Mr. Gu, Your Replacement Bride Is A Big Shot!

Chapter 849 - 849 Please Sit!
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849 Please Sit!

Qiao Xin had never expected Qiao Nian to be the one to arrive.

The representative sent by Nanshan Corporation was actually Qiao Nian.

How was that possible? Didn’t Qiao Nian study medicinal herbs all day? When did she enter real estate?

Qiao Xin’s mind was in a mess, and her expression was indescribable.

However, Qiao Nian didn’t even look at Qiao Xin. She walked in and her gaze fell on Qiao Yu’s face. Her red lips curved up slightly, and her beautiful fox-like eyes were filled with coldness. “Long time no see!”

Qiao Yu hadn’t expected it to be Qiao Nian either. He frowned slightly.

Previously, he had investigated the situation at Nanshan Corporation, but he had not found out who the person negotiating with them was!

He had never expected Qiao Nian to be the one who came.

When did Qiao Nian get involved with Nanshan Corporation?

Now, it seemed that Qiao Nian wasn’t simple at all.

Qiao Xin recovered from her shock. A faint smile appeared on her face as she pretended to be very polite and asked, “Sister, why are you here today? Is anything the matter? However, can we talk about this later? Brother and I have something very important to discuss.”

Qiao Xin was actually testing Qiao Nian’s identity.

Qiao Nian gave Qiao Xin a disdainful glance, her expression indifferent. Then, her gaze fell on Qiao Yu’s face and she asked, “Looks like there’s no need to meet today. In that case, I’ll…”

“President Qiao, please take a seat!” Qiao Yu had never expected Qiao Nian to be the person-in-charge of Nanshan Corporation. He felt that this collaboration was most likely doomed.

But even so, he couldn’t fall out with the person-in-charge of Nanshan Corporation. Hence, he smiled and invited Qiao Nian to sit down.

Qiao Nian sat down calmly. After she sat down, Qiao Yu and Qiao Xin sat down.

With just a glance, Qiao Nian could tell that Qiao Xin had really dressed up meticulously today. Qiao Xin had spent a lot of effort on this negotiation!

Qiao Nian smiled and asked provocatively, “Why do I feel that your sister doesn’t want to see me?”

When Qiao Xin heard Qiao Nian’s words, her face instantly turned red. She clenched her fists tightly.

She had thought that she would step into society first and become an outstanding career woman.

However, she had never expected Qiao Nian to be ahead of her again. Moreover, Qiao Nian was now a member of Nanshan Corporation.

Why was Qiao Nian always better than her?

She clearly had better resources. She was clearly smarter and better-looking.

However, every time she touched Qiao Nian, she could only fade into the background.

This world was really too unfair.

But Qiao Xin also knew that now was not the time to throw a tantrum.

If she offended Qiao Nian today, Nanshan Corporation might be dissatisfied with the Qiao family.

Nanshan Corporation was a large company with worldwide influence. The Qiao family was far inferior to Nanshan Corporation.

Qiao Xin was so angry that her lips were trembling! After a long while, she suppressed the dissatisfaction and grievance in her heart and put on a polite smile again.


“President Qiao, you really like to joke!”

Qiao Nian listened to Qiao Xin’s words. Her beautiful fox-like eyes narrowed slightly, exuding a cold aura. “Qiao Yu, I only want to talk to you about what happened today. Now, you can let the unrelated people leave!”

Qiao Xin had just been insulted, but Qiao Nian’s words were like a slap to her face.

She wasn’t stupid. How could she not know that Qiao Nian didn’t like her, so she wanted to chase her out?

Qiao Xin bit her lip, her eyes turning slightly red. Today’s project was very important not only to her brother, but also to the Qiao family.

Qiao Xin knew very well that if the Qiao family was gone, her good days would come to an end.

With this thought in mind, Qiao Xin looked at Qiao Yu.

Qiao Yu naturally understood what Qiao Xin was thinking, but it wasn’t appropriate for him to go against Qiao Nian now. He could only comfort Qiao Xin silently with his eyes.

Qiao Xin stood up reluctantly and walked out. When she reached Qiao Nian’s chair, she looked down at her and asked, “Are you really the director of Nanshan Corporation?”

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