Monster Factory

Chapter 419: Not Selling Glass
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Chapter 419: Not Selling Glass

"Dear ladies and gentlemen, you are welcome to take this flight provided by Delta Air Lines." Two middle-aged men in pilot uniforms with smiles on their faces walked out of the cockpit in front of them to say hello to Ye Qing and Wu Weiling.

"I’m Kirkland, the deputy captain of Delta Airlines."

"I am Carroll, Gulfstream’s test pilot, and I will be the captain this time."

Ye Qing hung up the phone looked at them, the two middle-aged men about 40 smiled and nodded toward it.

"Dear Sir, this flight will take off on time at eleven. Nine and a half hours after that, it is expected to reach the sky above the airport in China’s capital."

"Nine and a half hours?" Wu Weiling quickly calculated in her heart, the speed of this aircraft will exceed 1,100 kilometers per hour, very close to the speed of sound. This speed was already the fastest below the supersonic fighter. And usually, the speed of passenger aircraft was only Between 750 and 800 no wonder it could fly here from Atlanta Airport overnight. And she felt she had known all the surprises of her life since she knew him.

"Our Delta Air Lines ordering this G 750 aircraft is planning to launch charter services? Yes, sir, our Delta Air Lines VIP charter service has a history of fifty years. We have two dedicated charter models, Gulfstream and Bombardier. The G 750 provided this time is our latest model. You are the first guest to experience it. If you still need charter flights in the future, Delta Air Lines will do our best to serve you. And our Gulfstream company, we will let you experience the fastest air journey ever." Captain Carroll smiled confidently.

At eleven o’clock, the roaring Gulfstream aircraft flew into the sky. The ground outside the porthole was shrinking rapidly, and the white clouds were tumbling. When the plane entered the stratosphere and started cruising, the altitude at this time had reached 12,000 meters. It was not only the fastest passenger aircraft in the enclave but also the highest passenger aircraft flying.

A blond stewardess with short maroon hair, big blue eyes, a straight nose, and light makeup that could experience the three-dimensional sense of her facial features painted on her face. More importantly, this young girl wore a miniskirt stewardess uniform dark red cloth walked up and squatted halfway near Ye Qing, gently touching his ear and in a delicate voice asked him what service he needed?

Ye Qing’s eyebrows jumped suddenly as he smelled the scent of perfume between the wings of his nose. It was too tempting, just a pretty European and American girl. The manners and decent uniforms on her body, which have been clearly trained for a long time and rigorously, really would make men not immune. After pinching his eyebrows, he went to great lengths to resist the urge to let these two young flight attendants dance on the plane as Tony stark did in Iron Man,

"First, let you prepare a cup of milk tea, and then help me prepare a set of toiletries."

After staying in Africa for two days, Ye Qing felt as if he was full of gunpowder and blood. Then wash away his exhaustion, sitting in front of the porthole, with his erlang’s legs tilted and enjoy a capitalist luxurious atmosphere.

The plane comes with a bathroom, so luxury was not to be mentioned. The key, Ye Qing found there were portholes in the bathroom, and they were close to the panoramic view... I have to say this designer was too thoughtful. While taking a bath, looking at the rolling clouds below, this feeling is really cool.

"I must buy a Gulfstream G 750!"

Then, according to his own ideas, a large-scale transformation of the cabin interior was made to become more luxurious.

After washing off the gunpowder and changing into a new set of light gray casual clothes. When he walked out of the bathroom, Ye Qing found not only the stewardess had quietly looked at him but Wu Weiling was also secretly watching him.

Raising his eyebrows at her, Ye Qing returned to the sofa took out his laptop connected to the satellite network provided by the plane, and began to arrange his own itinerary after returning to Shanghai. First of all, this journey full of thrills and gunpowder was to recruit the legendary hero Electrocristalline. Now that Electrocristalline has appeared in Monster Factory, the next step is to start research and development in electronic technology.

The sun was shining brightly on the plane, and it’s only now that it’s time to go to work in the morning in Shanghai City.

Using video conferencing software to connect with several managers, Ye Qing asked them how they were preparing for the acquisition plan of the mobile-phone manufacturer.

"Boss, we have sorted out the detailed information of three companies." Kong Tao reported: "Among the three mobile-phone manufacturers, Xuntong is the only profitable one. They quoted 200 million yuan. Yushun and Landtop as early as last year, they fell into a fiscal deficit."

"Landtop has the strongest hardware equipment of these three companies. They have their own touch screen manufacturing equipment and motherboard assembly equipment. But the core components of the mobile phone in the three factories, are only can purchase from the external market."

"Landtop’s offer is 350 million. Now their own mobile phone brand [Lanmei] series has been discontinued, and now they can only rely on other mobile phone factories to survive."

"Lanmei?" Ye Qing thought this brand seems familiar: "It is the kind that imitates Meizu mobile phones. Meizu has the Meizu Blue series. They are called Lanmei."

"The equipment of the other Yushun is too backward and can’t keep up with the requirements of smartphone production. From the survey results, Xuntong Company best meets our requirements."

"Well, first pass on the information of the three companies. It just happens that I have time on the plane to analyze." Ye Qing nodded and then asked the purchasing manager: "How about the materials for manufacturing panels, do they ready?"

"Boss, for the panel I’m not very optimistic." Purchasing manager Qiu Yi said with shame: "Samsung is currently the strongest in panel technology, and they have mastered the most advanced OLED. The panel mass production technology."

"You let me panel material procurement, the coated carrier substrate of the organic light-emitting diode, only Samsung products meet our requirements."

"But they do not sell, said even if they sold, we don’t have the technology to apply organic diode coating on it."

"The situation with plexiglass is similar. We contacted Nikon. They replied that 0.15mm thick flexible plexiglass is their proudest embodiment of industrial technology. This kind of thing, Even the United States can’t do it unless they break through the thinner technology plexiglass, they don’t consider selling the 0.15mm to us."

"Monocrystalline silicon can be produced in China by themselves, and the lithography machine is under the strictest China embargo agreement. We can’t even purchase 40-nanometer lithography machines. We can only purchase the 65-nanometer one."


The purchase manager Qiu Yi left Ye Qing speechless, and this took ten seconds.

Ye Qing is prepared for the lithography machine. This is the "five-axis machine tool" of electronic technology. No matter how much money you can buy it.

The lithography machine Ye Qing was prepared for this. This is a "five-axis machine tool" in electronic technology. It is an advanced model and no matter how much money he should spend to buy it. But unexpectedly, he never expected they wouldn’t even sell glass.

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