Ms. Doctor Divine

Chapter 170: Gu Ruxue’s Irony
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Chapter 170: Gu Ruxue’s Irony

Gu Chaoyan was fast enough to catch the dropping herbs. Then she looked at Sword One with an amused look. “Are you so scared of death? Don’t worry, you won’t get sick as long as you don’t eat them.”

Sword One accepted the herbs after hearing what she said, but still threw a scared look at that herb.

Sword Two stayed far away from the herbs.

Seeing Sword Two’s expression, Gu Chaoyan wanted very much to tell him that he had numerous poisonous herbs in his hands too, and those herbs were even more scary than those in Sword One’s hands, but seeing Sword Two’s scared expression, Gu Chaoyan decided to keep that a secret.

Otherwise she would have to carry everything by herself as they walked down.

She had harvested a great deal on this trip. The mountain was legendary and many things were growing there, much more than what she could find in her previous life.

Gu Chaoyan was just about to suggest going downhill, when a shadow came rushing towards them.

Zhou Huaijin instantly picked Gu Chaoyan up and flew up into the top of the tree next to them.

Sword One and Sword Two grabbed the swords and rushed towards the shadow. Standing at such a high point, Gu Chaoyan saw what the shadow was clearly – a wild boar.

Gu Chaoyan gasped at the sight of the boar.

It was such a... Such a big boar!

No wonder some people were bitten to death by beasts.

This wild boar was exactly such a beast.

However, it was not normal to see such a strange-looking wild boar. Something bad must be going on.

However Gu Chaoyan just could not figure out what had gone wrong.

As she was gazing at the beast, she felt something hitting her head.

The moment her head was hit, she caught the thing that hit her head and observed it carefully – it was an egg.


“This is indeed a strange mountain. The wild boar is so big, so is the bird’s egg.” Gu Chaoyan said emotionally at the sight of the extremely huge egg in her hands.


Zhou Huaijin could not help but laugh. Yan looked serious in daily life, but she was actually so funny.

He touched her head. “You are destined to have this egg, I think. Keep it.”

Gu Chaoyan nodded. She wondered what was going to come out of this huge egg. She was not leaving it in the mountain, whether it was destiny’s call or not.

She put the egg into the bag she had brought with her.

A while later Sword One and Sword Two finished the wild boar.

Worried that something else was coming behind it, Zhou Huaijin suggested directly. “Let’s go home.”

Gu Chaoyan agreed, seeing that she was almost done with the herb harvesting.

She was also worried that the egg inside her bag would be smashed by accident.

Zhou Huaijin left as he saw her arriving at the gate of the Gu Mansion.

Gu Chaoyan entered the Gu Mansion with Sword One and Sword Two and found that it was quite lively inside. Gu Chaoyan was in a hurry to see Qing so she ignored the liveliness and headed directly to her residence.

She had just walked a few steps when Gu Chaoyan saw Gu Ruxue and Huo Wei coming towards her.

As far as she could remember... after the banquet held at the Huo Family, Huo Wei stopped hanging out with Gu Ruxue. What was she doing here?

However, she did not really care about what these two people were doing here.

She was about to turn and leave, when Gu Ruxue stopped her. “I heard from Weiwei that you are taking the examination to Saint College too?”

“And that you have a bet with County Princess Anxi?”

“Sister, I have to tell you the truth. There is no need for you to take the examination. What is more, what are you capable of? Don’t humiliate yourself and our family in front of the public!”

“You better find a chance to apologize to County Princess Anxi so that she can forgive you. Otherwise I won’t be able to save you at all when the time comes.”

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