Museum of Deadly Beasts

Chapter 364: Sweating Profusely
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Chapter 364: Sweating Profusely

Lin Jin was still interested in helping them, so he tried his best to be subtle about it. However, these appraisers were either clueless as to what he was trying to imply, or were feigning ignorance. Now that they were pinning the blame on Lin Jin, the latter had no other choice but to be more straightforward.

Sure enough, following his remark, their expressions became even uglier.

Beast appraisers despised having their diagnosis questioned and it was even more so for experienced beast appraisers.

Appraiser Wang and Appraiser Cao were both forty-five years old and to most people, they were experienced veterans. To be publicly accused of committing an erroneous appraisal and issuing the wrong treatment had the same effect of being slapped across the face.

“You! What nonsense are you spouting? When I was appraising beasts, you weren’t even born yet! What right does a phony Rank 3 beast appraiser like you have to question our diagnosis?” Appraiser Wang unleashed the frustration he had tried to suppress this entire time.

Finally, Lin Jin understood why they were so hostile toward him.

So it was because of his promotion to Rank 3.

He gave it some thought and realized how much it made sense.

The beast appraising industry was difficult to enter into in the first place. After achieving Rank 1, clearing the Rank 2 hurdle was just as challenging. While the first two ranks could be attained by passing examinations, further advancements required more than that. It required more time as well as acknowledgment from the other appraisers here at headquarters.

Of course, the most crucial criteria for one to become a Rank 3 beast appraiser was to possess the ability to evolveRank 2 pet beasts into Rank 3 with a success rate of over ninety percent.

In addition, one also had to successfully promote at least one Rank 3 pet beast to Rank 4.

Only with both conditions satisfied could one unlock the title of a Rank 3 beast appraiser.

Many appraisers found themselves stuck in either one of these conditions, and Appraiser Wang and Appraiser Cao were the same. Although they had long achieved Rank 2, their journey to Rank 3 had been full of obstacles.

The term ‘Rank 3 beast appraiser’ had become somewhat of an obsession for them. It was something they had pursued for years with hard work, and yet, someone else had achieved it effortlessly by gaining access through the back door. It’d be strange if they found him convincing instead.

Appraiser Cao scoffed as well. “Appraiser Lin, you claim that our diagnosis is wrong but all you did was look at the pet beasts. To reach a firm conclusion so soon is preposterous, and downright irresponsible! Why don’t you take a closer examination before speaking?”

Compared to the hot-tempered Appraiser Wang, Appraiser Cao was much more level-headed. Since Appraiser Lin was claiming that they had made a mistake, why not let him take a closer look?

Appraiser Cao was visibly confident in their appraisal results. He didn’t do it alone but together with Appraiser Wang, so how could both of them make the same mistake at the same time?

Hence, he was sure that Lin Jin was intentionally trying to stir up trouble. Since that was the case, he had to reason with the man. At most, they would just end up causing a scene and then, they would see who gets the last laugh.

Lin Jin shook his head. “I’ve already appraised them just now so appraising them again would be pointless. Instead, you should be the ones re-evaluating your earlier appraisal to verify its accuracy.”

This time, Appraiser Cao gritted his teeth. “Lin Jin, all you did was look at them and claim that we’re mistaken. Do you really think you’re a Rank 3 beast appraiser? If it was Appraiser Tan who said this, I’ll believe him. You? Forget it.”

Appraiser Wang was equally as frustrated. “Let’s go. Talking to this brat is nothing but a waste of time.”

Just then, Appraiser Ouyang who was on shift had arrived.

He had overheard their little commotion.

He even discreetly used a spiritual amulet to access his spiritual eye to examine the pet beasts. Although Appraiser Ouyang was only a Rank 1 beast appraiser, he had tons of experience under his belt. He may not possess exceptional technical skills nor did he have the opportunity to learn them, he was fairly confident in his ability to assess beasts for signs of poisoning.

After observing silently from his corner, he found the pet beasts’ conditions to be strange as well. Logically speaking, if they were actually poisoned, the antidote would have taken effect by now. Even if the pet beasts’ condition did not improve, they should have shown some other symptoms. From what he could tell, the symptoms these pet beasts were showing seemed to be more akin to suffering a poison overdose, presumably due to the antidote.

Personal experience was a key deciding factor for whether or not one had the right to speak up.

Appraiser Ouyang had committed the same mistake before; he had accidentally poisoned someone’s pet beast by using the exact same antidote. That incident almost became a huge disaster so the memory was fresh in Appraiser Ouyang’s mind. He remembered the symptoms from before well.

It was the reason why he was able to perceive the oddity of the pet beasts’ symptoms.

Appraiser Ouyang was here to gain Lin Jin’s support anyway, and now that he was able to confirm that Appraiser Lin was right, a light bulb lit up in his head. He decisively stepped forward.

“Appraiser Wang, Appraiser Cao, pardon my interruption, but Appraiser Lin is right. The current symptoms of poisoning are actually from an overdose of the three-leaf antidote. In other words, they weren’t actually poisoned in the first place, or they would have recovered by now. I strongly urge you two to please re-evaluate your examinations to prevent a tragedy,” Appraiser Ouyang said respectfully.

Of everyone present, his rank was the lowest so he had to be mindful of his tone. However, the intention to assist Lin Jin was clear in his mannerism.

“Ouyang Tong, you have no place to speak here! Just who do you think you are?” Appraiser Wang was overwhelmed with anger. To think even a mere Rank 1 appraiser dared to question him. His day couldn’t have been any worse.

However, his heart suddenly sank and he subconsciously glanced at the pet beasts.

Appraiser Cao was much more composed. He looked at Ouyang Tong. Among the many beast appraisers at headquarters, Ouyang Tong was probably the most neglected fellow. However, for that exact reason, he couldn’t possibly be in cahoots with Lin Jin, so Appraiser Cao started to believe in the truth of his statement. Calming his nerves, he went over to examine the pet beasts again.

This time, his expression stiffened almost immediately.

“Why did this happen?” Appraiser Cao’s eyes widened in disbelief.

He quickly performed several appraisal spells and this time, the results drained all color from his face. He uttered, “This is bad!”

Appraiser Wang came over as well and performed another round of appraisal. His eventual countenance wasn’t better off than Appraiser Cao and in fact, his hands were even trembling slightly.

“They’re actually poisoned by the three-leaf antidote. How... how is this possible? According to the medical theory, it should have worked against the poison instead so why are they showing signs of poisoning now? And the poison has even entered their organs...” Appraiser Wang muttered to himself as beads of sweat began to form on his forehead.

The current situation was exactly as Lin Jin had described. Only by feeding these pet beasts ice toad blood dissolving pills could they dissolve the toxins in their bodies.

Appraiser Cao was still somewhat in denial so he insisted on checking again. Despite Appraiser Wang’s temper, he knew the situation called for urgent action. Every second counted, and if anything, they had to act decisively now. “Get some ice toad blood dissolving pills, quickly!”

One of his apprentices rushed off to retrieve them.

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