Ms. Doctor Divine

Chapter 168: Into the Mountains
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Chapter 168: Into the Mountains

When the store errands were done Gu Chaoyan could not wait, but went into the mountains to seek some herbs. She had realized that her space was rapidly getting wider these days. She had to plant some herbs to avoid wasting the space.

Therefore, the following day, she together with Sword One and Sword Two decided to go into the mountains.

Qing was asked to stay in the Qiong Pavilion. She did not want to bring Qing alongside with her, because she was afraid that the trip into the mountains would be very exhausting. If some monsters appeared, the weak Qing could not even defend herself. So she let her stay.

She had been thinking about letting Sword One teach her some martial arts, so that she would not put herself in danger by being next to her.

If Qing was not willing to learn kungfu, she was going to advise her to learn some business management. She decided to let her take care of the restaurant.

However, for now, Qing had nowhere else to go apart from the Qiong Pavilion.

Qing was an obedient, so she was not against that order at all.

Gu Chaoyan left together with Sword One and Sword Two.

They had just walked a few steps when Sword One noticed something wrong. “Miss, did you notice that many more people are coming in and out of the mansion these days?”

Gu Chaoyan nodded. She found it curious too.

Chen Fu was just passing by so Gu Chaoyan stopped him. “Housekeeper Chen Fu, excuse me.”

Hearing her voice, Chen Fu asked with courtesy. “What can I do for you, Miss?”

Gu Chaoyan looked about and asked in confusion. “Who are these people?”

When asked Chen Fu replied honestly. “These are all teachers hired by the Old Master. They are going to teach the Second Lady. She is going to take the entrance examination for Saint College this year.”

Taking the examination of Saint College? What was Gu Ruxue thinking about? Wasn’t she going to marry the Prince? Why did she have to take the examination?

Gu Chaoyan shook her head, not understanding the point of it.

“Alright. You can continue with your business now.” Gu Chaoyan said instead of digging into this matter.

Chen Fu on the other hand, opened his mouth and was about to say something yet could not.

In the end, he let out a light sigh. Then he left.

Gu Chaoyan looked at Chen Fu’s back figure. During the past few days, she found Chen Fu to be a nice man. She was thinking about getting him to her side, so he could become one of her team members instead.

However, she would think about this matter later. Right now, going into the mountains was the most important thing.

They got a wagon from the Gu Mansion. Sword Two was working as the horseman, so no one else tagged along.

At this time, no one was paying attention to Gu Chaoyan. The whole Gu Family was in the middle of ecstasy.

Mount Maiji was the highest peak in the capital city, located in the outskirts. The reason why Gu Chaoyan chose this as the destination was because she would like to see what was growing on the mountains of the Saint Divine Land.

The wagon had just left the capital city when it stopped.

Gu Chaoyan had no idea what had just happened, so she lifted the curtain and checked out of the window.

A purple silhouette sneaked into the wagon, exchanging seats with Sword One.

When Gu Chaoyan realized what happened, only she and Zhou Huaijin were left inside.

“What are you doing here?” Gu Chaoyan asked calmly. Someone from the four guards must have sneaked the information to him. Otherwise he would not have known about it from anywhere else.

“I am worried about the danger you might run into in the mountains. So I am keeping you company.”

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