Monster Integration

Chapter 3679 Bonded Cultists II
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Chapter 3679 Bonded Cultists II

"Why stop? Keep attacking or time will run out before you will be able to do anything to me," I asked.

Making them glare at me angrily.

"Don't get cocky, just because you have dodged the single attack!" shouted the human man. "First of many attacks I would dodge before I kill you all," I replied with a grin.

"No, mercy for this bastard. Go for the kill," said the elf and attacked, with three followed behind.

I immediately felt the change in their attack. Earlier, they were slightly cautious as they didn't want to kill me, but now, they have forgone that hesitation. They want to kill me, rather than keep me from the sacrifice.

Which made them even more dangerous than before.


My sword clashed against the human rapier, and I moved to dodge the attacks of others. These attacks are familiar, but also slightly unfamiliar, as this time, they are unhinged.


I felt the blade of the spear, cutting my back; the cut was bigger than usual and avoided my spine by barely a meter.

"You were lucky earlier. You won't be anymore," said the Tiger Beastman and launched another attack at me.


They launched attack after the attack and I would clash and avoid them, but like before, I couldn't avoid all of them.

Every time, at least one would hit me, and since these bastards were now focusing on killing me instead of sacrificing me, their attack was going deeper than before.

Earlier dodge did feel like a fluke now.

Maybe, I should have kept my mouth shut. That way, they would still want to sacrifice me. It would have made killing them much easier and, once one is dead, killing others wouldn't be a problem.

I should be feeling regretful about my loose mouth. That might end up killing me, but all I am feeling is excited.

The excitement had reached a completely different level, with things becoming dangerous.

'Did I really become a battle junkie?' I thought.

I loved to battle, but I had never considered myself a junkie, but seeing how excited I have become. It felt like I was, and it was not a good thing; this is the kind of thing, that gets one killed and I have no intention of dying, this is easy. ๐™›๐™ง๐’†๐’†๐’˜๐’†๐“ซ๐™ฃ๐“ธ๐™ซ๐’†๐“ต.๐™˜๐™ค๐“ถ

Though, I may not want to die early. These four want to kill me and, seeing the way, they are attacking me, they might succeed.

I fought with everything; I had except for taking help from my clone. If I did, I am confident that I won't get injured, but like an idiot, I do not want to.

I will have to work on that, but it is not a time.

A minute passed and another; my whole body had become bloody, that even injuries couldn't be seen properly.

They are doing everything they can to kill me, and I can see the frustration and anger in their eyes as they are failing to achieve that.

"Bastard, why can't you die!" roared the Beastman ferociously in frustration and attacked me with its ax covering in thunder.

Like all the other of its attacks, I had defended against it too and moved to dodge the other attacks.


A few more seconds passed when I had finally dodged the attack. It was the second time that happened and made them furious.

They didn't say anything and attacked me with even greater fury.

In the next attack, they injured me and the one after that. They injured me for seven consecutive attacks before I was able to dodge it again. fr(e)ewebn(o)vel

Four more attacks hit me, before dodging one successful and once again four more hits, but this time, something amazing had happened. I dodged their attacks three times in a row before they hit me once again, and then dodged twice.

Their mood is getting worse by the second. It is clear that with every passing second, I am getting better and better at dodging.

That half a minute later, there is barely an attack hitting me. I am dodging most of them.

"Try harder or it won't be long before I cut one of you into two," I said, making them angry. They only glared at me, before focusing on attacking me.

It had been five minutes since we had started fighting and they had yet to kill me. It is making them worried. The power they had is given to them by the method and they won't be able to sustain it for long.

At Earth Sovereign, they could only sustain it for around ten minutes.

It wouldn't have made them this worried if I had continued to receive the injuries, but I had stopped. Now, their attacks are barely able to hit me, while they are getting closer and closer to the deadline.

"Prey to whatever god you all believe in, because soon, I will send you all the underworld," I said with a grin.

"Bastard! You have only started to dodge the attack and you are acting like, you are closer to killing us?" the Tiger beastman asked and the grin on my face widened.

"Of course, I am asking you that, because I didn't give, puny injuries. I go for the kill," I replied, making them glare at me further.

Another minute passed and in the entire minute, only two of their attacks were able to hit me. The rest, I had clashed and dodged.

I could feel their rage and desperation with every passing second, but I didn't see the worry. They didn't feel like, I could kill them, which they should have. Without a method, they are nothing in front of me.

Though, I am not surprised.

Another minute and their desperation had reached even greater height. They have started to use the attack, like the long-range ones, which I could easily defend with the shields.

I bore them, and finally, I got the opportunity; I had been waiting for.

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