MMORPG : Rebirth Of The Strongest Guild Master

Chapter 732 The laws of space
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Chapter 732 The laws of space

The law of earth was much more profound than just the surface that we walk and roam on, Rudra realised this after looking at the video by the system, He understood the true profoundness of the Earth element.

Everything that one considered as a solid state of matter obeyed the laws of earth. Every single mineral was earth, every single human was Earth and every single plant was earth.

Earth is where everything began and Earth is where everything ended as well.

' To dust thou are and to dust thou returnest ' , was the line that was whispered to him and he understood the truth behind that phrasing. In a way all life was created from the earth and into the earth did all life go upon death.

The earth element was the giver of life ! It was the progenitor of everything that one deemed as living!

The earth equally loved all the living children that it had and absolutely hated the abominations that were the undead.

The reason why the ghosts were formless upon death was because they could not sublimate with the earth and while their physical body was destroyed their souls could not find peace.

Rudra also understood at this moment the reason behind earth magic being super effective on undead type monsters , as it fundamentally challenged the constitution of the dead.

The earth element was the strongest element of them all , it could destroy , it could defend and it could give life , it was the most balanced element in creation.

Rudra stopped looking down on the earth element this moment forward as he found a genuine respect for the attacks of the earth element.

In his admiration he felt like the comprehension of earth increase as after 3 hours he heard a system notification that said

Detected player has comprehended 51% of the earth element , current progress 3/6 , you have now passed the tier 5 test!

Do you wish to continue?



Rudra barely reached the 51% threshold for the law of earth as he sighed in relief to know that he had atleast passed the test now. From here on out everything was about getting better grades.

Rudra pressed ' Yes ' , and continued with the test as he was shown the clip for the law of space.

The clip about the law of space was completely different from the other laws as Rudra was thrown naked into the vast universe , as he came to terms with his own insignificance as he stared at the galaxy of stars surrounding him.

The universe was massive and he was just a tiny man. Floating in the space he felt his psyche attacked as he felt , did anything really matter if he was just an insignificant ant in the bigger picture?

Rudra was shown one of his favourite moves to use the ' Blink ' as he noticed the spacial tear created by that move in that one split second for the first time ever.

He saw a looping wormhole created from above his head to the destination he pleased and saw his own body teleport through that wormhole in a split second atom by atom.

The process was so fast he basically existed at two places at once , however this was the first time for him to notice it.

The fact that the human mind was capable of performing such a complex space manipulation was something that came as a shock to Rudra.

Blink was one of the moves that was so easily done in Omega, yet he could not recreate it in real life.

The reason was the presence of mana.

Mana was the reason why wormholes could be created as basically it was just a dense mana cutting through the fabric of gravity for a split second!

Rudra was enlightened at this moment , the knowledge he had about the laws of gravity was helping him quickly bridge the gap in knowledge that he had as he started to understand the law of space.

In the end of the video he heard a cosmic whisper that made his soul shudder as the sound he heard was of a immortal laughter , however the laughter sounded to him like the big bang explosion.

Rudra's whole body started to violently tremor after he heard that voice.

Should he be in public view at the moment , everyone would panic thinking he was having a seizure as the law of space entered his body which Rudra started comprehending.

He was able to make extremely fast progresses eventhough his body and soul were shuddering as using the gravity manipulation knowledge he was able to figure out the element of space unlike any other.

Rudra reached a whopping 70% efficiency in understanding the law of space as he cleared the bar set for passing and added another law to his list of understood elements.

System notification: You have successfully understood the law of space by a fair margin , current progress 4/6 , Starting the law of time trial next. Goodluck!

The last and final law was upon him to comprehend as he was shown by the system the law of time.

However the very first scene of the law of time threatened to send Rudra's mind to the verge of insanity... His worldview was shattered!

It was his own body , in his previous life. The shraggy beard that did not connect , the ketchup stained clothes and the noticable neck slump.

It was the night where he was going to be killed by his friend by him being pushed down the stairs.

However this was the first time that he saw that the two of them were not alone in the stairway , as Rudra saw 'Him' for the first time ever.

Standing in the edge of the stairway laughing as he waited for Rudra to tumble to his death.

A despicable creature of death....

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