MMORPG: Martial Gamer

Chapter 1576 - Martial Arts Practitioner
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Chapter 1576: Martial Arts Practitioner


When he watched how Wang Yu used [Backflip] to avoid Luke’s [Bear Lock], Ma Longteng furrowed his brow. Even though Ma Longteng wasn’t a martial arts practitioner, he couldn’t help but appreciate this.

As one of the oldest veterans in the gaming community, Ma Longteng could tell that Wang Yu’s dodge wasn’t just to show off.

<<REBIRTH>> was a game that simulated multiple senses. Other than attributes from the real world, there wasn’t much difference in the game world.

A regular player wouldn’t be able to perform a [Backflip] unless they were a gymnast or someone who had great balance. Of course, a person like that could probably just do a regular [Backflip]. To use one in an actual battle was an entirely different matter.

“So, this guy lives up to his name!”

As he thought about this, Ma Longteng rubbed his chin as he said this quietly.


After Wang Yu avoided Luke’s attack, he subconsciously glanced at Luke’s HP bar. However, he was stunned.

The magical attack from before did no damage to him. However, the physical attack he unleashed while dodging didn’t even make Luke’s HP bar budge. This mother... wasn’t he too shameless?

An unreasonable setting like this wasn’t going to be the last time he’d see this, but this was the first time he met an opponent like that.

“Hmph! Is this all a berserk disciple can do?”

While Wang Yu was deep in thought, old man Luke grunted as he mocked him. This old man wasn’t ashamed of his attributes.

“Now, it’s time for me to strike!”

A God-grade BOSS wasn’t anything to scoff at. After antagonizing him, Luke lifted his hands as three light balls emerged behind him.

After playing the game for such a long time, Wang Yu knew the basic rules of fighting a BOSS.

Dodge anything that fell from the sky; fight anything a BOSS summoned.

When he saw Luke summon three light balls, Wang Yu was about to predict the light balls’ trajectory when they split apart without warning.

Soon after, a piercingly bright light spread out.

Wang Yu felt a bright light cover his range of sight before he lost his sight.


D*mn it, how could a God of Light use such questionable methods?

One had to understand that the most common blinding effect in <<REBIRTH>> was [Lime Powder Toss]. It was a technique used by small hooligans.

Even though Luke used [Divine Blinding Light], a low-level strategy like this made him no different from a small hooligan.

Even though the [Blind] effect didn’t cause paralysis, it produced an effect equivalent to immobilizing a player.

If a player were immobilized, they would still be able to see the opponent’s attack path and prepare to dodge it. However, if they were blinded, they were practically in complete darkness.

However, once Luke blinded Wang Yu, he didn’t panic or search for a place to hide. He didn’t even stagger like any other regular person. Instead, he stood on the spot calmly, as if he could see Luke, who was standing not far away.

“Haha! Weak human! Eat my [Divine Spear]!”

Luke laughed aloud as he grasped the space on his right. A bright, long spear materialized in his right hand. Then, he thrust his arm forward as the spear flung toward Wang Yu.

“Brother Bull, not good! Dodge!!”

When she saw how Wang Yu was about to be pierced by Luke’s spear, Mary couldn’t hold back her screams.

However, Wang Yu seemed like he could see the spear approach. Turning his body to the side, Luke’s long spear narrowly missed him.

At the same time, Wang Yu extended his right arm and captured the end of the spear.

After he caught it, Wang Yu used his other hand to figure out the angle the spear came from. Then, using both sides, he turned the spear around as he aimed the spear at Luke while he slapped the back of the spear with his right hand.


The spear left his hands, launching itself toward Luke. Without missing its target, it drove itself into Luke’s chest.

Luke had the [Divine Light] ‘s protection. Using his [Invulnerable] status, he didn’t suffer any damage.


The spear fell to the ground as Wang Yu’s ear twitched in response to the sound. With that, he charged straight to Luke.

“Any abnormality?!!”

Wang Yu’s reaction was perverse. Zhao Xinpei and the others had some level of tolerance to this. When they saw this scene unfold, they weren’t shocked even though their hearts leapt in shock. After all, this was a regular skill mechanism for Wang Yu.

However, when Ma Longteng saw this, his expression turned dark as he couldn’t understand what was going on.

The [Blind] state meant that a player shouldn’t be able to see anything. Furthermore, a God-grade BOSS like Luke had launched his light spear. If the [Blind] effect hit a regular player, they wouldn’t be able to avoid an attack like that.

However, Wang Yu not only avoided the attack but also dodged it effortlessly. He even tossed the spear back casually at his target. Who would believe that something like this was possible without hacking?

The most frustrating part was how shameless this hack was. However, the anti-hacking system didn’t detect it at all.

In the face of Ma Longteng’s question, Zhao Xinpei tapped his screen casually as a series of numbers appeared on another screen.

Ma Longteng was also a technician. Naturally, he knew that this string of numbers was Wang Yu’s attributes from instant-monitoring. However, Ma Longteng was stunned when he saw the data.

The data indicated that there was nothing unusual about Wang Yu’s attributes. Furthermore, there weren’t external devices attached to his system either.

“This... how can this be?!”

Ma Longteng gasped, “Have they developed external modifications to this extent?”

Hacking required using external software to change a player’s natural attributes. Even though gaming companies had strict monitoring systems, hacking creators were experts too. If there were a prevention system, they would think of ways to bypass it. The hack that they created had ways to do this.

Typically, once a player used an external modification, their attributes wouldn’t remain unusual. Instead, there would be a spike of irregularity at a certain point. That would allow them to avoid monitoring procedures.

Furthermore, Wang Yu’s attributes were continually monitored. All of his data was under surveillance but there wasn’t a single trace of irregularity in it. He had never heard of something so terrifying before.

One could tell that Ma Longteng deeply suspected Wang Yu of hacking. The only reason he couldn’t figure out how he hacked was that Wang Yu was a computer expert with amazing abilities.

An expert like this wasn’t developing his talents in Soaring Dragon Group. Instead, he was finding ways to avoid being detected while hacking in the game to show-off. Wasn’t he practically a hidden gem?

Soaring Dragon Group was the Internet giant in the commercial world. Ma Longteng was also a person who loved seeking talent. When he saw Wang Yu’s “defective behavior”, it sparked his interest. He responded excitedly, “Can you find him for me? This man is a genius!”


“Tsk!!” Without waiting for Zhao Xinpei and the others to respond, Mary asked confusedly, “Stop jumping to conclusions. Brother Bull isn’t an IT person. I know him very well; he doesn’t even really know how to play games.”

“He doesn’t even know how to play games? Then, what does he do?” Ma Longteng responded in confusion.

“He’s a martial arts practitioner! Hoo-ha!” Mary replied as if she was a professional.

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