Mrs. Huo is a Crybaby

Chapter 258: They Must Be Really Close
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Chapter 258: They Must Be Really Close

Late that night, popular idol Luo Xingguang suddenly made a post on Weibo.

His fans exploded and rushed to notify each other about it.

They started responding before they even read his post.

“Ahhhh! He finally posted! I love you!”

“Here’s a front-row confession!”

“Dear Mrs. Luos, help me make this the top comment!”

After fighting for the position of top comment, his fans began to read his post carefully. What had he posted?


An autograph?!

Luo Xinguang (verified): Strongly condemn this greedy person!! [Picture attached]

“1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7... Let me count how many signed photos there are.”

“I’m so jealous!!”

“I’ve been a fan for three years and I don’t even have a single autograph!”

“To be honest, I want one too!!”

“I’m crying!”

“I really want to know who he gave these autographs to! Huhu, they must be really close!”


Luo Xinguang’s every move attracted attention. It didn’t take long before it became a trending topic and everyone was looking it up.

Inside her bedroom, Song Yaoyao had just finished showering and applying ointment.

Her eyes were moist like the sky after rain.

It was strange. On the way home, she had fallen asleep in Huo Yunque’s arms. But now that she was alone in her bedroom, she couldn’t sleep.

She flipped over and got out of bed. She then pulled on her plush slippers and crept toward the corridor like a thief.

The long corridor was covered in a dark carpet. The house had a vintage European design and the air smelled of wood. It was quiet and dark.

The entire manor was asleep.

Song Yaoyao walked down the corridor. She wanted to look for Huo Yunque, but she was afraid that he would find her clingy.

The tiny figure wandered down the long corridor like a ghost in an old manor.

Finally, Song Yaoyao turned a few circles and said gently outside Huo Yunque’s door, “Gege, good night.”

She then returned to her room quietly.

In the middle of the night, Huo Yunque finished his last document and sent his assistant an email for the next day. He then stood up. The coffee mug beside his hand was empty.

The man’s robe was loose and his collar was wide, revealing his firm chest. His muscles were defined and particularly sexy.

A bit of light reflected on his window. Huo Yunque took a glance, slowly changed into his loungewear, and headed out of the room.

This man was quite persistent when it came to certain things.

He was self-disciplined, polite, and gentlemanly.

Huo Yunque went to Song Yaoyao’s room. The room was silent and a night light was on beside the bed.

The cold night was warmed up by this small slither of light. Huo Yunque’s lips curved slightly and he turned to leave...


The girl’s voice was sweet. Huo Yunque raised an eyebrow as Song Yaoyao rubbed her eyes and sat up. Her dark eyes stared straight at him happily.

“Why aren’t you sleeping?”

The light was dim but it was enough for the man to see that the girl wasn’t sleepy at all. She was dressed in pink and white pajamas and her hair hung behind her back. She sat on the bed and spread her arms.

“I can’t sleep. Can you keep me company?”

As soon as she saw Huo Yunque, Song Yaoyao’s worries immediately disappeared.

Her eyes curved as she cutely pleaded for a hug.

Huo Yunque’s heart softened. He approached and sat down.

The girl immediately pounced into his arms in joy.

Although he didn’t take the initiative, he did not reject her. Not even when Song Yaoyao hooked her arms around him, buried herself in his arms, and rubbed her head against his neck.

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