headquarters, Tan Lin had the authority to cancel Lin Jin’s qualifications and with immediate effect.

She took out a paper amulet at once and wrote down her decision in a fit of rage. Then, she cast a spell and the paper amulet burned away to form a light, shooting up into the sky.

This was a communication amulet used by the beast appraisal association to transfer messages to distant locations. It was a priceless item.

Once this message arrived at headquarters, earliest by tomorrow morning, Lin Jin’s qualifications as a beast appraiser will be revoked.

Feeling annoyed, Tan Lin wanted to return at once. But after some thought, she headed to an inn.

“Father came to Maple City yesterday and I just happen to be here as well. It’s been so hectic at headquarters that I haven’t seen Father for several months now. It would be disrespectful if I didn’t pay him a visit, so let’s stay for two more days. I can witness the coming beast appraiser’s exams as well.”

Tan Lin took a deep breath and willed herself not to think about that unpleasant encounter with Lin Jin.

Inside the emergency hall, Zhao Ying led a relatively meek young girl with a tiny frame towards Lin Jin’s table.

“Master Lin, who was that just now? Why did she leave so angrily?” Zhao Ying asked.

Lin Jin was stunned. “Wasn’t that your friend?”

Zhao Ying shook her head.

Lin Jin then noticed the shy young girl standing beside Zhao Ying and finally realized what was going on.

“Oh, f*ck!”

Clearly what happened earlier was a misunderstanding.

Lin Jin had assumed that the stern-looking girl earlier was the friend Zhao Ying had mentioned. Hence, he simply treated her on the spot. But to his surprise, she wasn’t said friend so no wonder she reacted that way.

However, that person was indeed possessed by a beast soul curse and Lin Jin saved her from it. So how could she lash out at him?

Not only did she had a fiery temper, but she was also a boastful fellow, claiming she would revoke his beast appraiser’s qualification like it was true.

Lin Jin decided to close the book to this chapter and not waste time thinking about it.

The young lady Zhao Ying brought over was called Lan Xiu’e. With diagnosis being the reason, Lin Jin felt her pulse, and this time, his expression turned grave.

Zhao Ying’s heart thumped upon seeing the look on his face.

She was the apprentice who had been hanging around Lin Jin for the longest time thus far so she more or less understood what was going on.

On average, Master Lin seemed to be worry-free and generally a happy-go-lucky guy. At times, he would intentionally put on a serious expression but she and Lu Xiaoyun knew why.

However, when Master Lin found something to be serious, he would put on a different expression.

Like what he’s doing right now.

And the situation that could cause Master Lin to look this grim was probably something related to her friend. This was what worried Zhao Ying.

Lan Xiu’e was her childhood friend and both girls had a great relationship. Although they weren’t sisters, they were close enough to be biological siblings.

“Master Lin, how is it?” Zhao Ying asked, her voice shaking slightly.

Lan Xiu’e looked just as anxious.

Lin Jin smiled and answered, “It’s nothing. Right, I’d like to pay your house a visit if it’s not too inconvenient.”

There really was something!

Zhao Ying’s heart started pumping.

If it weren’t an urgent case, Master Lin would never ask to visit Lan Xiue’s home this late at night. Especially now when he was still on shift at the emergency hall.

Lan Xiue seemed to have realized it as well so she nodded in agreement.

“I’ll get someone to stand in for my shift!” Lin Jin said as he stepped out. Once outside, his expression became dark.

“A monster... This is my first time recording one. Interesting. I have to go and see for myself. More importantly, if I don’t, this girl might not live past tonight,” Lin Jin mumbled to himself.

He found an apprentice on shift inside the association but the latter was reluctant to comply. Feeling annoyed, Lin Jin lectured that apprentice before he came over sulkily to stand in for him.

Since there was a minor delay, by the time the three people arrived at Lan Xiue’s residence, it was already past midnight.

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