MMORPG: Rise of the Peerless Pumpkinmancer

Chapter 2: Jack VS Chaos Maleficient
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Chapter 2: Jack VS Chaos Maleficient


Origin Story: The last battle of the Herald of Light…

Story Starts chapter 7


? Roar! ?

The Ancient dragon’s roar resounded across the battlefield, making the entire realm tremble. Exactly 500 max level players were facing the deadliest threat that currently existed in the gaming world of INFINITE:

┣ [Lv600] Chaos Maleficent, Ancient Nihility Dragon ?? ┫

Just from looking at it, the players couldn’t help but shake in their armors:

The creature was bigger than any of them would have fathomed possible. It was so long that it would take days or perhaps weeks to just walk from its tail to its gargantuan head. In fact, it filled most of the Chaotic Realm just lying down.

Its dozen of wings were so huge that they could have eclipsed the sun any time. Every flap of its wings would generate tornadoes crackling with baneful dimensional winds that seemed unstoppable.

Its body looked like a sordid amalgam of chaotic evil energy, one that had taken shape to ruin the world. It was dark, shadowy, filled with black impenetrable scales & dreadful spikes, and featured the sharpest claws & fangs.

On its skin, countless monstrosities, tentacles, even chaos clones kept spawning! These last ones were a pain in the ass: they were copies of the players themselves. The most disgraceful death was to one’s own OP skills, painstakingly raised!

However, the true horror of the Boss was its darkness magic! It had infinite mana and kept raining deadly AoE spells upon them. The most dreadful was its ‘Call of The Void’ that opened a gigantic corrosive portal leading to the shadow realm.

The players had been tortuously evading the tornadoes, dodging the enemy’s magic, blocking the chaos clones, parrying the tentacles, and attacking all at the same time!

The tanks were all over the place, trying to protect the others. The supports were stacking so many buffs on everyone that they felt like Supermen. Then the DPS did what they did best: cause damage as if their lives depended on it!

Everything was going surprisingly well, but that’s when the almighty creature drove an incredible quantity of mana toward its mouth. Every dragon had a breath attack, and this Chaos Dragon was no exception— well, it had a Unique Roar skill.

? Roar! ?

That is when it used its “breath”. Its roar echoed once more, shaking their hearts, minds, and souls. All the players stopped dead in their tracks, freezing. This instantly brought a disaster upon them:

The chaotic tornadoes engulfed some, never to be seen ever again.

The players’ chaos clones dispatched some in the flashiest of manners.

The tentacles very roughly handled some until death ensued.

The Boss directly ate some.

That is when they came back to their senses, ready to get revenge! Well, most did. The sound wave had affected 100 players (chosen randomly). Their eyes became completely onyx black as they turned against their allies!

That is when a random Arch-Cleric used an appraisal spell before crying out loud in despair: “They’re afflicted by the S!!! Mass Confusion Curse! I can’t dispel something so OP. No one can!”

In such a case, they would need to kill all 100 affected. That would leave less than 400 Players to do a 500 men raid. The main problem was that Dragons in INFINITE always breathed thrice.

Instantly, the entire Raid turned frenzied as the players began panicking. They understood the situation they were in. Against such nonsensical power, they felt so insignificant!

They tried their best to survive while complaining:

“Oh crap! We’re screwed!”

“How are we supposed to beat that?!”

“These Devs don’t know wtf balance means!”

“Screw whoever designed this cheated Boss!”

“Fuck! I knew a PUG wouldn’t work! This is insanity!”

“The rumors were true! We shouldn’t have followed this madman!”

“Screw that idiotic raid leader! He lied about knowing how to counter it!”

But that is when someone in the crowd began chuckling. He had Draconic features and was crushing every shadow creature in his vicinity. He was even smiling! He then calmly spoke to the panicking members:

“That is exactly why you guys were only picked to fill the numbers. Take a deep breath, make sure you don’t perish stupidly, and be patient. Everything will be alright.”

One of them couldn’t take it. “What do you mean: take a deep breath?! Don’t you see that—” but he was interrupted by a nearby player.

“Shhh— That guy is the Immortal Half-Dragon Kron! The only one called a true dragon in INFINITE!” the man shouted, starstruck.

“Kron?! Kron the Twice limit Breaker?! Holy shit! No wonder he looked familiar!”

“So what if he’s a legend? We’re all going to die anyway!” A bystander scoffed with disdain.

“It would take a miracle to save us!” A scared player utter in a cracking voice.

A miracle, was it? Their current raid group had something even better! The Humanoid Dragon nonchalantly replied: “Have faith, for HE is leading the raid.”

The crowd all glanced toward the man that had recruited them for this event but instantly lost all hopes. Their so-called leader, the Jack fella, was standing there with his eyes pitch black. They all knew what this meant.

Their raid leader had been taken out directly by the Nihility Dragon’s Madness Breath attack! This was incredibly bad luck: It had a 1/5 chance to happen, but it did. No one could blame him either, for the attack was unavoidable.

Still, they felt terrible since this Raid would be a failure for sure. It was impossible to free oneself from the curse. The only solution was for a teammate to use an Ancient level unique item. These were so rare already, and it required a cleansing one to boot!

But, just as most were despairing, a clamor was heard amongst the troops. It started with a few observant players laughing boisterously but then spread like thunder! The players that had joined to fill the numbers were utterly lost. What was happening?!

Kron the Half-Dragon chuckled once more: “As I said, have faith. Jack is leading us.”

There was a short moment during which time seemed to freeze…


That is when the eyes of the man in the middle of the army began fluttering. The darkness in them receded as he observed the state of the battlefield with clear eyes before smirking.

“Hehe, I’m back!” Jack giggled, not caring about all the deaths.

A golden aura began radiating out of his being. Jack looked like a deity as he glowed with the purest light. His gaze was now as intense as the sun itself! He looked like the very definition of modesty, elegance, and kindness.

Jack then raised a simple-looking staff worth a few— many millions of Credits/billions of Gold. Out of it radiated a holy light that bathed the entire realm, getting rid of ALL curses.

As the crowd was flabbergasted, a discordant voice resounded that made everyone’s hair rise in sheer discomfort.

“ImPoSsIbLe! HoW DiD YoU WaKe uP?! No hUmAn wIlLpOwEr iS ThIs sTrOnG! wHo aRe yOu?!” This was the first time the Dragon Chaos Maleficent even deign to address the lower lifeforms crawling at its feet.

Jack provocatively glared, not intimidated in the least by the strongest Boss. “I am the Herald of the Goddess of Light! Prepare to die foul beast for— Wait a fucking minute! This is the Chaos Realm! That bitch can’t see what’s happening here!”

He had just gleefully realized that he didn’t have to follow the strict teachings at that moment. God, did he hate these commandments! They prevented him from drinking, swearing, murdering, thieving, lusting, and any and all fun really! This was such a goddamn killjoy!

That is when the holy Herald of Light seemed to disappear, only good old Jack remaining. His posture instantly relaxed as a vulgar smile appeared on his face. No one would have believed that he was the representative of the Goddess of Light!

Jack was now ready to execute the most insane and stupid battle plan ever to exist since the release of INFINITE! After today, he would finally have his place in the PANTHEON…

Creator’s Thought

Let me tell you. The Goddess of Light was a huge Bitch! Really her whole Church was horrible. I’m convinced whoever designed her faction meant it as a punishment for whoever would be tempted by the sweet promises of power. That’s the evilest thing I can imagine!

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