Museum of Deadly Beasts

Chapter 66: Dong He Beaten Up
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Chapter 66: Dong He Beaten Up

Translator: EndlessFantasy Translation Editor: EndlessFantasy Translation

Dong He was beaten up.

News traveled fast. Even if Elder Nan had stepped in to handle and cover up the issue as best he could, many people had already heard about what happened.

“Have you heard? Dong He was only officially listed for two days before getting into huge trouble. He cooked someone’s pet beast!”

“Hehe, everyone knows this already. With a little soy sauce, vinegar, and a few cloves of garlic, it’ll be the tastiest lunch one could ever ask for. It smelled so great back then that half of the association could smell it.”

“I heard that when the owner regained consciousness, he began fighting Dong He.”

“If I were him, I’d beat Dong He up too.”

Dong He was standing still with his face covered in bruises. He didn’t dare to sit down.

Sitting across the table were his sister and brother-in-law, both wearing icy expressions.

“Trash!” Nan Gongxian bellowed. As an elder of the association, he was utterly humiliated as it was him who arranged for Dong He to be listed.

“Darling, there’s no point in lecturing him anymore at this point. Why don’t we focus on how to deal with the situation?” Dong Que was just as furious and disappointed by how pathetic her brother was. She even slapped him hard earlier.

“Mr. Zhang of the Commerce Chamber is considered one of my acquaintances. I’ve personally picked out another pet beast for him and performed the blood contract. I’m sure he won’t pursue the matter, so now we just have to focus on covering up the incident.” Having said that, Nan Gongxian turned to Dong He and asked, “Where did you learn to use this idea of steaming from?”

Dong He was rather apprehensive of his brother-in-law. He shuddered in fear before he blurted out the truth at once.

“Lin Jin? Him again.” Nan Gongxian frowned.

“Darling, what’s wrong?” Dong Que asked quietly upon sensing something strange.

Nan Gongxian’s expression darkened. “I have a feeling that this is a trap for Dong He, laid out by that Lin Jin. Since ancient times, there hasn’t been a treatment method that requires steaming a pet beast this way. No one has heard of such a thing before. Although the medical theory in his evaluation report was quite adequate, there was a huge loophole. That is, you have to be sure in your diagnosis that the chills have entered the pet beast’s veins and organs. Otherwise, you’d end up steaming the pet to death instead of saving it.”

Dong Que’s eyes lit up. “You’re right. Why hadn’t I thought of this? He’s only a Rank 1 beast appraiser so how could he possibly be sure that the chills have entered the pet’s organs and veins?”

“Even I can’t be sure, never mind him. I’m guessing he must have done it on purpose to make you fall into his trap,” Nan Gongxian deduced. “Dong He can’t be blamed for this matter because that Lin Jin is just too cunning.”

Upon hearing this, Dong He’s face contorted. “Great, this is just great. Lin Jin, you’ll pay for this!”

Nan Gongxian turned to Dong Que and said, “Que’er, it might be hard to get Dong He promoted after this scandal. We can’t stop it, but there’s no need to be anxious because what we have is time.”

“I guess so. But should we just let Lin Jin go like that?” Dong Que’s expression was dark.

“He can dream on!” Nan Gongxian flared up in anger. “It’s practically certain that Lin Jin’s certification will be revoked. But he can still take the exams in the future and I want to make it so that he doesn’t get an opportunity to redeem himself. There will be an assessment in two days. I will write a report detailing Lin Jin’s spiteful ways and send an application to headquarters to have him banned.”


Nothing was more terrifying to a beast appraiser than this word.

If a person’s certification was merely revoked, they could take the exams again next year.

However, if the Beast Appraisal Association banned that person altogether, that person may never get an opportunity to try again.

Late at night, the other consultation halls were closed for the day and most people have returned home. Only the emergency hall was still open with several people on shift.

This was because they might get emergency cases at night and someone can be there to take care of it.

This was also one of the reasons why everyone else avoided being assigned to the emergency hall. After all, no one was willing to take on a night shift.

However, Lin Jin had specifically requested to take on the night shift today.

His excuse was that his house wasn’t completely fixed. So rather than going home, it was much more relaxing to stay at the emergency hall.

There weren’t many people at night so the shift was quite relaxing.

“Zhao Ying, Xiao Yun, Han Dong, you guys head on home as well.” Lin Jin waved them away. The trio was exhausted after the day’s work so they didn’t have to stay and keep him company.

Zhao Ying made an excuse to stay back. After Lu Xiaoyun and Han Dong left, she leaned towards Lin Jin and asked in a tiny voice, “Master Lin, I need your help.”

“What is it?” Lin Jin asked, rather concerned because he knew that Zhao Ying wasn’t the type to ask for help.

Zhao Ying said, “I have a friend. She... she’s feeling unwell so she wanted you to take a look at her...”

“If she’s unwell, she should go see a physician at a medical hall. Our Beast Appraisal Association only treats pet beasts.” Lin Jin found it confusing.

Zhao Ying seemed hesitant but decided to explain in a small voice, “She has gone to a medical hall but the physician said she wasn’t ill. And yet, every night, she would dream of a large black snake. It started out being on the outside of her house, and every night, it would get closer. She told me that last night, the black snake had entered her room. She’s terrified.”

“Is it just a nightmare?” Lin Jin was intrigued.

“I thought so too at first. But she said it wasn’t merely a dream. In her dream, the black snake even said that it would take her as his wife!” Zhao Ying blushed at this.

Lin Jin chuckled. “Even if it’s true, she’s the one getting married, not you. What are you blushing for?”

Zhao Ying was about to storm off out of anger when Lin Jin finally became serious. “Then bring her here. A large black snake is considered a beast as well. And since it’s getting dark, I’ll take a look at her.”

“Really? Then I’ll go and get her.” Zhao Ying smiled and turned to leave.

Lin Jin stayed at the emergency hall. He had assumed that it might take a while, but soon, he heard footsteps coming from outside.

“That was fast.” Lin Jin had wanted to take a toilet break but it seemed like there’s no time.

Tidying his robes, Lin Jin stood where he was.

The footsteps got closer and one person came in.

Lin Jin had a glance and mused at just how good-looking Zhao Ying’s friend was. However, she seemed rather cold. She’s not the shy and bashful type of girl, that’s for sure. Since she was here, Lin Jin cut straight to the chase. There was no need to play telephone with Zhao Ying anyway.

This girl was dressed modestly with a smart hairstyle. There was a surprisingly heroic air to her being.

There was no sign of Zhao Ying.

Perhaps she was being considerate of her friend’s privacy.

Lin Jin didn’t think too much and simply said, “Don’t worry, there’s no need to be shy. Let me take a look. The medical hall would take your pulse so I’ll do the same!”

After gesturing for her to take the seat across the table, Lin Jin sat down on his own seat.

Putting aside the fact that she might be physically ill, Lin Jin must have physical contact with her first. If it was a problem related to pet beasts or violent beasts, the museum would be triggering upon contact.

If there wasn’t any, then she might just be having nightmares. Lin Jin would then give a few words of comfort before sending her away.

The girl was visibly stunned but said no more and placed her hand on the table. As she revealed her wrist, there was a trace of curiosity and mischievousness in her eyes.

Lin Jin took a glance at the fair and slender wrist, thinking how nicely proportioned the girl was.

Without another thought, he gently placed a finger on her wrist.

In an instant, the Museum of Deadly Beasts was triggered.

‘There really is one!’

Lin Jin’s expression turned grave.

As he read the results shown in the museum, Lin Jin could see a ball of mysterious black mist.

“Another bestial soul curse!” Lin Jin mumbled to himself.

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