Mesmerizing Ghost Doctor

Chapter 3610 Devastated By Grief
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Chapter 3610 Devastated By Grief

Xuanyuan Mo Ze watched as Mo Chen vanished into thin air, leaving only a golden lotus seed in Feng Jiu's palm. When he looked at Feng Jiu, his eyes flickered.

He'd noticed the almost inaudible word she'd said earlier, which was different from how she usually addressed Mo Chen. The expression on Mo Chen's face and his parting smile convinced Xuanyuan Mo Ze that there were things between them that he wasn't aware of.

At that moment, he recalled a past event that Feng Jiu had mentionedβ€”a story from a previous life, and a man named "Chen."

He felt distressed seeing her so devastated with grief. Perhaps if he were stronger, she wouldn't have to face such a moment of life-and-death separation.

Xuanyuan Mo Ze restrained his emotion after witnessing Mo Chen's true energy vanish upon using his Holy Power to destroy the Black Lotus' boundary barrier, allowing Fire Phoenix and Green Dragon to attack the Black Lotus' master and create a path for them to survive. "We can't stay here much longer," he said, grasping Feng Jiu's hand. "Mo Chen is gone; we can't let his sacrifice be in vain. Let's go."

As he spoke, a drop of blood spilt from the corner of his mouth. The feeling of being consumed by the Black Lotus' energy was unbearably painful, like sharp blades swirling within him, cutting deep into his bones.

Feng Jiu was still resting on Old White's back, but the green lotus energy within her was rapidly healing her body. Holding the lotus seed in her hand, her sorrow was interrupted by Xuanyuan Mo Ze's words.

Her grief gradually faded as she watched Xuanyuan Mo Ze's pale face and struggle against the Black Lotus' energy within him.

Mo Chen was gone, but Xuanyuan Mo Ze was still here. She couldn't let anything happen to him! She couldn't bear to see the people around her die one by one!

"Take, take that medicinal pill at your waist." Feng Jiu said in a voice that was less strained but still somewhat weak.

Xuanyuan Mo Ze paused, then remembered the pill he had at his waist. He broke the wax seal and handed her the golden medicinal pill.

"Ah Jiu, you're severely injured. You should eat it," he said.

Feng Jiu turned her head away. "The Blue Lotus' energy is already healing me. I don't need the pill, quick, eat it."

Seeing this, Xuanyuan Mo Ze swallowed the golden pill. He glanced at Green Dragon and Fire Phoenix who were still fighting the Master of the Black Lotus, and said to Feng Jiu, "Let's leave this place."

"Mm, " Feng Jiu nodded and then she moved her hand to put the golden lotus seed in her interspatial ring.

Just as Xuanyuan Mo Ze reached out to help her up, a fierce surge of energy attacked them from behind, knocking Xuanyuan Mo Ze off of Old White's back like a strong gust of wind.

"Hahahahaha! I told you, none of you will escape today!" The Master of the Black Lotus' bloodthirsty voice rang out fiercely. While dodging Green Dragon and Fire Phoenix's attacks, black currents of air like a vortex came swooping in and forcibly sucked Xuanyuan Mo Ze into its centre.


Feng Jiu was alarmed, her face filled with panic. Only a moment ago, she had seen Mo Chen dissipate in front of her, leaving no physical body behind. Now, she saw Xuanyuan Mo Ze being swept away by the vortex.π˜§π˜³β„―β„―π“Œβ„―π‘π‘›π˜°π“‹β„―π“.π˜€π˜°π“‚

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