Ms. Tan Is The Real Boss

Chapter 86 - 86 086 Smashing one’s own foot
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86 086 Smashing one’s own foot

Tan Jing could already imagine how the people in the school would laugh at her behind her back. They would definitely say that she was delusional, daydreaming, and a liar!

In the beginning, she had created a lot of rumors but now that Lu Qing had clarified it, Tan Jing seemed even more ridiculous.

In the morning, Tan Jing had even faked tears because of the interaction between Lu Qing and Tan Rou. Many people around them were still jeering at her. Now, she looked embarrassing and ridiculous.

Tan Jing’s face turned red. Listening to the excited discussion of her classmates, she felt that they must be talking about her and watching her make a fool of herself. At this time, she could no longer hold it in. She lay on the table and cried from the bottom of her heart.

However, this was like the boy who cried wolf. The more Tan Jing cried, the more annoyed the others were; especially in such an awkward situation, none of them knew what to say. For a moment, no one came forward to comfort Tan Jing.


Tan Jing felt that she had ruined her reputation in one day. Originally, her secret love for Lu Qing was just a little girl’s intention. In the end, she was only a teenager. When such things got exposed, it was enough for Tan Jing to break down.

Tan Jing even started to complain about Lu Qing in her heart. This stinky man actually humiliated her in public. She had already spread those rumours. She would even use her identity as Lu Qing’s prospective girlfriend to secretly mock those girls who had a crush on him. There were others around her who had also used this as an excuse to teach many girls a lesson on her behalf.

Tan Jing was so angry that she almost couldn’t breathe. This Lu Qing! He had actually said on the radio that he didn’t like her at all. He clearly didn’t care about her and tore her apart publicly!

Tan Jing couldn’t understand it at all. Everything had been fine all along. Lu Qing had never cared about these scandals and always acted as if it didn’t concern him. Tan Jing took this as Lu Qing’s silent consent. Perhaps he was also looking forward to being together with her. After all, he didn’t deny it, right?

Therefore, although Tan Jing was not very confident in her heart, she was still proud of herself when she faced the others. She deliberately let the other girls think that Lu Qing was just shy. However, the two of them were in love with each other and were a match made in heaven. They had eliminated many competitors in an invisible way.

But now, why did Lu Qing suddenly use such a ruthless method to clear things up? Tan Jing gritted her teeth in hatred. It must be because of Tan Rou! Earlier in the afternoon, Liang Lu and Tan Rou had just quarrelled and Lu Qing had gone to the broadcast room to clarify that he must have been seduced by that b*tch Tan Rou!

Tan Jing was so regretful. Lu Qing would actually do this for Tan Rou. She was the one who deliberately led Liang Lu to Tan Rou. It could be said that it indirectly led to Lu Qing’s announcement. She really shot herself in the foot. She lost everything!!!!

Tan Rou could see how regretful Tan Jing was feeling.

Tan Rou snickered, gloating at her misfortune. She didn’t expect Lu Qing to actually do this. Tan Jing’s intestines were definitely turning green with regret. After working for an entire afternoon, not only did Tan Rou not suffer but Tan Jing also lost the image of a prospective girlfriend that she had kept all these years.

Tan Jing wanted to make use of the girls’ blind pursuit of Lu Qing to go against Tan Rou. However, Lu Qing himself said that he didn’t have a girlfriend and didn’t like anyone, what Tan Jing had said before was just a lie to deceive herself. What would those girls who were once bewitched by Tan Jing think now? Would those girls who had been ridiculed by the people around Tan Jing want to take revenge?

Tan Rou’s lips curled up evilly and her heart was filled with anticipation.

What tickled Tan Rou the most was that Tan Jing was the one who caused all these. If she didn’t mislead Liang Lu to find trouble with her, perhaps Lu Qing would really continue to pretend to be muddleheaded until Tan Jing found a doctor to cure old Master Lu. Then, she would have won Lu Qing’s favor. By then, people would only praise that lovers would finally get married. No one would have known of her tricks.

However, fate sometimes played tricks on others. Tan Jing was too anxious and couldn’t wait to destroy Tan Rou immediately, which ruined the bigger plan.

Tan Rou happily tapped the table and smiled at Li Li, who turned around and winked at her. This feeling of not needing her to do anything and watching Tan Jing court her own destruction was really great.

All of this was thanks to Lu Qing. He was a strange man but he had a clear mind. He was very direct and used the most violent way to solve this difficult to explain matter.

Soon, the teacher brought Lu Qing out of the principal’s office.

Lu Qing was not flushing in embarrassment nor was he feeling worried. He was very calm. The principal did not punish Lu Qing at all. Instead, the principal laughed and teased Lu Qing for having the impetuous nature of his grandfather and being very bold.

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