Museum of Deadly Beasts

Chapter 39: Call Me ‘Curator’
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Chapter 39: Call Me ‘Curator’

Translator: EndlessFantasy Translation Editor: EndlessFantasy Translation

These three people were either dignitaries or expert killers. Compared to them, Lin Jin was no doubt inferior in every aspect, but now, they were in his museum, cautious, frightened, and especially after they heard him casually elaborating information on the pet beasts, they looked as if they had seen a ghost.

Looking at the twenty doors below, Lin Jin knew that since the museum opened this visitation hall, there would at least be twenty people ‘invited’ from all around the world to be his guests.

If every time these guests came with parts of rare beasts like fur, blood samples, or others, the rare beast record in the museum would increase.

Previously when ten rare beasts were recorded, the museum awarded Lin Jin with Beast Energy Formation, Part One. After that, Lin Jin found out that his next achievement for Part Two required at least fifty rare beasts recorded.

Weak and on his own, it would take Lin Jin forever to record fifty rare beasts especially when he’s trapped in such a small place like Maple City.

Up till now, he had only recorded less than twenty rare beasts. But with the visitation hall, things would now be different.

These people might have come from different parts of the country, or even overseas maybe. The number of rare beasts they’ve encountered must have far exceeded his. Lin Jin would first ‘intimidate’ them, before giving them some perks. With this, even royalty or world experts would have to yield to him.

At this pleasing thought, Lin Jin put on a bright smile. Realizing that his face was being covered up by the museum, Lin Jin began grinning without reserve.

After he voiced out the pet beasts’ evaluations, He Qing, Black Crow, and the currently invisible third person were dumbstruck.

It was normal for He Qing because whatever she was feeling would be reflected in her expression. But Black Crow was different. He was a veteran assassin who could eliminate a country with a straight face. Yet, at this moment, he couldn’t conceal his shock.

The reason was that he had placed a unique ‘blessing’ on his black falcon. Even with specialized beast appraisal techniques, no one could tell the true form of his black falcon, much less with a naked eye.

Yet, the guy on the second floor had easily described his black falcon, and this gave Black Crow a feeling of being stripped naked in public.

It was a terribly uncomfortable feeling. When he was uncomfortable, he would get annoyed. And when he was annoyed, he would kill.

“Enough with the mystery act. I don’t care who you are and you don’t know who you’re messing with. But don’t worry, I’ll make you understand the consequences of offending someone you should’ve never provoked,” Black Crow threatened.

He immediately cast a spell and his black falcon rose from his shoulder. Dark energy surrounded its body, gathering into a huge black silhouette. In an instant, the strength of a rank four black falcon burst forth.

Darkness. This was the black falcon’s attribute.

It was evident how rare this attribute was and how terrifying its combat strength could be.

Black Crow had absolute faith in his pet beast. This confidence stemmed from countless battle experiences and its identity as a rank four beast with a hidden bloodline that gave it enough to destroy a country.

“Kill him!”

Black Crow pointed to Lin Jin on the second floor and the black falcon cried out, swooping at its target like a grim reaper.

He Qing squatted down, holding her head in fright. No matter how intelligent she was, she was still scared when encountering a rank four beast.

Lin Jin was startled as well. While he had the first level of Wild Beast Deterrence, it was only effective against level three and below. He couldn’t do anything to a level four.

Hence, he too was nervous.

Yet, at that moment, the wooden sign in his hand that read ‘Curator’ unleashed a wave of intimidation. This wave swept over and the black falcon could be seen abruptly stopping as if it was struck by thunder, then it fell to the ground, kneeling before Lin Jin.

The savage expression on Black Crow’s face froze. He was still pointing at the second floor but this immense shock and the mental blow made him forget how to think.

What had happened?

His black falcon was an arrogant creature. Even as his owner, Black Crow had to be polite to him and treat him as an equal. If his tone was slightly heavier, the black falcon would get angry, making Black Crow wonder if he was the pet instead.

But now, this egoistic black falcon was kneeling on the ground like a humble human.

Comprehension began to return into his blank mind together with a wave of fear. A layer of sweat was now covering Black Crow’s forehead.

Lin Jin was breaking out in cold sweat as well. A level four beast was indeed horrifying. Had it been someone else with lesser courage than him, they might have fallen to the floor in fright. But thankfully the tables have turned and the curator’s sign overwhelmed this black falcon.

Lin Jin clenched the sign tighter, breathing a sigh of relief. Then, he pressed his voice down to ask Black Crow, “What are you doing?”

His tone was mingled with sarcasm and fury.

“I... I...” Black Crow’s hands were trembling as he stammered. Boasting the fact that his pet beast was level four and the man himself was famous as a grim reaper, humans like him knew no fear because of insolence. Only those higher above knew how measly their own existence was, and would understand enough to show respect.

Black Crow finally realized that he had provoked the wrong person. That man on the second floor was much stronger than he was.

Immediately, his fury, pride, and hostility crumbled away as if he was splashed by a pail of cold water. He must have been mad. He should have known how extraordinary the owner of this place was to be able to bring him here, but Black Crow was foolish enough to think he could challenge said man with his black falcon.

In hindsight, that had been a reckless idea.

Black Crow didn’t want to die. He was an assassin who reaped many lives without batting an eyelid yet he feared death very much. Appeasing the host’s fury was now his first priority.

Without resistance, after behaving so high and mighty, Black Crow simply fell to the ground on his knees and came up with an excuse that even he would be skeptical of. “I was only joking. Don’t take me seriously.”


He Qing couldn’t resist snorting a laugh.

Lin Jin wouldn’t actually do anything to him because he didn’t have the means to attack or bind his guests after all. He merely relied on the curator’s sign in his hand to suppress his guests’ pet beasts.

Lin Jin had a feeling that this curator’s sign must be equipped with a mid-level Wild Beast Deterrence skill.

“Alright. I do not hope to see a next time.”

Lin Jin waved his hand. As if he had received amnesty, Black Crow stood up again with his arrogance and edge now gone without a trace. The black falcon reverted back into the form of a raven and perched onto Black Crow’s shoulder obediently.

“Let’s talk about serious business. Welcome, my three guests, to the Museum of Deadly Beasts. Here, you can enquire anything about pet beasts, and remember, only about pet beasts. You can ask anything and I can answer you. But of course, no answer is free. With each question, you have to provide me with the fur or blood sample from a rare beast. Now, you may begin your queries,” Lin Jin spoke gravely.


Lin Jin didn’t rush them but waited quietly.

Blinking her big round eyes, He Qing glanced around before apprehensively raising her hand.

“What would you like to ask?” Lin Jin looked at her.

He Qing pointed to her pet beast and then plucked a strand of fur from it. “May I ask how I could evolve my pet beast within the shortest time frame?”

This question posed no difficulty for Lin Jin. There were more than four methods to help this tetrawinged butterfly dragon evolve. Lin Jin chose the easiest method, penned it down, and tossed it to her.

He Qing picked up the paper, read it through, and was immediately excited. She could obviously tell how much this evaluation report was worth.

Standing nearby, the curious Black Crow wanted to see the contents of this evaluation report as well so he craned his neck. Unfortunately, he could see anything, but he wasn’t blind to the young girl’s excitement. The evaluation report must have provided her a genuine evolution method.

Besides fear, curiosity now blossomed in Black Crow’s heart.

“I have another question.” He Qing pondered before removing the necklace around her fair neck. Hanging on this necklace was a rainbow-colored scale.

Evidently, this scale came from a rare beast.

She tossed it to Lin Jin and the latter assumed she wanted to ask about this scale. But who knew that He Qing had asked a different question instead.

“Sir, can you tell me... Who are you?”

This question was a little against the rules. Lin Jin wasn’t a pet beast. But after serious consideration, he answered, “You can call me ‘Curator’!”

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