Mrs. and Mr. Smith

Chapter 38 - 38: Have I Given You Too Much Face?1
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Chapter 38: Chapter 38: Have I Given You Too Much Face?1

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The scene was dead silent.

No one expected that things would escalate to this level.

Nobody could have imagined that Ethan Smith, regardless of the Hill family’s status, would take action!

At this moment, Ethan coldly looked at Sylvia Johnson and said, “You and I no longer have any connection. You better not bother me again, or else… bear the consequences!”

His words were not only a warning to Sylvia but also to Gary Brown.

After Ethan left.

Sylvia couldn’t help but scoff, “You hit Benjamin Hill, I wonder how long you’ll remain so arrogant!”

Almost everyone shared this thought.

After stepping out of the villa, Ethan got into Ray Walters’ car.

“Mr. Smith, you were really impressive today!” Ray gave Ethan a thumbs-up. Ethan’s mind was not on those things, but rather on the environment in the villa.

The qi in the villa provided sufficient resources for Ethan to enter the fre(e)webno(v)el

Third-Layer Qi Refining stage, making it an ideal place for cultivation.

“If I have the chance, I should come back again,” Ethan thought to himself.

On the way back, Ray whispered advice, ‘Mr. Smith, you should go to Miss

Taylor these few days, otherwise… the Hill family definitely won’t leave you alone. ”

Ethan glanced at Ray and shook his head, “I can’t rely on others for everything, besides… a Hill family is not a big deal.”

Although the Hill family was powerful, Ethan was not afraid.

Since he was alone, what could the Hill family do to him?

Seeing this, Ray held his tongue.

That night, Benjamin Hill was taken to the hospital.

Unfortunately, the bones in his arm were shattered beyond repair, rendering him disabled.

Learning the outcome, Benjamin went into a frenzy.

“Could it be that I will be crippled for my entire life… Ethan Smith, I must kill you, I must!” Benjamin screamed in anger.

The next day.

The incident spread throughout half of River City.

Taylor family’s Estate.

“This Ethan Smith is audacious! Relying on your relationship, he acts recklessly! He even dared to attack Mr. Hill!” The Secretary couldn’t help but complain angrily.

However, Emily Taylor didn’t take the matter seriously. As she watched the video of the scene, not only was she not angry, she was actually excited.

“Miss Taylor, Ethan Smith has only known you for a few days and he’s already causing trouble everywhere. What will happen in the future?” the Secretary muttered.

Emily shook her head and handed the video to the Secretary, asking, “What did you notice?”

The Secretary examined the video from different angles and mumbled, “Miss, forgive my lack of insight, I really can’t see any differences… ”

Emily chuckled softly, “Faced with so many attacks and insults, Ethan not only remains calm but also maintains his composure.”

“His state of mind alone sets him apart from Benjamin.”

The Secretary mumbled, “That’s not a big deal, there are many people with strong mentalities in Capital City…”

“Yes, it indeed doesn’t seem that significant,” Emily said lightly.

“But those people, either groomed by their families from a young age or having gained experience through years, possess such mentalities.”

“But it only took Ethan a week to develop this strong mindset. A week ago, he was just an ordinary person.” Emily’s tone was slightly pleased.

The Secretary was puzzled, but he inherently disliked Ethan. So no matter what Emily said, it was hard for him to change his mind.

“It seems that my grandfather was right; Ethan will not disappoint me,” Emily chuckled lightly.

The Secretary mumbled, “Miss, but… since he attacked Benjamin, the Hill family will not give up. I’m afraid it will be hard for you to handle on your end…”

“Handle it?” A hint of disdain flashed in Emily’s eyes.

“Why should I handle it? Do I owe anything to the Hill family?” Emily scoffed.

Seeing this, the Secretary refrained from saying more.

At this moment, Benjamin’s father, Stephen Hill, had already arrived in River City.

In the hospital, Benjamin, teary-eyed, grabbed Stephen’s arm.

“Dad, you must take revenge for me! I want him to die a thousand painful deaths!” Benjamin cried out.

“And Emily Taylor, without her backing him, that guy wouldn’t dare be so arrogant!”

Seeing his son in this state, Stephen’s anger soared!

“Son, don’t worry, I will avenge you!” Stephen gritted his teeth.

“You rest well, I will make him pay the price.” After giving instructions, Stephen left the hospital and headed straight to Taylor family’s Estate.

Seeing the furious Stephen Hill, Emily was not surprised, but rather said politely, “Uncle Stephen, what brings you here?”

Stephen roared, “Emily Taylor, don’t talk nonsense to me! My son came all the way to River City to pursue you, and what about you? Not only did you fail to take care of him, you let him suffer such a severe injury! How are you going to deal with this?”

Hearing Stephen’s words, Emily’s face also gradually turned cold. “I gave you face, but you’re taking yourself too seriously?” Emily said coldly.

“I called you uncle out of politeness, not fear.”

“Stephen Hill, who gave you the courage to yell at me?”

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