MMORPG: Martial Gamer

Chapter 1569 - Holy Light Spirit
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Chapter 1569: Holy Light Spirit

There was no way they could force their way through.

The might of a system guard was on an entirely different level as the players. Regardless of how many players they had, there was only going to be one outcome.

It was even more impossible for them to leave now.

Wang Yu represented contribution and that contribution represented God-grade equipment.

In order to capture Wang Yu, all of them even got into a conflict with Golden Time so why would they leave at a time like this?

If this happened to just one guild, everyone could pretend that Wang Yu did not exist. However, there were over ten guilds surrounding God’s Tower now.

Everyone fought hard for the opportunity so nobody was willing to give it up for the other guilds.

Since they could neither fight nor leave, all they could do was to wait. Since the God’s Tower wouldn’t move anywhere else and Wang Yu was in it, waiting here until Wang Yu comes out was the only viable option.

So almost over ten thousand players simply stood outside the God’s Tower and waited for Wang Yu. From afar, it looked extremely odd.

“This bunch of trash are really just going to wait there...” Blossoming Moon exclaimed as he saw what everyone was doing.

“So what do we do now?” Golden Sun Blossom returned to the squad after resurrecting from the resurrection point.

Blossoming Moon chuckled, “There is no need for us to be anxious. Let’s just have some wine and when that kid comes out, he probably will not be able to fly out with that many people outside. Let’s just sit on the mountain and watch the tigers fight.”

“Boss is indeed the smartest!” Golden Sun Blossom gave a massive thumbs up.

“Haha!” Blossoming Moon replied pridefully, “Fortunately you’re smart enough to lure him into the God’s Tower. Otherwise, it wouldn’t be that easy to capture him at all. Since he stole your weapon, you shall receive the first reward once we capture him!”

“Many thanks, Boss!” Golden Sun Blossom was exceedingly touched.

Back at the God’s Tower, Wang Yu was immediately welcomed with a dazzling holy light when he stepped through the gate.

Not only was the holy light dazzling, it was actually burning when it shone onto Wang Yu’s body. Every second that it burned, he lost 50 HP.

50 HP/second was not considered much to players nowadays but it was still irritating. Nobody knew what kind of monsters would pop out within the God’s Tower so every bit of HP was important especially if he were to face a powerful BOSS.

Wang Yu took out his shield and raised it above so that he could reflect the light downwards. At this point, a peculiar looking fella appeared in front of Wang Yu.

That fella had four limbs like any other man but he was extremely skinny and was almost like a pole. On top of the pole was a massive head and he looked incredibly not proportionate.

On that massive head were two big eyeballs and the holy light came out from the eyeballs.

Wang Yu checked out the fella and the attributes appeared in front of Wang Yu.

Holy Light Spirit (LV1) (Unique)

HP: 100

MP: 100

Skill: Holy Light

Background Story: The remnant fragment of the soul left behind when God of Light fell. Its body emits immense holy light.

“A level one monster?” Looking at the attributes, Wang Yu was utterly confused.

Wang Yu’s current level was not low and with all the equipment he had on him, his defense was shockingly impressive. For same level monsters to hurt him, it would at most be a single-digit damage but this level one monster’s holy light could actually cause him 50HP per second? This was truly peculiar.


Just when Wang Yu was still trying to get his head right, this Holy Light Spirit’s head suddenly opened his big mouth and chuckled, “Believe in the Holy Light and he will bring you endless energy and eternal life.”

Heh! Wang Yu was speechless when he heard what this Holy Light Spirit said. He was merely a level one monster with one hundred HP and he dared to talk about endless energy and eternal life? What rubbish!

Wang Yu was not swayed by the Holy Light Spirit’s words so he charged towards the Holy Light Spirit directly and gave him a direct palm on the head.



Holy Light Spirit’s HP was cleared by a single slap from Wang Yu as the holy light disappeared with it. The tower became dark.

Just when Wang Yu was planning to leave, an odd scene occurred.

After being slapped by Wang Yu, the Holy Light Spirit did not die. Instead, its body shivered and there were two of them now.

The holy light shone again.

This time, it was much brighter than before and the HP reduction on Wang Yu’s body grew from 50 HP per second to 100 HP per second.

At the same time, two Holy Light Spirits came out chuckling away, “Clueless mortal, you really think you can defeat the holy light? Holy light is eternal.”


Wang Yu furrowed his brows upon hearing the mockery from the Holy Light Spirit. He immediately swung his foot across these two Holy Light Spirits’ heads.


Two -100s appeared and the light dimmed once more. Before Wang Yu could retract his feet, two Holy Light Spirits’ figures shivered and four of them emerged... This time, the burning rate grew to -200 per second...


Seeing how odd this was, Wang Yu couldn’t help but stop what he was about to do.

Just how odd is this?! It was almost like they couldn’t die.

Every kill would result in one extra fold of production and the damages dealt would also increase by one fold. Not only were they not able to die, they even continued to grow more every time he attacked. If he continued in this manner, he was definitely going to die here.

“Believe in the holy light, young man!”

At this moment, four Holy Light Spirits cried out together, “Violence will never resolve any problem. Do you really think you can kill me? Come to me and we will merge and attain immortality.”

This Holy Light Spirit was a spirit itself and was obviously attracted to players. As the four spirits spoke together, their voice echoed across the church and it did slightly touch Wang Yu’s heart.

Of course, it was only slightly. As a generational master, Wang Yu’s mental strength was stronger than ordinary people. The Holy Light Spirit’s temptation might be useful to ordinary players but it would never work on Wang Yu.


Hearing Holy Light Spirit’s words, Wang Yu nodded, “You’re right! Violence will not resolve any problem. I know that I cannot kill you but I doubt you can stop me from leaving too.”


Wang Yu’s words shocked the four Holy Light Spirits as they looked exceedingly puzzled.


Wang Yu clasped his fists towards them and then walked towards the staircase to the second level.


Just when Wang Yu arrived at the start of the staircase, the sound of glass breaking could be heard. Following which was a distortion of the space and the sumptuous mansion turned into a black, broken house.

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