Monarch of Evernight

Chapter 1329: Defea
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Chapter 1329: Defea

Song Zining stopped dwelling on what had been done and began issuing a series of orders. The entire base kicked into urgent action and everyone became busy. Wei Potian had nothing to do, so he could only follow the seventh young master.

Seeing the soldiers shipping crate after crate of ammunition onto the cannon turrets and the resting squadrons assuming battle station, Wei Potian couldn’t help but ask, “Are we forming a battlefront here?”

“Why not? Weren’t we fighting just now?”

“I thought you wanted to make this a supply base.”

“I’ve changed my mind.”

Wei Potion was surprised. “How can you change your mind so randomly?”

Song Zining stopped walking and shot him a glance, “We have to. You guys over there, move the remaining resources into the transport airships!”

A number of officers left to perform the task. Only Wei Potian was left hanging around, not knowing what to say. “So she has scared us away, just like that?”

Song Zining said seriously, “Don’t mention her in front of anyone if you don’t want to die, let alone what’s in her hand. Not just you, make sure your soldiers are quiet as well or the entire Wei family will be in trouble.”

Wei Potian was shocked. “Is it that serious?”

“It is. Now go and pack! There are still some empty airships that you and your men can squeeze into. Send a reserve squad once you’re back in the Empire.”

“This is an order!”

Wei Potian didn’t know what to do when Song Zining was suddenly so serious. “Very well, I’ll obey. What do I do after I go back?”

“Far East Province, Transcendent, Western, void continent, anywhere you want to go. Just don’t come here.”

Wei Potian opened his mouth as though he had remembered something. However, he unexpectedly refrained from arguing and only walked toward the airship.

Seeing that there were no other people, a Wei-clan general said with a bitter expression, “Young Master, are we really going back?”

Wei Potian glared at them. “What else do we do? Wait to get killed? General Song has issued a military order! Do you think this daddy can disobey?”

A different general said, “We’re not asking you to disobey, but how do we raise our heads if we go back to the Empire like that?”

“Why can’t we? We have contributed a lot to the war effort and we didn’t lose a lot of soldiers.”

The general said, “That’s not wrong, but our defeat this time was too humiliating. Our brethren were stripped naked and had to return barefooted. Did you hear what those people in the base were talking about us? They’re saying, ‘Oh my, how come those people came back butt-naked?’”

Wei Potian was furious. “Those bastards dare gossip about me?! Would they have let us return if it weren’t for my strength?”

His voice was so loud that a good part of the base heard him.

The officers and soldiers knew that Wei Potian shared a good relationship with Song Zining. The Wei family behind him was also powerful, and the man himself was almost a divine champion. The crowd went on with their own business, pretending not to hear what Wei Potian had said. Making fun of the soldier was fine, but they would be courting death if they were to ridicule the leader.

Wei Potian looked around. Seeing that no one was continuing the topic, he beckoned to his men in an impressive manner. “Everyone, get on the airship. We have important things to do once we get back!”

The Wei clan troops roared in response and ran toward the airships. Some dissatisfied officers in the distance whispered, “Still acting like that after a defeat, what a rare performance.”

The words were neither loud nor soft. Some of the sharp Wei clan soldiers heard the comment, but they only lowered their heads and left since they were too embarrassed to argue.

The short interlude had just passed when a loud cry echoed through the base. “Call the doctors! There are returning soldiers from the front line, so many injured soldiers!”

A burning airship flew in unsteadily and practically slammed into the ground outside of the fortress. The cabin doors were kicked open, and a burly man covered in blood rushed out. “Doctors! Where are the doctors? So many of our comrades are about to die!”

Wei Potian rushed over without a word and started helping with the injured. The entire airship was filled with wounded soldiers, many of them already devoid of life when they were brought out.

The airship was still burning and might explode at any moment. Wei Potiain grabbed a battle-axe and slashed ruthlessly at the cabin wall, opening up a big hole in just a few swings. He then picked up two wounded soldiers and ran for the hospital. He suddenly came to after a couple of round trips and drove a large truck over to the airship.

There were quite a few who were quicker to react. There were already dozens of trucks shuttling back and forth with injured soldiers. The hospital was packed to the brim. Dozens of doctors were sweating as they worked to save the patients. They had to ask other soldiers for help as there weren’t enough nurses.

This facility could be considered fairly big as far as field hospitals went, yet it could hardly manage when a thousand soldiers poured in at the same time.

Wei Potian grabbed one of the less injured generals and asked, “Which unit are you from? How did this happen?”

That general recognized Wei Potian. He bowed hurriedly and said, “Our unit was under General Zhang Shixuan’s command. We were attacking the dark races’ supply lines. Who would’ve thought they’d appear out of nowhere? There’s an extremely powerful woman in their unit. Somehow, she immediately downed two of our airships. General Zhang ordered the airships to land and brought up the rear with his personal guard. Then...”

Wei Potian’s heart sank. “It’s that woman’s doing?”

The general shook his head. “She didn’t get her turn. There were over a dozen marquises under her command. We had to fight with all our might to save these comrades.”

It was Nighteye, no doubt. Only her unit would have so many experts.

Song Zining passed by at this moment. He said hurriedly when he saw Wei Potian, “Why are you still here? Go!”

Wei Potian said, “I’m not leaving anymore.”

Song Zining was startled. “What are you going to do? Court death?”

Wei Potian pointed at all the injured in the base. “Look at them, how can I leave just like that?”

Song Zining said, “You’re confused again! How are you the same as them? People die every day on the battlefield. The other party might not try too hard to wipe them out in the field, but do you think you can return alive?”

“No one is immortal in war. So what if this daddy dies?”

“It’s nothing if you die, but your soldiers will be wiped out! You’re forcing her to attack!” Song Zining’s voice rose higher.

“So what if I can’t beat them? Must I hide away and never appear in the field?”

Apparently, this argument was getting nowhere and people were starting to look over. Song Zining said with a solemn expression, “Do what you want, but you can only leave half of your forces. We must leave some seedlings for the Wei family!”

Wei Potian said calmly, “Leave a third of them or let them all go back.”

The Wei clan’s elites were all gathered here. The family would suffer greatly if they were wiped out. The clan had no one to succeed Wei Potian, either. There was no way to find a young scion with enough talent to reach the divine champion realm in a short time. At that point, the entire territory and its interests would be at risk.

Wei Potian understood this reasoning. As he grew older, he started to realize that he couldn’t act recklessly for momentary satisfaction.

Song Zining glanced at him. “The Wei clan’s true foundation is you. Don’t you think it’ll be a pity if you die without becoming a divine champion?”

Wei Potian lowered his head in apparent contemplation. “Men shouldn’t be so overcautious! I wouldn’t have reached where I am today if I were such a coward. Say no more! Life and death will be in heaven’s hands. This daddy will accept my fate if I am to die under her blade!”

Song Zining patted his shoulder. “Fine, stay then. But you have to remember to listen to my command and not move recklessly.”

“Understood, I don’t plan to die just yet.”

“Yuying will marry someone else if you die.”

Wei Potian was furious. “You and your auspicious mouth.”

Song Zining patted the fellow’s back with a peal of loud laughter, then sauntered off.

A small joke didn’t add a lot of light to the dreary mood. As one airship after the other flew back, the entire base fell into a wave of depressed activity.

The field hospital here could no longer fit that many injured soldiers, so the surrounding space had been put to use as well. There were moaning soldiers everywhere, with doctors scuttling about busily. They could only spare each patient a quick glance and give out instructions before moving onto the next bed.

Medical supplies were soon used up, to the point where using bedsheets as bandages wasn’t enough. Cries of misery could be heard from time to time as the soldiers passed, plunging the entire base into a gloomy atmosphere.

An azure light suddenly flickered above the hospital, showering the patients with a drizzle of fine rain. The injured soldiers felt their pain subside and their senses dulled. Many soon fell asleep.

Song Zining turned around to find a middle-aged man walking over. “Ah, it’s Duke Qingyun.”

Duke Qingyun said, “I did what little I could to alleviate their pain. Speaking of which, what caused all of this?”

Duke Qingyun was rather famous for his Spring Rain Domain. The domain possessed an extremely wide area of effect. It wasn’t very powerful, but the rain had a numbing effect that could weaken the enemy army. It was also quite effective on the injured, but it could only numb the pain and not heal the injuries.

Song Zining suddenly remembered. “Where’s the Profundity Monarch?”

Duke Qingyun was the Profundity Monarch’s trusted aide. Hearing Song Zining’s question, he said, “The prince sensed something, so he has headed to the front lines to search for the target. Before leaving, he said that the target this time is worth even more than Jaero. He said he’d be satisfied if he can take down this target.”

“That would be for the best.” Song Zining didn’t sound like he meant it.

Duke Qingyun noticed this. “Do you have any thoughts on this?”

“I naturally hope that the prince’s trip won’t be in vain.”

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