Mr. Fashionable

Chapter 110(END) - Extra – Movie Shoot 13 (END)
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Chapter 110: Extra – Movie Shoot 13 (END)

Translated by J. of Exiled Rebels Translations

Editor: Rattie

Wild winds continued to rage outside the window. After about ten minutes, Luo Li came back with a bunch of takeaways, his clothes soaked from the rain.

“Why didn’t you buy an umbrella?” Dai An asked.

“It’s too windy, umbrellas are useless.” Luo Li set the takeout boxes on the table. He took off his wet shirt and went into the bathroom to dry his hair. His tanned skin spoke of his good health, and when added to his toned muscles, Luo Li’s silhouette looked just like that of a male model from the catwalk!

However, Dai An was in no mood to appreciate his beauty, he was still stressed out!

“Why don’t you eat?” Luo Li walked out after drying his hair. Seeing Dai An still dazed in his chair, he opened the takeout boxes for him. It was sexy seeing his naked upper body flexing in this way, but he had an ugly set of stitch marks right next to his heart!

Dai An’s scalp tingled just from looking at the scar, and he felt a sudden twinge in his own chest.

As if it had happened to him too!

“I got it in a fight.” Luo Li gently rubbed the top of his head. “You should eat.”

“It almost reached your heart.” Dai An furrowed his brow, why was he so reckless!

“Does it make your heart ache?” Luo Li smiled at him with wicked amusement.

Heartache is a pretty strong word; Dai An was at first astonished, then became so shocked his scalp tingled. Finally, he looked up at Luo Li as if watching an alien!

“What did you just say?!”

“Nothing.” Luo Li handed him a pair of chopsticks.

Dai An was indignant, “My heart wasn’t aching for you. Don’t be so narcissistic!”

“It was just a casual comment, don’t get so excited.” Luo Li grinned, his expression unperturbed.

Dai An finished a whole box of stir-fried rice noodles without registering their taste. After careful consideration, he solemnly declared, “My injuries are just about healed, tomorrow I will call someone to drop me off at the film set in the mountains. You should go back to work as well!”

It was almost cruel!

The suggestion was immediately rejected by Sir Knife Scar!

“You have no right to interfere with my work!” The Royal Concubine was outraged!

“I’m not interfering in your work, you can go back at any time,” Luo Li said calmly. “But you shouldn’t interfere with my work, either.”

“What do you mean?” Dai An asked.

“As an investor of the movie, I have the right to visit the movie set.” Luo Li was extremely compelling. “So, I will go back with you.”

Dai An had been thwarted again.

Since Luo Li was rich and powerful and full of compelling logic, so this round of negotiations did not achieve any tangible progress. Dai An groaned on the inside. He held out the TV remote and intentionally stopped at a channel playing a diving show for new male models. The screen was full of gorgeous young men wearing only swim trunks, each vying for attention. He wished Luo Li’s inner beast would wake up and become attracted to one or more of these young men from the TV show, so he’d stop coveting the Little Emperor in the mountain! Although he felt slightly immoral to set Luo Li on someone else, it could not be helped! Also, since the young men volunteered for the TV show, they should be prepared to face the consequences! In the murky world of entertainment, not everyone is as naive and simple-minded as little Su Nuo!

It’s a pity that Luo Li wasn’t interested in the TV show at all. He fell sound asleep after ten minutes!

This is so illogical! Dai An wanted to shake Luo Li by his collar. According to Luo Li’s level of depravity, shouldn’t his eyes be glowing with ravenous hunger by now? It would be completely understandable if he pounced on the TV and started licking the screen. How could he sleep at a time like this!

Seeing Luo Li being sound asleep, the Royal Concubine let out a long sigh.

The TV show was boring and sleep-inducing. After ten or so minutes, Dai An dropped the remote and fell asleep, snoring softly. He slept for a full three hours. He even had a wonderful dream about eating BBQ all over the country with little Su Nuo. He had such high aspirations!

After swallowing the last bite of his steak, the Royal Concubine woke up satisfied. Then he discovered with extreme astonishment that he was being held in a tight embrace in Luo Li’s arms. Not only was his face pressed against Luo Li’s bare chest, even Dai An Jr was somewhat constricted!

Dai An became lost, this was not the first time this had happened! How inexplicable!

He must be violently pushed away at once!!!!!

“You woke up so early.” Luo Li said with sleep in his eyes. He turned around and continued sleeping while hugging his duvet.

“You call this early?!” Dai An threw a cushion at him, “It’s already dinnertime!” Since hanging around Suo Nuo, the Royal Concubine’s measurement of time had become terms like “breakfast time”, “lunchtime”, “two hours until dinnertime”, and “past late-night snack time”. All very straightforward!

“Hungry?” Luo Li opened his eyes while lying face down, and casually groped Dai An’s belly.

Outraged, Dai An violently smashed him with a pillow.

Luo Li graciously accepted the onslaught; he was in a great mood.

“Am not!” Dai An said with wounded pride.

“Let’s go for BBQ.” Luo Li sat up. “The rain stopped, there should be a fresh breeze outside.”

“I’m not going!” The Royal Concubine said stubbornly, since he wanted to lose weight.

“It’s my birthday today.” Luo Li surprised him.

Dai An looked at him with suspicion. “It’s your birthday?”

“Is it so hard to believe?” Luo Li watched him smugly.

Why would a scarred ruffian even celebrate his birthday? I don’t even have a habit of celebrating my own birthday. The Royal Concubine groaned under his breath.

“So, let’s have BBQ.” Luo Li helped him put on his shoes.

“......” The Royal Concubine reluctantly went along. Everyone deserves some privileges on their birthday.

Then he immediately regretted his decision. Because when the two of them sat down at the BBQ restaurant, Luo Li suddenly said in a serious tone, “What are you getting me for my birthday?”

Dai An choked on his tea. I wasn’t going to get you anything! What kind of person would demand presents from other people!

But Luo Li’s eyes were full of anticipation!

“... I had no time and didn’t prepare anything.” Dai An had a headache. “I’ll make it up to you after the movie wraps up.”

“Deal.” Luo Li replied without hesitation, then he said, “Then why don’t you sing a song today!”

“I can’t sing.” Dai An immediately refused.

“Doesn’t matter, just read out the lyrics.” Luo Li compromised.

“Just read?” Dai An facepalmed. His mind immediately brought up images of a newscaster reading in their big announcer voice “Happy birthday to you” four times in a row. How stupid!

So he looked down and focused on stuffing his mouth with meat.

“You could at least wish me happy birthday.” Luo Li sighed.

You don’t have to sound so dejected! Dai An quietly looked at him, unenthused. “Happy birthday.”

“You should put more feelings into it,” Luo Li demanded.

“Don’t be so picky!” The Royal Concubine shoved beef into Luo Li’s mouth.

Sir Knife Scar was in a great mood.

After being together these past few days, he was more and more sure about one thing.

That he... seemed to have discovered lost treasure.

The BBQ seemed to have hit the spot for both of them. After the Royal Concubine drank half a small bottle of rice wine, he finally loosened up, and half hummed and half sang a verse of the birthday song. He stopped in chagrin when Luo Li started laughing, and he mercilessly attacked Sir Knife Scar with a cigarette box!

The ungrateful cad deserves to be dragged outside and fucked in the ass for a full ten minutes!

After the meal, Dai An sat back in his wheelchair, and Luo Li took him to the riverside for a stroll. An elderly man who was also pushing his elderly wife in a wheelchair brushed past them.

“Look.” Luo Li hunched down next to his ear. “We’re experiencing retirement ahead of time.”

Dai An’s neck went red. Why would you compare us to a happily married couple!?

“I’m not so loathsome, am I?” Luo Li asked as they lay next to each other on a couple of riverside lounge chairs.

Dai An thought for a moment, “If you quit bringing up that I owe you four hundred thousand, I will give you another ten points.” 𝑓𝑟ℯℯ𝓌ℯ𝒷𝑛ℴ𝑣ℯ𝘭.𝘤ℴ𝘮

“How many points am I worth now?” Luo Li asked.

“Fifty.” Reality is cruel.

“With another ten points I’d only just pass?” Luo Li violently twisted Dai An’s ears.

Dai An cried out in pain, “Minus ten points!”

“Four hundred thousand! Four hundred thousand! Four hundred thousand!” Luo Li muttered next to his ear.

What is this nonsense! Dai An pushed him away, feeling a little bothered and wanting to laugh at the same time.

Luo Li slyly squeezed Dai An’s belly, he had a very handsome laugh!

This kind of life was honestly not bad!

Selfishly, Sir Knife Scar wanted Dai An to heal very, very slowly. He wished the healing process would drag on for another thirty or forty days. But obviously this wasn’t possible. Even the mafia can’t just grab someone’s ankle by force and twist it again! So as the days went by, the Royal Concubine was finally hopping and bouncing once again.

And after numerous occasions of the two of them watching trashy tabloid shows together, confiding in each other, going for check-ups at the hospital, going for strolls, eating delicious food and... waking up in each other’s arms in the morning, the atmosphere between them had finally changed... a miniscule amount.

“Thank you for taking care of me these past few days,” Dai An said sincerely.

“You’re welcome.” Luo Li handed him his bag. “Be careful on your trip.”

Since something came up at work and Luo Li had to hurry back to the office, Dai An had to continue alone onto the movie set in the mountains.

“... When NuoNuo’s movie wraps up, I’ll take you out to dinner,” Dai An said hesitantly.

“Just you or the both of you?” Luo Li watched Dai An with amusement, slightly curving his mouth.

Dai An avoided his gaze.

“Just kidding. Let’s have Japanese food when you get back, just the two of us.” Luo Li gently petted the top of his head. “Now go.”

Dai An got in the car, popped his head through the open window and waved at Luo Li.

Sir Knife Scar solemnly held up four fingers.

“Puhaha,” Dai An chuckled. “I’m never paying you back the four hundred thousand!”

Luo Li smiled and waved at Dai An with a tender look in his eyes.

The little shuttle bus went round and round up the mountain pass, and eventually stopped at the village entrance.

“Beloved Royal Concubine!” Su Nuo was playing on his PSP in his room, and exuberantly pounced on Dai An as he entered.

“Why are you covered in mosquito bites?” Dai An stared at Su Nuo’s face with shock and horror!

“......” Little Su Nuo made an innocent expression with his red lumpy face.

It’s actually because he went out for a stroll last night, and couldn’t help but (bleep) his handsome man in the field. It felt so great he didn’t even notice the mosquitos.

Such a worrisome child! The Royal Concubine took out a bottle of mosquito medicine and helped him put it on. Su Nuo held up his face and asked, “What happened to your family back home?”

“Nothing major.” Dai An repeated the excuse he had prepared earlier, “My uncle’s son is getting a divorce.”

“Why do you have to get involved in that?” Su Nuo was amazed. The Royal Concubine must be an all-round champion!

“Of course I do, at least it’s more serious than the mosquito bites on your face!” Dai An took the opportunity to make this an educational moment, “As an entertainer, how could you be so careless with your face?!”

Little Su Nuo remained silent.

The Royal Concubine sure nags a lot!

“All done. Now sit down and wait for the medicine to dry.” Dai An pushed him into a chair.

“Where are you going?” Su Nuo asked.

“To make a phone call.” Dai An climbed up the ladder and onto the roof, then dialled Sir Knife Scar’s cell phone.

“You’ve arrived?” Luo Li picked up immediately.

“Yes, and you?” Dai An asked.

“At the airport hotel, I’m flying back tomorrow,” Luo Li replied.

“Have a safe flight.” Dai An’s voice was full of alarm as he saw Su Nuo enthusiastically climb onto the roof!

“I get home around 8 PM tomorrow, you have to call me at 9 PM and ask if I arrived safely,” Luo Li said in a serious tone.

Dai An chuckled, “Okay.”

Su Nuo watched him as if he had just laid eyes on a new continent! freewebno(v)

This is because he detected the hint of a small change in the Royal Concubine!

“I’m hanging up.” Dai An was getting goosebumps from the way little Su Nuo was watching him.

“Something is up with you!” As soon as Dai An hung up, Su Nuo raced up the ladder and pinched his cheeks.

Dai An drew a deep breath, “Like what?”

“Who were you calling?” Su Nuo boorishly snatched away Dai An’s phone, wanting to look through his call history.

The contact was simply named “Knife”, it sounded ultra cool!


Su Nuo acclaimed, “Your girlfriend has a pretty special nickname!” The Royal Concubine has such good taste!

“......” Dai An had randomly saved the contact earlier. What is this girlfriend business? Dai An became incensed, “Who said that’s my girlfriend?”

“No?” Su Nuo became baffled for a moment, then decisively replied, “Then you just haven’t realised the intensity of your feelings!”

“There is nothing to realise!” Dai An turned red.

Su Nuo rubbed his face sympathetically, “Beloved Concubine, you need to stay calm!”

“What made you think that was my girlfriend?” Dai An felt dizzy.

“Because you had such tenderness in your eyes just now!” Su Nuo confirmed.

“That’s nonsense!” Dai An was insistent!

“Why the strong reaction?” Su Nuo was perplexed, “It should be celebrated!”

But before Su Nuo could finish, Dai An had already climbed down the ladder.

Hence Little Su Nuo could only sigh, The Royal Concubine is so shy!

“Did you bully Dai An again?” OuYang Long carried a cup of Pu-Er tea up the ladder.

“Dai An is in love, but he won’t tell me who!” Su Nuo complained.

“You can’t force people to confess this type of thing.” OuYang Long handed him the tea cup, “When we first got together, you didn’t tell him about us either for a very long time.”

That’s not the same! Su Nuo retorted in his head. I wouldn’t interfere in his relationship! He can be with whomever he likes, even a much older woman is no problem. Tossing a head full of glorious curls over her shoulder sounds so romantic!

What Little Su Nuo didn’t realise was that the word ‘girlfriend’ shook the Royal Concubine to his very core. He sat on a rock by the riverside and stayed in a daze for the next several hours. He hadn’t recovered even when dusk fell, only growing ever more confused! It was as if something wanted to jump out of his brain, but he instinctively wanted to avoid thinking about it. Then finally, his temples started to ache!

How frustrating!

Dai An was unusually nervous, to the point where he discourteously kicked a tree!

“Should I go comfort him?” Su Nuo hid far enough away, and asked Mr Director next to him.

“You should stay out of it.” OuYang Long gently stroked the top of Su Nuo’s head. “It’s better if he can figure it out by himself.”

“Do you think the Royal Concubine fell in love with a married woman?” Su Nuo worried.

Mr Director lowered his mouth and kissed him. “Don’t say such nonsense.”

Little Suo Nuo was satisfied with the faint taste of strawberries between their lips.

I should feed him mint lollies next time; French kissing will be extra refreshing!

Within perfect reason, the Royal Concubine suffered from insomnia that night. Like a tormented soul, he tossed and turned all over his bed, and had heavy bags under his eyes the next day!

Su Nuo lamented from a distance that love really does make a person sallow and haggard.

Filming continued as planned, and the sun rapidly became a salted egg yolk, then fell towards the west.

However, Dai An didn’t call Luo Li as he had promised. Or one could say that he forgot on purpose.

The third day had passed, then the fourth day, and after a week he still hadn’t contacted Luo Li.

He thought that once the dust had settled, he’d figure things out with greater clarity.

But things didn’t go as he had intended, and his thoughts became ever more muddled.

On the morning of the tenth day, Dai An was woken up by the rooster crowing before the sun had risen. So he thought he may as well get up, wash up, then go help out the film crew. The small trail was dark, and slightly muddy from the rain. Dai An walked carefully to make sure he didn’t fall, but when he turned a corner, someone covered up his mouth and dragged him to the shadows.

“Mmmff!” Dai An was scared out of his wits. Why does an idyllic village like this have robbers?!

“You’re being robbed.” A low, slightly familiar voice said next to his ear, with a hint of laughter.

Dai An froze for a moment.

“When are you going to pay me back the four hundred thousand?” Luo Li asked next to his ear.

“Aaaahhhh!” Dai An gasped and looked as if he had seen a ghost!

“Even if you’re not happy to see me, you shouldn’t be so distraught either.” Luo Li laughed with wicked amusement.

“Why... why are you here!” Dai An was still frozen like a statue.

“Why do you think?” Luo Li blocked his path.


The Royal Concubine felt a tinge of guilt.

“What’s the matter?!” Luo Li moved closer to him, his tone half threatening and half testing.

“Why is a phone call so important?” Dai An felt a little uneasy.

“Of course it is!” Luo Li said threateningly.

“You came back... just for this?” Dai An looked at him.

“Of course, why else would I be here?” Luo Li pinched his cheeks.

Dai An took a deep breath, held it for a while before spurting out, “NuoNuo is here too.” He spoke in a soft and rapid voice, but Luo Li heard him clearly.

“Su Nuo?” Sir Knife Scar chuckled with a hint of frustration.

“You like him, don’t you?” Dai An felt a little stifled inside, and his tone a little piqued.

Luo Li wanted to slap him across the head!

“I’m going to the movie set.” Seeing Luo Li speechless, Dai An felt inexplicably crushed and wanted to push him out of the way.

But he didn’t get to leave!

Not only did he not manage to walk away, he was pulled back, pressed against the wall, and forcefully! Kissed! On! The! Mouth!

The kiss was all so sudden, alright?!

Luo Li was very direct!

So as expected, the Royal Concubine fell apart right there and then!

What’s going on here!

“Why are you crying?” Frustrated, Luo Li let him go.

“You! You! You!” Dai An was trembling.

“Let’s give it a try.” Luo Li held Dai An’s hand.

“Us?” Dai An felt the world spinning.

This is all too sudden and unexpected, am I dreaming?!

“Yes, us.” Luo Li’s eyes were no longer teasing, “NuoNuo is my good friend’s brother. He’s adorable, but not everyone has to like him in that way.”

The gears in Dai An’s brain were still stuck, “When... did you...?”

Even though the question was highly incoherent, Luo Li had accurately interpreted his intentions, “Five hours ago.”

Dai An furrowed his brow, five hours ago?

“I originally just wanted to come visit you, and didn’t think too much of anything else.” Luo Li clasped Dai An’s hand, “But I was met with a landslide when I drove through the mountain pass. A large rock came tumbling down without warning and smashed through the road.”

“Really?” Dai An’s heart skipped a beat.

“Yes.” Luo Li gave a wry smile. “If I drove just a little bit faster, you’d never see me again.” Life is so fleeting, and some things are just not worth getting caught up on.

Dai An stayed quiet, mostly because he didn’t know what to say.

“Since you don’t hate me, you have nothing to lose by trying.” Luo Li hugged Dai An to his chest. “If you’re not happy I’ll get you go, how about it?”

Dai An remained silent, but he wrapped his arms around Luo Li’s waist, his head full of images of rocks tumbling down the mountain. Then, he hugged Luo Li closer.

It was very touching.

An hour later, Dai An found Su Nuo at the film set.

“Beloved Royal Concubine, where did you run away to... and what happened to your mouth?” Su Nuo gasped, it was quite red and seemed a little swollen!

Dai An really, really wanted to run away.

“Are you sick?” Suo Nuo held out his hand and touched Dai An.

“You don’t have any scenes today, right?” Dai An asked.

“Uh huh.” Su Nuo nodded. “I came here to watch.”

Dai An drew a deep breath, “I have something to tell you!”

“What is it?” Su Nuo was curious.

Dai An dragged him into the forest!

“What’s going on?” Little Suo Nuo was deeply excited, it seems something big is going down!

“I’m in love!” Dai An became resolute. “And I have a boyfriend!” He was a lot more straightforward than Su Nuo was back then!

“Wow!” Little Su Nuo was both shocked and exuberant. “But you always said you liked ladies!”

“That’s because I hadn’t met him yet.” Dai An blushed crimson.

“Alright, alright, a boyfriend is fine too!” Su Nuo clutched his hand, “Do I know him?”

“...Yes.” Dai An nodded.

“I know him?” Su Nuo became very interested, “What’s his name?”

Dai An pretended to be deaf.

“Don’t tease at a time like this!” Su Nuo almost died from curiosity.

“You... don’t really like him.” Dai An wanted to prepare him for the shock.

“Someone I don’t like?” Su Nuo thought for a moment, and still couldn’t guess who it was. So he said with an open mind, “It doesn’t matter if I didn’t like him before, I will like him from now on, for you!” He was so grown-up and considerate.

“To be precise, you don’t like him at all.” Dai An increased the dosage. “Not only do you not like him, you positively despise him!”

“Huh?” Su Nuo momentarily froze, “You you you... how could you?”

Dai An went red.

“You can’t do this!” Su Nuo tearfully grabbed Dai An’s hand. “There are so many good men in the world, why would you be attracted to Qiu ZiYan?! Did he drug you?!! Don’t be scared, we can go to the hospital right away!”

“Who?” Dai An thought he had auditory hallucinations.

“I can tell you based on my observations these past few days, that there’s something going on between Qiu ZiYan and XiaoYu!” Su Nuo incessantly continued. “Did he seduce you?”

“That’s nonsense, how could it be Qiu ZiYan?” Dai An didn’t know whether to laugh or to cry.

“Not him?” Su Nuo let out a sigh of relief. He was so scared just now, he had cold sweat in his palms just thinking that the Royal Concubine had been seduced by Mr Abs!

“Of course not,” Dai An confirmed.

“Good.” Su Nuo put his arm around Dai An’s shoulder. “After dropping that bomb, I can accept anyone now. Tell me.”

“Are you sure?” Dai An still lacked the courage.

“Of course!” Su Nuo promised.

Dai An looked at him apprehensively. “Luo Li”.

“Who?!!!!!!!!!!!” Su Nuo’s cry shook heaven and earth, as if a crack of thunder roared over their heads!

“Me.” Sir Knife Scar walked out from the forest.

“We agreed I’d take care of this!” Dai An said unhappily.

“I couldn’t wait.” Luo Li wrapped his arm around Dai An’s shoulder and smiled cheerfully at Su Nuo.

Little Su Nuo felt his eyes darken; dizzy, he leaned against a tree. He had a toothache that day and couldn’t eat, so he was already feeling faint from having low blood sugar, and now a shock to the system like this! He couldn’t take it at all!

“NuoNuo!” Dai An jumped from the scare, and immediately caught him.

“How... did you...”Su Nuo felt extremely weak.

“It’s a bit of a long story,” Dai An said honestly.

“You really can’t let him go?” Su Nuo looked at Dai An with the innocence of a small furry animal, wanting to entice him with cuteness!

“No way.” Those two words were spoken by Luo Li.

“Did I say you can speak?” Su Nuo stood up straight, and looked at him with threatening eyes, “Did you force him?”

“Of course not.” Dai An felt helpless.

“We’ll talk about this when we get back!” Su Nuo dragged the Royal Concubine towards the village.

Luo Li didn’t stop him this time, and he just followed the two of them back to the small courtyard they were staying at.

OuYang Long had been reading in his room. He was a little surprised to see the three of them walk in together.

But Little Su Nuo had no time to explain. He fiercely announced, “The two of you, get out!”

Luo Li looked at Dai An.

“Mn.” The Royal Concubine nodded at him.

“Alright, take your time.” Luo Li turned around and walked out. OuYang Long frowned slightly, but didn’t say anything.

Inside the room, a big intervention meeting had commenced its proceedings. After Little Su Nuo listened to the entire story, he first condemned the Royal Concubine for letting him down, then he went on to point out all of Luo Li’s flaws from a dozen different angles, shamelessly including his own fabrications. He even concluded that Sir Knife Scar was impotent! How unscrupulous!

“Are you thirsty?” Dai An’s mouth went dry just from watching him.

Su Nuo gulped down some water, then looked at Dai An full of hope in his eyes, “Come on, are you willing to ditch that promiscuous-evil-cruel-vicious-impotent-mafia-man?”

Dai An muttered, “I still want to give it a go.”

“You what...” Little Su Nuo felt crushed, and didn’t know what kind of facial expression to use on Dai An. So, he dragged the Royal Concubine to the top of the roof.

“What are they doing?” Luo Li was fascinated.

OuYang Long shot him a look.

“Don’t worry, I’m really not interested in NuoNuo.” Luo Li continued to watch the roof, “I only wish he’d go easy on me.”

Little Su Nuo stood on the chair and dialled Han Wei’s number.

“What’s up?” Mr Han answered immediately.

“Hey Bro, tell me, is Luo Li a despicable, perverse, vulgar, wretched, nasty and blackhearted villain?” Su Nuo put him on speaker.

Dai An: ......

“What are you playing at this time?” Han Wei felt exhausted, “A-Li is a good person. He may be a bit obnoxious at times, but he really means you no harm. Don’t go picking on him all the time.”

Su Nuo decisively hung up the phone. Then looking at the Royal Concubine with nonchalance, “My brother hasn’t been taking his meds recently.”

“I know you want the best for me.” Dai An gently patted the top of Su Nuo’s head, his nose a little stuffy from being emotional, but also wanting to bite back a smile, “I know what I’m doing, please let me try this out.”

“Beloved Royal Concubine!” Su Nuo hugged Dai An, unwilling to give up, “Can’t you swap him for someone else? Pretty please? He really is a bad person!”

Dai An remained silent.

Little Su Nuo’s heart was in agony, “Then don’t let him take advantage of you, okay? You must tell me immediately if he tries to bully you!”

“Okay.” Dai An patted his back. “Thank you.”

“Do you need me to have a one-on-one chat with him?” Su Nuo was super protective of his Royal Concubine!

“There’s no need, really.” Dai An didn’t know whether to laugh or to cry, “Believe it or not, I’m not a kid.”

“Promise me you won’t sleep with him!” Su Nuo clutched Dai An’s hand. “This is really important!”

Dai An felt a dark haze of awkwardness pass over his head, “Okay.”

“Beloved Concubine!!!” Su Nuo, not admitting defeat, latched onto Dai An and refused to let go!

Scarface is truly the most despicable creature on earth!

Dai An didn’t want Su Nuo to seek out Luo Li, but one day between shooting, Su XiaoNuo found an opportunity to give Luo Li a stern warning.

If you betray my manager, you will die a horrible death!

You will be flicked in the PP until you die from the pain.

How very cruel!

Sir Knife Scar didn’t mock him this time, he just somberly nodded his head.

It wasn’t that Luo Li had suddenly grown a conscience or changed his personality. It was because Little Su Nuo occupied too much of Dai An’s time, which Luo Li wasn’t too happy about—but Luo Li couldn’t just kidnap Dai An and take him home. He could only start from the beginning and try to build a good rapport with the bride’s family.

The movie shoot took an entire year. During this time, the film crew’s footprints almost covered the entire country.

Aside from news coverage about the movie, the media also occasionally reported such-and-such coming for conjugal visits, and how very much in love they were, making everyone green with envy!

At the movie premiere, Little Su Nuo wore a dashing white suit. He begrudgingly watched as his Beloved Royal Concubine and Scarface sat shoulder-to-shoulder below the stage. His countenance was unusually frosty, just like a Clan Leader from a martial arts drama!

So the media all reported in a frenzy that Su Nuo was making an enormous effort to change his persona, and he was so deep in character that he was unable to pull himself out, setting himself for Best Actor so on and so forth. It was all over the news for a while!

His fans have also collectively commented online that they would come out and support NuoNuo. The movie was a big hit at the box office, as expected. At the annual awards ceremony, ZhongLi FengBai successfully reclaimed the award for Best Director!

Mu Qiu felt especially proud, and Little Su Nuo clapped like crazy. He felt sincerely happy!

“Do you think you’ll win Best Actor?” OuYang Long whispered in his ear.

“It doesn’t matter to me at all.” Su Nuo felt quite relaxed, “I’m just happy to be nominated, it’s quite normal to miss out. If I don’t win this year, I can try again next year. My acting skills have a lot of room for improvement anyway!” The humble little idiot is worthy of praise!!

“This year’s Best Supporting Actor goes to, Qiu ZiYan!” Another celebrity presented the latest award.

Thunderous applause erupted from below the stage, Su Nuo immediately turned to face Mr Director, his voice full of venom, “If I don’t win Best Actor I will go kill myself!”

OuYang Long: ......

One of Qiu ZiYan’s fellow actor friends picked up his award, since he was absent due to illness.

As to what kind of illness, well...

“Wow! Look, you won!” Tang XiaoYu was watching the live broadcast at home.

“So I did.” Qiu ZiYan grinned, and held Tang XiaoYu in his lap, “What’s my reward?”

“Homemade ribs and pickled bamboo stew for dinner tonight.” Tang XiaoYu gently rubbed the top of his head.

Qiu ZiYan took Tang XiaoYu in his arms, and he stood up. “Let’s have some fun instead.”

“Hey!” Tang XiaoYu protested. “It’s still daytime.”

“What’s wrong with daytime, I can only see you clearly during the day!” Qiu ZiYan carried Tang XiaoYu onto the bed and pressed his body on top of him.

“We just did it last night!” Tang XiaoYu kicked him!

“I don’t care, I haven’t seen you for a whole year.” Qiu ZiYan bit his earlobe, “Wifey, I would like to apply for a one-time pass for carnal indulgences!”

Tang XiaYu didn’t know whether to cry or to laugh, and held a pillow over Qiu ZiYan’s face.

The award ceremony continued on TV. It was almost near the end, and came to the highly anticipated award for Best Actor.

Su Nuo was super anxious, but kept his cool on the surface, his acting worth of the award!

“And the annual award for Best Actor goes to!” The presenter paused, and turned around to smile at the host, “Guess who it could be!”

“It couldn’t be me, could it?” The host went along with the gag, “I am only qualified for Best Actress.”

Stop f**king around at a time like this! Little Su Nuo was seething inside!

OuYang Long held onto his hand, signalling him to calm down.

But the host was deliberately aggravating, and incessantly talked about random topics! Su Nuo’s nerves were stretched beyond breaking, and even his head started to feel dizzy! Loud chatter buzzed in his ear, to the point where after the name “Su Nuo” was announced, he froze in his seat for three whole seconds!

Best Actor Su’s adorable dazed expression was accurately and unreservedly projected onto the big screen, causing fans to pump their fists in the air and scream out his name again. Social media commentators said NuoNuo occasionally coming down from the high heavens is so adorable and innocent! Making them want to line up and touch his hand!

“I knew it!” Dai An was excited beyond measure!

Luo Li sat next to him and scanned the slew of gorgeous women and men around them, and decided that he needed to watch Dai An more closely from now on.

“It’s time to get up on stage,” OuYang Long reminded Su Nuo in a low whisper.

Su Nuo dizzily walked onto the stage, his head spinning as if he was walking on cloud nine! But even so, at least he didn’t screw up the acceptance speech he had prepared earlier. This was a comfort to the Royal Concubine!

For the rest of the evening, Su Nuo went back to the impassive look on his face, but with a hint of cheerfulness in his eyes, making everyone’s heart skip a beat. Social media was full of commentators saying they wanted to be NuoNuo’s diehard fan, and directed a lot of envy, jealousy and hate towards Mr Director.

OuYang Long felt a little anxious watching Su Nuo’s mien. Did my little idiot break down from over-excitement? Why isn’t he smiling or saying something!?

Once the award ceremony was over, the two of them returned to their car. But before OuYang Long could open his mouth, Su Nuo wrapped himself around Mr Director while still holding onto the trophy with one hand. He bit and laughed and cheered, bouncing all over the car like a maniac!

Mr Director let out a sigh of relief, “I thought you blew a fuse just now.”

“Of course not, I did it on purpose!” Su Nuo was in high spirits, “Wasn’t it great acting!”

“Yes, Mr Best Actor.” OuYang Long stroked his nose, his eyes brimming with adulation. “How do you feel after winning the award?”

“I am grateful to my husband!” Su Nuo generously placed the trophy in OuYang Long’s lap. “Here, you can have it!”

“I am not interested in the trophy.” OuYang Long pressed a firm kiss on Su Nuo’s lips. “I am more interested in the Best Actor himself.”

“Hmm!” Su Nuo didn’t forget to hold on to the trophy in his arms while kissing OuYang Long, reluctant to let it go!

In comparison, Mu Qiu and Director Zhong were a lot more efficient with their exit, since they left the award ceremony before it actually ended. They slipped away in their car, and started their celebrations at home with concrete actions!

“Hey I haven’t finished my wine yet!” ZhongLi FengBai looked at the red wine on his bed stand, and really, really wanted to finish it!

“Finish it later.” Mu Qiu started taking off ZhongLi FengBai’s bathrobe.

“No!” ZhongLi FengBai kicked him!

Mu Qiu grabbed the red wine and sipped a mouthful, then lowered his head to pass the wine through ZhongLi FengBai’s lips.

This is no way to drink wine!

Director Zhong protested internally with indignation!

A breeze blew over the curtains, and the fragrance of wine filled the room.

A small trophy sat on the table, sparkling in the lamplight.

This world is so huge, we meet different people every day, and encounter different things every day.

So if you meet someone you like, please try your best to be with them!



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