Miracle Card Shop: All My Cards Can Be Actualize

Miracle Card Shop: All My Cards Can Be Actualize

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    Daniel was a Game Designer who live an ordinary life. He was killed on a day when it should be the happiest day of his life as he was so close to publishing his card game. Lured to his death by his girlfriend. He become a sacrifice of some kind of ritual and died.

    He then got resurrected for an unknown reason along with getting the power to actualize all of the cards in his card game to the real world. Whether it was the spell, Artifact, or even a powerful creature! All can be actualized!

    Are you a mage and a genius Artificer? I have a Forbidden Tome of Artificing of the lost civilization. Are you interested? If so, become my pupil then!

    Are you a Vampire lord and the head of the most powerful vampire clan in the modern world? Now, where I kept that Legendary Vlad Dracula-The First Ancestor of The Vampire card?

    The holy warrior from the Vatican knocking on my door? How about meeting my bodyguard? Michaela-Defender of The Faith. (Female version of Michael)

    Did someone just summon an all-powerful Demon and sent it to kill me? They even sacrifice thousands of mage souls and many priceless treasures to do that. Let's test my common spell card. The almighty [Unsummon] spell! Good luck in summoning that thing again!

    With this power, Daniel will take his revenge on whoever did this to him and create his own empire. His magic civilization!

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