Museum of Deadly Beasts

Chapter 154: Admirable Sisterhood
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Chapter 154: Admirable Sisterhood

“Ma-Madam Ghost Child!”

This Rank 3 beast appraiser was no ignorant fool. In fact, Madam Ghost Child’s reputation was well-known across the nations in the East Continent. She was so notorious in fact, that many families used Ghost Child’s name to frighten their children into behaving.

The image of a young mother carrying a swaddle was so engraved in their minds that those who have ever heard of the stories would recognize her at first glance.

The Rank 3 beast appraiser who had been slightly intoxicated by alcohol immediately sobered up. He dared not move a muscle nor speak a word.

There were rumors that Madam Ghost Child was genocidal, that she wiped out the population of an entire city in one night. Those who were unfortunate enough to bump into her mustn’t move about recklessly nor make any sudden sounds because their fate would be sealed once the ‘ghost infant’ she carried with her was disturbed from its sleep.

Standing behind him, the people of Flatwater Kingdom drew in a breath of cold air at the sight of Madam Ghost Child.

Despite Flatwater Kingdom’s classification as a ‘small’ country, it was top among its class. An order for Madam Ghost Child’s head had been put out by several intermediate-sized countries and countless experts were sent after her. However, that didn’t seem to work considering how she was alive and well, standing before them at this very moment.

Just this fact proved how dangerous Madam Ghost Child was.

The group remained rooted to the spot as they watched Madam Ghost Child approach them slowly.

“Are you the king of Flatwater Country?” Identifying him by his extravagant outfit, Madam Ghost Child headed straight for the King of Flatwater Country.

She stopped a mere foot away from the King, and that was close enough.

Madam Ghost Child actually had a charming appearance and graceful figure. She even smelled pleasant, but the king didn’t care about all that right now. When he heard her call out to him, he could only brace himself and answer, “That is correct.”

Madam Ghost Child smiled. “I came uninvited because I a request to make to you, King of Flatwater Country.”

Having said that, she took out a list filled with names of rare herbs.

“I’ve gone to medicine halls but they don’t carry some of these herbs, so I have no choice but to come here and borrow them from Your Majesty. I heard that you have a treasure room filled with rare items...”

Half an hour later, Madam Ghost Child left with as much as she could carry. Meanwhile, the frightened king and the Rank 3 beast appraiser had just realized a shocking fact.

In the process of her infiltration, Madam Ghost Child had beaten up over a hundred palace guards but she didn’t kill a single person.

Inside the United Continent, the Jade Dragon Kingdom was considered an intermediate country with many Rank 4 pet beasts guarding it. However, compared to the countless other powerful countries within the continent, Jade Dragon Kingdom was only below average.

After all, bigger countries existed on the continent.

Inside the Jade Dragon Palace, He Qing was talking to her sister, He Yu.

In the palace, the sixth princess was known as an ‘aberrant’. Her quarters were located in a secluded part of the palace, where people rarely passed by. The other royal family members were wary of her existence while some were even ‘afraid’ of her as if she was a monster.

Only the seventh princess, He Qing constantly kept He Yu company, maintaining a close relationship with her.

“Qing’er, stop fooling around. Why are you taking my blood sample for no reason?” He Yu’s pale complexion was endearing, arousing pity in whoever saw her.

He Qing grinned cheekily, being partially honest as she answered, “Sister Yu, I know there’s a beast soul curse on you and for this reason, the others are afraid to come near you. But I’m not scared because I happen to know a great expert. This expert has recently told me that he has a way to break your curse but I need to bring him a sample of your blood.”

At this, He Yu snorted and giggled. “Oh, you! You’ve always been fond of these weird antics. How could such an expert exist? It’s not like you don’t know that I’m shouldering this curse for the sake of our nation. No one can possibly break it, and it should never be broken!”

He Qing replied indignantly, “That’s all rubbish. Why do they think it’s a good idea to let you bear the fate of our nation? Why? And father too! He used to love you the most. Ah, forget him. Sister Yu, I’m not lying to you. The expert I know is reeeeeeeally amazing. Stop doubting my words and just let me take some of your blood.”

With that, she was about to force her way through.

He Yu giggled and extended her arm. “I didn’t think I could stop you from taking it. But you should be careful not to be tricked by con-artists. There are many swindlers out there lately. Just recently, Uncle Lu and I met one at Maple City. He charged us a thousand taels but spouted nothing but nonsense.”

“From what I know of the cu-... he, he’s not a swindler! Right, Sister Yu, weren’t you wondering how my tetrawinged butterfly dragon evolved into Rank 3?” He Qing suddenly said mysteriously.

“How? Didn’t you say it evolved out of pure luck?” He Yu was stunned.

“Those were lies. I didn’t even tell father about this, but I’m going to tell only you. You know how my butterfly dragon would have to wait for at least another three years before it can evolve? Appraiser Tan from the Beast Appraisal Headquarters said so himself. But the expert I am talking about just took one simple look at it and I was given a solution. I followed his instructions and surprise, surprise, my pet beast evolved!”

Upon hearing He Qing’s story, even He Yu got curious.

“That sounds amazing! But where did you meet this expert? I heard you never get to leave the palace at all times. Could it be someone inside the palace?” Being a clever girl, He Yu quickly identified the key problem in this story.

He Qing wondered how she would explain this in a manner that wouldn’t sound crazy.

She couldn’t possibly say that the curator used impossible means to open up a portal and invited her into the Visitation Hall, could she?

Even if she did, He Yu would just laugh at her.

“Uhm, that uhh... Anyhow, you have to believe me, Sister Yu. That curator can really save you, I guarantee it.” Out of desperation, He Qing let some words slip.

By the time she realized her mistake, it had already been too late.

“Curator?” He Yu looked suspicious. “Is this ‘curator’ the expert you were talking about? Why don’t you take me to him and I’ll check him out for you?”

She clearly didn’t believe her sister.

He Qing puffed up her cheeks and said nothing. She deftly took a few drops of He Yu’s blood and stored it in a unique glass vial where the blood wouldn’t rot nor dry up.

He Yu caressed her younger sister’s head affectionately. “I know you’re worried about me, but am I not doing fine right now? If what they say is true, I can live for a few more months. Moreover, Uncle Lu and I met an incredible doctor in Maple City. His prescription has been very effective. If it weren’t for him, I’d be lying in bed right now. I’d never be able to talk to you like this.”

“No matter what sh*tty famous doctor he is, he can’t be as great as the curator! Anyhow, I won’t let you die , Sister Yu! Not on my watch! I’ll definitely break this beast soul curse of yours,” He Qing declared firmly.

He Yu waited until He Qing left before letting her fatigue show. All this while she had been exerting herself, but she knew that being capable of this much was a great enough feat.

After all, the last ‘cursed woman’ of Jade Dragon Kingdom was practically a corpse that couldn’t get out of bed at her current stage.

Her condition was considered good enough.

Lu Bin suddenly showed up.

He was carrying a bowl of medicine with a pill floating in it.

The nine water floating cloud pill.

“Sixth Princess, how are you feeling?” Lu Bin inquired.

He Yu got up and forced a smile. “I’m much better after taking the medicine you’ve given me, Uncle Lu. Look, I can even walk around without needing anyone to prop me up. Right, was it truly that person who gave you this prescription?”

The person she referred to was the young appraiser she had met at Maple City’s Beast Appraisal Association. Back then, He Yu thought he was nothing more than a shameless womanizer.

“Without a doubt. Moreover, I can tell that this Appraiser Lin is a genuinely capable healer. What’s even more commendable is his young age. He’s truly extraordinary.” Lu Bin clearly had nothing but praises for Appraiser Lin.

After all, he owed the appraiser a massive favor.

As she recalled her encounter with him at Maple City, He Yu said, “I wasn’t aware how much of a talent he was back then. I’m guessing that he must have had a great teacher to guide him.”

Lu Bin strongly agreed.

Otherwise, how could a man of his age know the prescription to a nine water floating cloud pill?

“But it’s a shame how this nine water floating cloud pill can only treat your symptoms, but not cure you,” Lu Bin commented. He Yu smiled. “How could anything possibly cure me? How could the Jade Dragon Royalty’s millennium curse be broken so easily? Uncle Lu, I’m already thankful enough with what I have now. Both you and I know how several months before my aunt died, she couldn’t even leave her bed and was suffering endless torture. Compared to her, I think I’m much more blessed.

Lu Bin was aware of this fact as well. He sighed, unable to say anything else.

Should he comfort her?

The sixth princess didn’t need it. Despite her frail and endearing appearance, she had great willpower and perseverance. Not even her male counterparts could compare to her in this regard.

“Also, we can’t have him give out this priceless prescription for free. Find an opportunity to provide Appraiser Lin with some assistance or send him some money,” He Yu instructed.

As if recalling something, Lu Bin had an odd look on his face. “I don’t think he needs help for now. I’ve had this Appraiser Lin’s background investigated. He used to be in a terrible state. Apparently he was bullied by his superior, and at one point, he was almost expelled from the Beast Appraisal Association.”

“What?” He Yu was enraged. “We can’t just ignore this!”

Lu Bin quickly added, “Sixth Princess, you need not worry. I actually thought about helping him as well, but I was thoroughly impressed by how remarkable Appraiser Lin was! He actually used his skills to turn the situation around. Not only did he reclaim his title as an official beast appraiser, but he even passed the Rank 2 beast appraiser’s exam. Meanwhile, that chief who had attempted to frame him was expelled from the association and was stripped of his qualifications as a beast appraiser.”

This information struck He Yu dumb.

“Although a Rank 2 beast appraiser’s exam isn’t that hard, not anyone can pass it. But if it’s Appraiser Lin, that sounds reasonable.” He Yu soon understood that a person like him couldn’t be an ordinary man. Otherwise, how could he immediately tell that she was under a beast soul curse or give them the nine water floating cloud pill?

This she felt, confirmed her suspicion that Appraiser Lin was a student of a renowned master.

“Uncle Lu, will you be able to invite Appraiser Lin into Jade Dragon City in the near future? I’d like to thank him in person while I’m still alive,” He Yu said.

There were hints of reluctance and helplessness in her voice when she made her request.

Lu Bin nodded.

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