Monster Integration

Chapter 2641: Marina I
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Chapter 2641: Marina I


The formation lit up, and I appeared at my destination; just as I did, I pressed the red button on my holowatch. Now, all the calls, emails, and dm's will stop unless they have an emergency.

It is not just the calls I have blocked but also my connection with my clone. I have given it a direction, and it will continue working on them; it will not disturb me from my much-deserved break unless it is really necessary.

"You have really come," said Marin as she put down the tome she was reading and appeared beside me, and soon we were kissing passionately.

These days after the attack had been really busy; I barely got a few minutes of alone time with Marina every day, which was not enough for a few kisses and or even cuddling, and then we would have to behave that everything was normal, we are just a teacher and student, and there is nothing else between us.

We had kissed for over a minute before separating, and I looked at her.

"You look hot," I said softly and looked at her with burning eyes that left nothing for a guess about what I wanted to do with her.

She is wearing a short babydoll night dress made of red silk, which gives a tiny tantalizing glimpse of what is inside. It is making me very hard to control myself, and seeing that, a soft daring smile appeared on her face.

'This devil,' I cursed in my mind; I know she is doing it intentionally and wouldn't mind if I took her here now, but I wouldn't do that. We have waited for a long time, and I want it to be special; she deserves it to be special.

"What are you reading?" I said, looking away from her and walking toward the couch before sitting on it. "Elisha's anatomical observation," she replied and sat beside me, "It is a good book, but you will not touch it for a day," I said as I gently closed the tome.

"It will be a long day, and I hope you won't make me bored," she said with a challenge, "Don't worry, you wouldn't be bored, even for a moment," I replied, "I really hope so," she said, to which I smiled.

We are going to stay home tomorrow, but it will not be a normal day. I have planned for everything so that she will not have time to be bored, even for a second.

"Let's sleep; tomorrow, we won't be getting any," I said.

I am not the only one who is tired; she is even more tired than me. She hadn't slept for two days. Yesterday, when I left, she was working with Marie all night.

"Hm," she nodded and got before walking toward her room, and I walked toward mine. I sometimes come here and have my own room to sleep in.

"Micheal, sleep in my room," Marina said softly, and it stopped me in my tracks. I was shocked and opened my mouth to say something but closed it when I saw the expressions on her face before appearing beside her.

"As you wish, love," I said, and a beautiful smile appeared on her face.

She did not say anything; she just took my picked my hand and took me to her room.

Soon we appeared in the familiar room; while we hadn't done anything, I had been to her many times, and unlike mine, it was very cozy.

There acar a bed and mattress that the professor had brought her and beautiful paintings that her daughter had given her. There is a beautiful small bronze lamp on the table beside her bed, which was a gift from me. It is a very powerful artifact that even quasi-Grand Lords would desire.

The room is also filled with photos, some of her childhood photos with her parents and sister; there are also some with her daughter, from being a baby swaddled in clothes to one a few months ago of the day she became a grandmaster.

There is one mine too; it was of the day when I had become her student.

"I should change to something more suitable," said Marina softly; it was not the first time she had said something like it.

"I have said before, you are my teacher, and I deeply respect you, but you are also my girlfriend, and I love you. You are the best that has happened to me," I said to her, and she melded into me, and we stayed like that for a couple of seconds.

I know our relationship is different, and it may feel taboo to some people, but I am comfortable with it. If she wants us to open up, I am ready for it, and if she wants our relationship to be secret for a little longer, it is fine too.

The only thing matter is her happiness, and for it, even if we have to keep our relationship secrete, I will do it. Not that it would take longer, I know she is ready now, and the only reason we are not open is me. She is doing that for me, saving me from societal pressure and other things.

I am already powerful enough that such things don't affect me and not to mention we are doing anything wrong.

Still, I will give her the time she needs, as much as she needs to understand that such things are beyond affecting me. The quickest way to help her understand is by taking her to the level I am at, at least in Grandmaster class.

I am working on it, and it won't be long; I have already nearly finished working on the third constitutional seed, which will create the third and final base of her constitution; by the end of the week, it will be part of her constitution.

With all three bases finished, it will loosen her Inheritance enough that she will be able to become a Grandmaster in six to eight months. Things will become a lot easier when she becomes a Grandmaster; it would also make me worry a little less about her safety.

"Your skin felt slightly hot. Is everything alright?" she asked as she let go, "Jim was boiling me alive a few minutes ago," I replied, to which she arched her brown, demanding an explanation.

So, I did, and in the end, she couldn't help but take a sigh. "I will not say anything about it, but I hope you will be careful in participating in such experiments," she said softly; I could see deep concern all over her face, and seeing that I couldn't help but hug her tightly.

"For you, I will be even more careful," I said in-ear.

"Let's sleep; as you have said, I will not going to get any sleep tomorrow," she said with a bit of teasing, to which I smiled and lay on the bed with her.

As we lay on the bed, I immediately scooped her in my arms, and she did not resist; instead melded into me. I took a deep breath of her wonderful fragrance, and before I knew it, I fell into the most peaceful sleep in a long time.

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