Monarch Of Time

680 Chapter 680
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680 Chapter 680

Shun Long stared at Song Yahui calmly, while in his heart he couldn’t help but laugh when he saw his face turn pale.

The arrogant look had disappeared from his face as he looked at the army in front of him with a face that couldn’t hide his dread.

He knew that this battle had suddenly turned extremely difficult for him.

What Song Yahui didn’t know, was that a couple of months ago, when Jiang Chen had sparred with Liu Mei inside Shun Long’s courtyard, he was unable to even touch Liu Mei who was protected by this middle-aged man and the rest of her undead army.

Of course, back then, Jiang Chen had yet to consume the ’five-elements awakening pill’ and it was only a spar between them, so neither he nor Liu Mei went all-out. However, even after consuming the ’five-elements awakening pill’, Jiang Chen wouldn’t say for certain that he could defeat Liu Mei’s undead army inside his Kingdom of Darkness.

Although it was uncertain whether he was stronger or whether Liu Mei was stronger when they both went all-out, Jiang Chen was confident that Song Yahui’s chances of winning were extremely minuscule.

At the same time, Xingyi and Bai Longtian both felt resigned that they had yet to breakthrough to the peak of rank 7 in the Nascent Soul.

In the next moment, the Death Eater was the first one to move, as it suddenly ran towards Song Yahui who was only a few dozen meters away from it, causing the platform to start trembling in the process.

Covered in a dense aura of death that came from Liu Mei’s Death Chant, the Death Eater that was now comparable to an early rank 9 Nascent Soul stage cultivator in strength caused the entire platform to start trembling, as it moved towards Song Yahui in front of it, while the aura of hunger and killing intent that came from its body intensified greatly.

The 1000 jade-white skeletons that were no longer restrained by Liu Mei’s soul sense followed after the gigantic, hideous beast as well, as they rushed towards Song Yahui from all sides.

The army of jade-white skeletons looked like a skeletal wave of white bones that was taking over the platform, as it swarmed Song Yahui from all sides.

The terrifying sight of 1000 skeletons at the middle of rank 7 in the Nascent Soul attacking him all at the same time, was enough to make Song Yahui feel all of the hair on his body stand up, before an enormous tornado of wind suddenly appeared around him, completely covering his entire body.

Many of the disciples in the audience seats shivered when they saw this ghastly scene that looked like a wave of death descending on Song Yahui, while only those in the top 1000 could keep the calm and uncaring looks on their faces.

Song Yahui stood at the center of the tornado as he watched the skeletons jump on the tornado one by one.

Although they were repelled and their bones were slowly ground to dust, the skeletons had no fear of death, as they kept jumping into the tornado without stop.

Thankfully, Song Yahui knew that those skeletons only had the strength of an extremely weak middle rank 7 Nascent Soul cultivator and they had no Dao comprehension, which made their strength inferior to any normal cultivator at the same level.

However, even if their strength was inferior to cultivators at the same level, just their sheer numbers alone were enough to force Song Yahui to expend a large amount of qi to defend against them.

Previously, Song Yahui would have simply ignored the skeletons and rush straight towards Liu Mei, but now, he wasn’t confident enough to do so.

If he failed to defeat Liu Mei quickly and was surrounded by the skeletons on top of the Death Eater, the silver-armored middle-aged man, the 60 undead knights, and the black-robed young woman, he was guaranteed to lose.

He knew that since Liu Mei had summoned her entire army, his only choice was to let her attack him and try to defend while he looked for an opportunity to counter-attack.

Song Yahui was confident that as long as there was a single opening, then with his current speed he could definitely strike Liu Mei for the second time.

However, along with the skeletons, Song Yahui saw the gigantic body of the Death Eater soon enter his tornado as well.

The Death Eater was even bigger than the tornado itself that was only 20 meters(66ft) tall and 10 meters(33ft) wide, causing Liu Mei who was standing on its back to be completely unaffected by it. The wind blades inside the tornado constantly attacked the Death Eater, but all they managed to do was merely to slow down its speed.

As for the countless cuts on its body, the Death Eater didn’t seem to mind, as it kept rushing towards Song Yahui at the heart of the tornado.

Those cuts were nothing more than child’s play, barely scratching through the surface of the Death Eater’s body.

At the same time, the figure of the middle-aged man in silver armor, the black-robed young woman, and the 60 undead knights, all entered the tornado as well, as they moved towards Song Yahui, while a dense aura of death qi had covered their bodies.

Song Yahui’s face turned cold as he raised his right hand, causing a massive sword made from wind to slowly appear in the sky above his head.

Hovering in the sky at the center of the tornado where he was completely unaffected, Song Yahui looked like an ant holding a massive wind sword, before he focused his eyes on Liu Mei on the Death Eater’s back.

Staring at Liu Mei with his cold narrowed eyes that were now filled with killing intent, Song Yahui spat hatefully

’’Fine then! If you want to die, go ahead! Saint low-grade martial skill, Sword of Wind!’’

As he finished speaking Song Yahui swung his hand downwards without holding back, causing the enormous wind sword to move towards Liu Mei on the Death Eater’s back at full speed.

This was Song Yahui’s strongest Saint low-grade martial skill, the Sword of Wind.

The air howled as the Sword of Wind descended towards Liu Mei’s head at full strength.

And yet, Liu Mei only raised her head to look at the enormous wind sword, before 60 figures covered in black armor raised their huge greatswords and swung them to meet the Sword of Wind head-on.

The 60 undead knights were extremely strong and their combined attack temporarily managed to stop Song Yahui’s wind sword into place, completely shocking Song Yahui.

However, although the undead knights were working together, their strength was only comparable to an early rank 9 Nascent Soul cultivator.

There weren’t strong enough to resist Song Yahui’s all-out attack.

The bodies of the undead knights were either bisected by the Sword of Wind or they were blasted backwards, as the sword continued descending towards Liu Mei a moment later.

However, it was obvious that a large part of the wind sword’s strength had been expended as well.

At that moment, the figures of the black-robed young woman and the silver-armored middle-aged man both appeared above the Death Eater as well.

The middle-aged man didn’t hold a weapon and instead, he punched the incoming Sword of Wind with his bare hands, while the black-robed young woman took out her dagger and attacked at the same time.

As their attacks both landed on Song Yahui’s Sword of Wind, the black-robed young woman’s body trembled, before she was sent flying back to the ground barely a moment later.

As for the silver-armored middle-aged man, he managed to last even longer than the black-robed young woman, but under Song Yahui’s attack, he was sent flying as well.

After all, this was a powerful Saint low-grade martial skill!

However, after taking on the attacks of the undead knights, the black-robed young woman and the silver-armored middle-aged man, the gigantic Sword of Wind seemed to have lost all of its power as well, as it finally dispersed.

Song Yahui couldn’t believe that his strongest attack hadn’t even managed to touch Liu Mei.

However, at that moment, he felt like a hungry beast had suddenly locked its eyes on him.

The Death Eater that was just a few meters away from him just now, suddenly appeared in front of him in a single moment.

Song Yahui suddenly felt a bone-chilling sensation in his heart, almost as if a hungry beast had suddenly set its sights on him.

However, before he could turn around and flee, Song Yahui saw the Death Eater that was right in front of him raise its enormous leg that looked like a gigantic horse hoove, before it mercilessly stomped on him.

The crowd watched in disbelief as a genius in the top 1000 in the Martial Roll of Honor rankings was mercilessly stomped by the terrifying black beast, as the sounds of bones breaking resounded throughout the arena.

Song Yahui’s cries quickly died down as he lost consciousness before the Death Eater could stomp on him a second time.

The outer court Elder responsible for the platform heaved out a sigh of relief. He believed that if Liu Mei’s beast stepped on Song Yahui a second time, Song Yahui would most likely not survive.

Liu Mei only threw one last look at Song Yahui’s body, before she had the Death Eater and the rest of her skeletons return back to the black hole, as she then walked towards the outer court Elder to receive her sect identifying token.

In the sky above the arena, the head of the inner court Elders, Sun Wen had an easy-going smile on his face as he looked at Liu Mei’s figure on the platform, before he said calmly

’’Haha, Xuan Jiao, your disciple really doesn’t show any mercy. I wonder if there is some enmity between her and that SOng Yahui kid.’’

Elder Xuan shook her head and said calmly

’’Senior brother, I’m actually surprised that Mei managed to win. As for showing mercy in this fight, I would be the first to scold her if she did so. However, there were even easier opponents for her to choose from aside from that Song Yahui, so there is probably some enmity between them.

Regardless, of why she chose him, it’s alright as long as she won. Even if she had lost, it wouldn’t have mattered too much either.’’

Sun Wen nodded his head calmly as he agreed with her.

At the same time, in the audience seats, Shun Long pulled Liu Mei into a hug who was happy to be praised after winning her fight.

Half an hour later, it was Jiang Chen’s turn to fight.

He chose a young man at the middle of rank 9 in the Nascent Soul, who was roughly at the same level as Song Yahui.

Shun Long saw that Jiang Chen’s fight wasn’t easy either, but he still managed to win once his opponent was dragged in his ’Kingdom of Darkness’.

After Jiang Chen’s fight ended, Xingyi’s and Bai Longtian’s turn to step on the platform quickly arrived, but after some serious thought, they didn’t challenge anyone in the top 1000. Shun Long knew that this was only normal. After all, they weren’t in their peak condition yet and were still recuperating.

2 hours later, Shun Long’s turn to step on the platform finally arrived.


Author’s note: 5/5

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