Monster Factory

Chapter 577
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Chapter 577: A suspicious looking person.

“Brother Ye, I miss you so much.”

Bai Douer gently rested his cheek on Ye Qing’s shoulder as he put his hand into her show, gently circling her.

“Well ~ the company’s new cell phones are on the market, and the factory is also doing everything it can to tame the markets for this product. I’ve been too busy lately.”

The atmosphere in the car was particularly warm and Ye Qing, very stressed out before, suddenly felt relieved.

“By the way, how do you use the Magic Crystal phone?” Ye Qing said, smelling the light scent on the girl’s body.

“Alright, the operating system has been used so far, and there hasn’t been a crash. The hardware is also particularly good. The fingerprint unlocks, and three-dimensional camera functions are particularly keen on my colleagues several of them are planning to change their cell phones ~ By the way, Big Brother Ye, I think it is possible to add the Magic Crystal cell phone connection function to the next generation of ionization purifiers. In this way, consumers can understand their skin problems more intuitively from the mobile phone, and it is also an easy operation interface.”

“It’s a good idea, and I’ll take it into account,” Ye Qing smiled, then rewarded her with a kiss.

“Uh ~”

Bai Douer was caught off guard by the kiss and unconsciously hugged Ye Qing. Seconds later, her slender hands could no longer use her strength and she could only let Ye Qing control her the whole way.

The black Mercedes-Benz G 65 finally pulled up on a street near the sidewalk, and Ye Qing and Doudou after getting out of the car headed for a newly opened snack bar.

“I said I would buy you a big meal, and I’m a fan of the delicacies of the mountain and the sea. I really didn’t come to this clean and distinctive snack bar just to enjoy the snacks and the delicacies. The most important thing is to choose places to eat, which are all very delicious.

Bai Douer loved food, she was so thin that even every woman in this snack bar looks at her every now and then with envy and jealousy. Ye Qing couldn’t quite describe the feeling that swelled inside him. Bai Douer’s body curve was perfect; she belonged to the genre that is very hot and criminal. The curvaceous curves appealed to the kind of men who saw them, like the kind who couldn’t help but hold her arms in her arms and take good care of her.

Both are equally perfect, but they have completely different styles. Of course, it’s eye-catching. Ye Qing and Doudou sat down to order something to eat, and no one dared to strike up a conversation and they ordered two very distinctive braised boiling points, a lump of steamed meat, a platter of rice with leaves of lotus. Hungry Ye Qing took the lead to start.

While eating delicious food, he looked at Bai Douer. The latter was very cute when she ate, and she made small bites, which easily reminded everyone of the word “Girly”. I’m afraid that’s also why she was so popular when she did cooking shows on Douyu. After all, there are as many food programs as there are stars, but no one is half the popularity of Bai Douer. Ye Qing, who was eating, looked at her but he did not see her, his mind was elsewhere, he thought of other places.

As the saying goes; what about staying warm.

Ye Qing leaned forward, thinking about this, and quietly said a word in Bai Douer’s ear. Suddenly her white cheeks turned red and the chopsticks in her hands were nowhere to be placed. In her autumn eyes, there were a certain tension and a certain will. Finally, she did not dare to look at him, so she lowered her head.

“You ~ Brother Ye, wait ~ Wait until next time. I’m looking for an opportunity and telling my family to go on a business trip, and then ~”

“My family knows that I ~ I ~ I’ll call to ask ~”


Ye Qing also blushed a little, but luckily she didn’t dare look at him at the time.

Both were only at the last stage. Originally, Ye Qing wanted to wait for a natural opportunity. However, after waiting a few months, he was as busy as the President of the Republic and couldn’t wait for another opportunity. No way to wait any longer, he, as a man, had to take the initiative to mention it.

“Well ~ Then I will find the director. I will ask him to give me a day off,” Bai Douer should also take care of her career, but for the people who have room in her heart and that she likes, his career may be postponed.


The good times always pass quickly. After eating the snacks, she took Ye Qing to the mall across the street and helped him pick out some casual spring styles that matched her image. He too helped her choose some for him based on his own aesthetic.

How does it feel to be a young billionaire?

Not as over the top as in the TV series.

All of the clothes that have been fingered are wrapped, which the clothing store owner can do. But buying things without looking at the price tags is a very refreshing experience. Whatever the brand, as long as it pleases the eyes, even if it is a mammoth dug in the permafrost in Siberia, or leather clothes, as long as they dare to sell, Ye Qing dares to say: “I’ll buy it.”

There are also some wealthy people I know who recommend custom models to Ye Qing, but shopping is kind of a pleasant pleasure. Therefore, Ye Qing only buys custom-made formal wear for work and everyday wear.

While shopping, Bai Douer’s mother who noticed her daughter’s delay called her and asked her why she hadn’t come home, and Ye Qing drove her home.

When they got to the unit where Bai Douer was staying, she blushed and closed her eyes. Ye Qing had a tacit understanding of Bai Douer’s ecstasy when stopping the car, and as the car’s lights are dimmed so that the interior cannot be seen from the outside, he turned to the side and kissed her. Maybe that was the reason she had accepted this thing. This kiss made her particularly emotional. When she got to the end of the kiss, she started holding onto him even more and put her arms around his neck.

At this moment, Ye Qing almost couldn’t control himself. It had to change the environment. Even though it wasn’t in his house, he had to pull out his gun and used it anyway.

Once the hugs were over, it took several minutes to calm down before the flushed face recovered.


As she left, Ye Qing’s “Jingle Bell ~” phone rang. While it wasn’t an interruption of the facts during doing this sort of thing, it made him very angry, and when he looked at the number he lost his temper.

The call was from the Master Craftsman at the factory, and making that call must indicate something is going on in the factory.

“Hey ~” Ye Qing rolled down the window and said goodbye to Bai Douer. As she waved, she kissed him again from a distance.

“Boss, when we were monitoring the equipment on the outskirts of the factory, using surveillance equipment, we saw a very suspicious stranger outside the factory he was following a trail in a very strange line,” Over the phone, Master Qiao said in a very calm voice: “Boss, do you want this man arrested and tortured? “

“Acting strangely? Suspect? Where is he?” Ye Qing was a little surprised.

“Outside of the East Factory fence, it looks like he won’t be leaving for a while.”

“Well, I’ll go back immediately. If he intends to leave before I get there, then you arrest him. Stop him,” Ye Qing cut the ignition and kicked the chair of the car in front of him.

At night, a stranger came from outside to the factory!?

In this case, even if the stranger does nothing. It’s also deeply suspect: there are no nearby inhabitants other than the factory in the arid mountains and ridges of Longxitan Beach. At this point, under cover of night to get to the other side of the wall, most likely you are interested in the factory.

More than twenty minutes later, the Mercedes-Benz G 65 arrived at the factory. There was occasional traffic on Huanhai Avenue, and the factory area is large enough that the stranger could squeeze into a corner without noticing him.

Ye Qing got out of the car and went straight to the surveillance room, where there was footage recorded from surveillance cameras hidden all over Longxitan Beach.

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