Mr. Xiao's Unconditional Love

Chapter 393: Impossible!
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Chapter 393: Impossible!


“He Shan! What are you doing! It can’t be that you set a trap for us?! Wait, now I remember. It was that child Ah Mu who called us here for a meeting,” the youngest uncle Guan reacted said loudly.

“Yes, it was Ah Mu who asked us to come!” the elders said in unison.

He Shan was stunned and asked, “Ah Mu, why did you call them here?”

Lu Beixiao, who was wearing sunglasses, did not say a word.

At that moment, Pan Ling, who was left unguarded in the basement, somehow managed to escape with the help of someone.

“He Shan! That Ah Mu, he’s a Spy!” she shouted out.

“He’s a spy?!” the elders repeated and looked at Lu Beixiao in shock.

He Shan was still in disbelief. “Pan Ling, you b*tch. You’re still spouting out nonsense!”

“No! I’m not spouting nonsense! He really is!” Pan Ling said agitatedly, “he told me himself that night right before he had me locked up. He Shan, he is the one that called the elders here for sure! He must have allied with the Court of Justice to wipe us out!”

Looking at her so adamant about what she said, He Shan narrowed his eyes and looked at Lu Beixiao. “Could it be that he really was a spy?” he thought to himself.

If he wasn’t, why would he have called the elders here?

“Ah Mu! Tell me the truth. What is going on? Why did you call all of them here?” He Shan questioned Lu Beixiao again.

Lu Beixiao took off his sunglasses and put on a smug smile. He looked at He Shan and said, “He Shan, if we don’t call them here, how are we going to capture your M Corporation in one fell swoop?”

The moment he said this, everyone was in an uproar!

This Ah Mu really was a spy!

“What are you all still standing there for?! Kill him!” He Shan ordered as he finally knew the truth.

Three mercenaries wearing black masks over their face with only their eyes exposed came in from outside.

“Kill him! Kill him!” He Shan pointed at Lu Beixiao and said to them.

However, two of the mercenaries took aim at He Shan instead.

The other one had an armband in his hand and stuck it onto the sleeves of the other mercenaries.

! ! !

All the big shots in the room were dumbfounded.

They were not mercenaries. They were war guards.

He Shan never would have thought that the international mercenaries he hired had all been replaced with war guards without anyone noticing.

All the important members and leaders of the M Group were all surrounded in the hall.

“You are all war guards!” He Shan’s face turned pale in confusion as he cried out.

“To be precise, we are the most elite special forces of the Scarlet Country’s Battle Guards Department!” Lu Beixiao said domineeringly as he walked to wards He Shan.

His domineering voice echoed the hall.

He Shan raised his head and looked at Lu Beixiao in astonishment. His most trusted subordinate and right-hand man, Ah Mu!

He couldn’t believe that he was a fool not realizing anything all this while.

On the other side of the room, Pan Ling was impressed by Lu Beixiao’s heroic and domineering look despite knowing that the jig is up for her and the rest of the M Group.

“This man was indeed different,” she thought to herself.

“Impossible! This is impossible!” He Shan said repeatedly.

He saw the spy killed herself with his own eyes.

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