Mr. Huo's Expensive Cute Wife

Chapter 1476
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When he knew that Li Zeyang was not Li Yuxi's child, Huo Xiujin was not in a good mood. He went to the company the next day and rewarded all the people in the company on the grounds of the company's recent good performance.

Later, Su Zhiying's child was gone. Li Yu Xi thought that he believed Su Zhiying's words and didn't believe her.

How could it be?! Su Zhiying, who is Li Yu Xi! How could he not believe that he had married a woman and believe in a woman who was not important?

When the girl said foolishly to compensate him for a child, his brain a hot, for his own selfish desire to agree, also did not give her to explain Su Zhi shadow belly child things.

He got Li Yuxi's body successfully.

Huo Xiujin is guilty of cheating his most beloved woman. He tries his best to be nice to Li Yu Xi.

Another thing that Huo Xiujin didn't expect was that Li Yuxi ran away with his son!

The little cute didn't know how to be so upset that he left home with his child.

Huo Xiujin is so aggrieved that he quietly asks Li Yu Xi why he didn't take him away from home.

In those years when Li Yuxi left, she would never think of how Huo Xiujin came alone.

Sometimes Huo Xiujin didn't even dare to go back to their room. Either he didn't dare, or he was a little afraid, because he would miss her more when he smelled the room with her smell.

He had been waiting for Li Yu Xi for nearly four years. The woman finally appeared with his four sons!

I have to say that Li Yuxi is really good!

In order not to let them find her, she has been hiding in the backward village for several years.

And his silly son Huo qingmo quietly told Huo Qingying at the airport that he did not want his mother and aunt SuYue to be there forever Tanghe?

Huo qingmo thought he was far away, he could not hear.

But it was not. Huo Xiujin heard all of them.

It turned out that the woman was in Tanghe.

Three years and a few months later, I'll see Li Yuxi again. Her change makes him feel very sad.

Not only can do housework, although not very good, but at least can completely do it, but also learn to take care of others.

In order to punish her, Huo Xiujin deliberately does not mention taking her back when she sleeps.

As soon as she came and went, the little woman became anxious and took the initiative to return to Yue city.

This time when she came back, she found all his secrets by carelessness. At that time, he called her punishment and let her fold up the star tube. He secretly took her photos, her long hair when she left, the letter she wrote to him, and the word "Wu Nuo" on his shirt

Huo Xiujin was a little anxious. He wanted to express his love to Li Yuxi directly. But it has become a habit to hide Li Yuxi's feelings for too long, and I don't know where to start.

He struggled in his heart, and finally had to choose to give everything to time. After a long time, she will know that she loves her very much and loves her most.

After marrying Li Yuxi, the third thing Huo Xiujin never thought of was that Li Yuxi blocked the burning beam in order to save himself.

When he saw Li Yu Xi spit blood, Huo Xiujin collapsed and his heart broke.

This silly girl, she is just a woman. She is willing to sacrifice herself to save him.

Listening to her painful chatter, Huo Xiujin secretly swore in his heart that Li Yuxi was the life of Huo Xiujin. He would find out the people who framed Li Yuxi one by one, and let them live worse than death!

Fortunately, Li Yu Xi soon woke up. She couldn't move on the bed after breaking a few ribs. However, she was worried about the woman who always moved like a rabbit.

Huo Xiujin accompanied her, trying to stabilize her in the hospital bed, so that she can recover as soon as possible.

The little woman had vowed to give him five sons, but unexpectedly Yes.

Finally, she gave birth to five sons to Huo Xiujin!

This really makes Huo Xiujin cry and laugh. Fortunately, he has a lovely daughter who can comfort him.

Their life was quiet and happy after Wang Zhiming and his party were caught.

Several years later, their excellent five sons and one daughter became families, and then Huo Xiujin and Li Yuxi became grandparents.

Tang ruochu, the daughter of Tang Shiyi's family, was also married to a senior naval officer.

At the beginning, she began to dive when she was a teenager. She liked diving very much. When she had nothing to do, she went to the sea to see the mysterious underwater world.

She also met prince charming in her heart because of diving. They met in the sea.

At that time, both men were diving, but one dived to play and the other dived to work when he was out at sea.

She was like a flexible Mermaid in the deep sea, and he took her to the ship on the ground of investigating suspects.

Maybe it's deep fate. When they think they are just passers-by in each other's life, they meet for the second time and the third time.One to two, two people fell in love.

That year, at the beginning of the year, in order to see him, he dived into the deep sea with cramps on his legs and almost didn't come up.

Later, of course, it was the hero who saved the beauty. Without wearing any auxiliary tools, he jumped into the sea nearly kilometers deep to save her.

Not long after they woke up, they got married.

She had not been married for a few years, and Tang Luoyuan, as a traditional Chinese medicine doctor, married a girl named Zifu and manzifu in the name of traditional Chinese medicine.

After growing up, fan Ziyuan became a teacher and a famous warm male professor in a university.

Fan Shengyuan listened to Huo Wanyin's words and joined ZL group.

Winter to spring, Yuecheng, a pair of gray haired old people arm each other walking on the mountain path.

Old man, "did you talk to them on the phone?"

Old lady, "of course! Jingli said, "I'll be right there."

More than ten minutes later, a fiery maple leaf forest, behind the old man came a moderate voice, "old man Huo, sister-in-law, we are here!"

Huo Ling looked back and laughed, "Lao Li Tou Er, you are a little slow today. We have been waiting for you for half an hour."

The gray haired Jing Li explained to him, "it's not all lino. We just sent them away when we want to go to m with Xiujin."

The sons are married. Li Yu Xi has more things to do as a mother-in-law. There are five daughter-in-law and one mother-in-law. Isn't there much?

My mother-in-law is still a woman who can't even cook well. She looks at a group of hungry grandchildren, crying and Howling all day. Huo Xiujin didn't want his wife to suffer, so he gave his daughter-in-law 50 million yuan a year to hire servants and raise children.

They themselves travel around the world, stay in Yuecheng for a period of time when they have something to do, and go out to play when they have nothing to do.

The old couple of Li family live in Yuecheng temporarily. Today, they have an appointment with Huo family to climb the mountain to watch the sunrise.

"Oh! Let's go. We'll live on the top of the mountain tonight. I'll let the light cold check the sunrise time. It's six o'clock tomorrow morning. " Nian Yaxuan finished her homework before she came.

Jingli stepped on the steps and gasped slightly, "this body is not as good as a year. I just want to breathe after climbing a few steps."

Li Jingchen did not change his face. "Your physical fitness has always been bad. If I hadn't often pulled you out to exercise, you might be lying at home like other old women." After all, they are 70 or 80 years old.

Jing Li glared at him, "it's all due to you that you've done so well."

Nian Yaxuan took Jing Li's hand and said with a smile, "keep your strength and try to climb to the top in one breath."


The four old people walked and stopped and reached the top of the mountain in an hour.

There is a hotel on the top of the mountain. Huo qingmo has reserved the viewing room for them in advance as usual, so that they can stay here for a few days.

The next morning, two pairs of old people appeared at the hotel gate at the appointed time and set out to watch the sunrise.

Because of the good location of the hotel, they didn't walk too far to watch the sunrise after getting up in the morning.

At six o'clock, the sky in the East began to turn white. The color of the sky was dyed golden yellow and pink purple. Soon the sun gradually rose to illuminate the distant horizon.

Jingli sat on a stone, leaning on Li Jingchen's shoulder, "we are more lucky, today there is a sea of clouds."

"Yes, I'll open a video for Qingqing's girl. She and He Shan haven't come back abroad recently. She has long missed the great rivers and mountains of the motherland." Huo Lingchen can love Qing Qing this granddaughter, come out still don't forget Qing Qing.

Nian Yaxuan shook her head helplessly. "The young people are sleeping. Don't disturb them. Just record a video and send it to her."

Jingli shook his mobile phone, "I recorded the video, and then sent it to the group."

Nian Yaxuan, "if Jing Li sends it to the group, don't send it to Qing Qing. If you are in the group, just ask her to come out and have a look."

The holly family set up a family group on chat software, where everyone in the two families was.

Huo Ling snorted and didn't speak. After a while, she sent the video to Huo Qingqing alone.

Nian Yaxuan sighed, OK! I can't do anything about him.

When the sun rises and the sky is bright, two pairs of old people cling to each other, fiddling with the video recorded by their mobile phones and sending voice messages to their families.

The younger generation of the holly family were all woken up by the news of the four of them. No matter how sleepy they were, we had to chat with the four elders one by one.

Only Huo Qingqing, who is favored by Huo Lingshen, has no fear. She presses the mobile phone and holds He Shan without looking at it and continues to sleep.

He Shan woke up long ago. Now he had to say hello to Huo Lingchen for her and answer truthfully that Qing Qing was still sleeping.

After the sun came out completely, the two old people got up from the stone and prepared to go back to the hotel for breakfast.

Jingli and Li Jingchen walked in front of him. "Yaxuan, we'll go to the other end of the mountain to watch the sunset tomorrow afternoon."Nian Yaxuan said, "well, I never forget seeing the sunset last year."

In the morning, the top of the mountain was very cold. The four old people only wore thin sports coats, which attracted many young people who had just climbed to the top of the mountain.

One after another envious thought, if they have such a good body when they are old and have such a wife who can accompany them to watch the sunrise and sunset, this life is enough!

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