Museum of Deadly Beasts

Chapter 282: The Art of Clouds
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Chapter 282: The Art of Clouds

Lin Jin’s eyes lit up, thinking that an immortal was behind this after all.

Did an immortal truly exist in this world today?

Lin Jin had Hu Yuzhen look at the stone tablet again. As she did, she was bewitched once more. Lin Jin snapped her out of it and asked her what was written on the Beastmaster Fourth Scroll and she said it was a complex formula.

Lin Jin now knew that only he could see this exit instruction. Meaning to say, only those who succeed in cultivating the Beastmaster Fourth Scroll could see it.

The people in this square were still bewitched by the magic, unable to decipher it, and still lost in their thoughts, without an end in sight.

But Lin Jin didn’t want to be nosy.

Since a powerful person had set up this mysterious place, he must have had a reason. If Lin Jin disrupted that and this owner just happened to have a volatile temple, Lin Jin might be killed on the spot.

Lin Jin knew the limits of his strength. He could deal with someone like the old dragon, but to provoke a mysterious immortal would just be asking for trouble.

At least he couldn’t afford that right now.

Now that he knew how to leave, Lin Jin was no longer anxious.

He circled the plaza and counted almost fifty people here. They must have gathered over the years. Yet, there was no food or drinks here. Even those who achieved significant cultivation couldn’t possibly go without nourishment. A short period was fine but a few years later, they would definitely starve to death. However, other than looking battered and dispirited, their clothes unkempt and hair disheveled, none of them seemed to be starving to death.

Lin Jin didn’t know why. He could only attribute it to one of the place’s mysteries.

Lin Jin began strolling around. The great hall up ahead was obviously his main target but the building seemed to be protected by an invisible force that Lin Jin found it difficult to get close to. After trying it out and failing, he stopped trying. If he ended up triggering some sort of taboo magic, that would be troublesome.

His greatest interest right now was the words in the sky. However, they were too far away that Lin Jin couldn’t get up there without knowing how to fly.

Still, Lin Jin managed a new discovery in the plaza.

He found a stone slab where the stairs they descended used to be.

Tiny words were carved on it and due to its obscure location, almost no one noticed it. Or rather, they were all entranced by the words on the stone tablet that even if they came all the way here, they wouldn’t notice it. Lin Jin lowered his head to study it carefully. On the topmost was the words ‘Carrier Cloud’.

It was another cultivation manual.

Lin Jin chuckled out loud and sat down to research it. Curious, Hu Yuzhen came over as well but after staring for the longest time, she couldn’t resist asking what Lin Jin was looking at. That stone slab was empty.

Lin Jin looked up at her, puzzled. But he didn’t explain.

There was restriction magic here too and he could probably see it because he cultivated the Beastmaster Fourth Scroll. Although there were other possibilities as well.

Lin Jin wasn’t sure but he could vaguely see the pattern.

The immortal who created this place was too awesome. He didn’t cast these restriction spells to harm anyone. For instance, that bewitchment spell on the stone tablet was to enlighten humans from their infatuation and confusion, so as to improve their minds.

With that, only could they obtain the genuine manual.

If this place was set up to kill, a few slashes of those blade attacks from before would have sufficed.

This Carrier Cloud was also left for those with aspirations. Otherwise, they would have left immediately after obtaining the Beastmaster Fourth Scroll. Only those who were meticulous and patient enough would turn back and search the place, finally coming across this technique on the stone slab.

Lin Jin began deliberating the Carrier Cloud only to find it even more complex than the Beastmaster Fourth Scroll. The latter only required the cultivator to possess blood contract fifth realm but this new spell was different. Even with Lin Jin’s current cultivation, deciphering it would take a lot of effort.

After staring at it for several hours, he only understood a little.

Knowing this was a rare opportunity, coming here and all, he couldn’t possibly leave just like that. Everything else in the outside world could wait for now.

Another ten hours passed.

Being in full concentration mode, Lin Jin abruptly sensed movement behind him. The next instant, the faint image of a door appeared.

Hu Yuzhen was startled by this strange phenomenon that she got up and backed away, looking guarded. Meanwhile, White Ape and the zombie cthulhu were unbothered as they had seen this before.

The Visitation Hall was open.

Lin Jin was stunned. It was the first time he felt reluctant to go as he was getting to a good part. However, he knew he had to no matter what.

At this, he told Hu Yuzhen, “Wait here.”

Then, in the blink of an eye, he disappeared through the door.

Hu Yuzhen’s scalp prickled at this scene.

It was now that she finally realized how incredible this Mr. Lin was. Being able to crossover to different realms out of nowhere was something only immortals were capable of.

Putting Hu Yuzhen’s shock and admiration aside, after entering the Visitation Hall, Lin Jin put on his mask and pushed the metal door open.

Everyone was already waiting inside.

Without waiting for them to speak, Lin Jin asked first, “Do any of you have urgent matters?”

He Qing, Black Crow, and the others shook their heads.

Urgent matters, no. But other matters? A lot. For example, seeking guidance, normal inquiry, He Qing’s gratitude, and Madam Ghost Child wanted to ask about the zombie cthulhu on Coffin Man’s behalf.

However, after noting that they didn’t have important matters, Lin Jin simply said, “If there’s nothing urgent, please enjoy yourselves. I have something I need to attend to so goodbye.”

Then, he turned and left, leaving everyone else gaping.

After the Curator left, everyone was stunned for a good minute before snapping out of it.

“Everyone, have you all seen Curator behave this way before?” Old Tian was most anxious. He had wanted to ask for Curator’s help this time, but before he could speak up, Curator had left.

This bandit group was currently in trouble. It wasn’t external forces but rather internal strife.

Those so-called brothers have suddenly turned on him. Call it fear or old grudges, Old Tian was almost about to die in the hands of his own brothers.

If he hadn’t stepped into the Visitation Hall in time, he might have already been caught.

Old Tian’s situation could be deemed as extremely dire.

Yet, Curator just left for urgent business. And now, Old Tian couldn’t contain himself anymore. Since Curator wasn’t here, he could only seek assistance from the others, hoping they would have a plan.

He decided to go all out, bowing low. Compared to life, dignity wasn’t worth much.

The others had noticed how worried Old Tian looked earlier. Now that he was bowing and asking for help, they finally learned what happened after asking him about it.

“I see. So your sworn brothers now fear you so they’re giving you trouble. Speaking of which, don’t you have a Rank 3 pet beast? How did you end up this battered?”

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