Mrs. and Mr. Smith

Chapter 35 - 35: The Shameless Sylvia Johnson_l
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Chapter 35: Chapter 35: The Shameless Sylvia Johnson_l

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Derek Peterson opened his mouth and then bitterly smiled, “That’s true. With

Miss Taylor backing you, you don’t have to fear Benjamin Hill.”

Hearing Derek’s words, Ethan Smith couldn’t help but sigh slightly.

Obviously, in everyone’s eyes, Ethan was just a waste relying on the Taylor family to make a fortune.

It would be difficult to change this impression in a short while.

After a brief exchange, Ethan found that Derek was not a bad person and even quite knowledgeable and idealistic, unlike ordinary Second -generation Rich.

“Mr. Smith! ”

At this moment, Ethan was surprised to find that Ray Walters had also arrived!

He scampered to Ethan and said excitedly, “I didn’t expect you to be here too!”

The appearance of Ray did surprise Ethan a bit.

Considering his status, he shouldn’t have attended such a party.

Three people sitting in this corner, in this noisy environment, it was quite quiet.

The party went on as planned, and everyone was indulging in their desires.

The whole party was in chaos.

Soon, Benjamin Hill walked towards Ethan Smith.

By his side, there was also a white-haired young man.

“Mr. Smith, Benjamin Hill is coming.” Ray Walters hurriedly reminded him.”

Ethan’s expression remained unchanged, silent, as if he hadn’t seen him.

In the blink of an eye, Benjamin Hill had come to Ethan’s side.

He looked at Ethan and said with a faint smile, “Ethan, did you invite yourself, or is your face too thick?”

Ethan glanced at him and laughed, “Mr. Hill, sorry, I am here on behalf of Miss Taylor.”

Hearing this, Benjamin Hill’s face suddenly changed, becoming even uglier! Anger almost drove him mad! And the white-haired young man beside him burst out with a murderous spirit.

Ethan frowned and looked at the white-haired young man with cold eyes.

Four eyes met, filled with murderous spirit!

“Oh, this kid looks familiar.” At this moment, Benjamin Hill noticed Derek sitting next to Ethan.

He looked Derek up and down and finally slapped his head, saying, “Now I remember, you’re Derek Peterson, right?”

Although feeling unpleasant, Derek still gritted his teeth and greeted him,

“Nice to see you, Mr. Hill.”

Benjamin Hill’s face showed a trace of contempt, sneering, “I remember your

Peterson Family wanted to cooperate with us, right?”

Derek’s expression was awkward, and he didn’t say anything.

Benjamin Hill sneered, “How about this? Today, I’ll give you a chance, as long as you slap Ethan twice, I will consider cooperating with your family. How about that?”

At this point, Derek’s face changed slightly. It was obvious that Benjamin was deliberately playing with him.

“You’ve been begging to work with us, haven’t you? Now I’m giving you a chance, and you don’t cherish it?” Benjamin Hill said with a grin.

Derek endured his anger and tried to keep calm, “Sorry, our Peterson Family doesn’t lack partners now.”

Benjamin Hill’s face suddenly turned cold.

“You don’t want face when it’s given to you,” he said coldly.

“You don’t lack partners, huh? I’ll make your Peterson Family go bankrupt tomorrow. Do you believe me?” Benjamin Hill denounced.

For Derek, this was undoubtedly an undeserved disaster.

But he had no choice. When he sat next to Ethan, he had already anticipated all of this.

“Don’t blame me. Blame Ethan Smith if you have to,” Benjamin Hill said in a weird tone.

“Fool.” Ethan by the side lightly hummed.

“Who are you cursing? Are you seeking death?” The white-haired young man next to Benjamin Hill took a step forward and said coldly.

“The master hasn’t spoken yet, but the dog has started barking.” Ethan took a sip of water and said lightly.

“You!” The white-haired young man was instantly furious and ready to make a move.

Benjamin Hill pulled him back and then looked at Ethan with a smirk, “Ethan, I heard your wife cheated on you for three years, and you didn’t know it during these three years. Is it true?”

The music on the scene stopped just in time.

And Benjamin Hill’s words almost reached everyone’s ears.

It was clear that Benjamin Hill did it on purpose.

Ethan gave him a cold look and said nothing.

“You won’t answer?” Benjamin Hill snorted.

As soon as he waved his hand, a few people immediately brought Sylvia Johnson and Gary Brown over.

“If you don’t answer, someone else will speak for you,” Benjamin Hill sneered.

After saying that, he directly looked at Sylvia and smirked, “I’ve always been curious, did you really cheat on Ethan for three years? How did you do it?”

Obviously, Benjamin Hill had already discussed it with Sylvia beforehand. She shamelessly said, “Well, since the night Ethan and I got married, he began to wear a ‘green hat’.”

In an instant, the whole place burst into laughter! They looked at Ethan as if he was a jumping clown.

But Ethan’s face remained cold and he still didn’t say anything.

“Hey, I’m curious, didn’t he find out about it?” Benjamin Hill continued to ask.

Sylvia smirked and said, “Ethan, he has no dignity in our family. If I told him to squat, he wouldn’t dare to stand up!” freewe bnovel .com

“So, even if I didn’t come home at night, he wouldn’t dare to ask.” “Besides, even if he knew, what could he do? It’s better to pretend not to know..”

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