Mesmerizing Ghost Doctor

Chapter 3271 - 3271 Packing
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3271 Packing

However, the girl who was still sitting suddenly stood up and ran away. The girl’s mother was so scared that she screamed and wanted to go after her.

“Wait here for me, and I’ll get her for you.” After Feng Jiu said this, she dashed off in pursuit.

The people at the stall were taken aback, particularly the elderly couple who owned the small stall. The woman in red had placed many orders, but she had not yet paid!

The woman was so anxious that she wanted to follow, but she was afraid she wouldn’t be able to catch up with them, so she decided to stay where she was.

Feng Jiu followed the girl in an unhurried way, watched as she crossed the street and went to the alley, and then followed her into the alley. As soon as she stepped into the lane, she saw the girl straight ahead without looking anywhere.


“Are you not trying to run away?” Feng Jiu’s lips curled as she looked at the girl. ƒ𝔯ℯe𝘄𝐞𝐛𝒏𝐨ѵ𝘦𝒍. com

The girl’s previously vacant eyes changed abruptly. Her leopard-like stare was fixed on Feng Jiu. “Don’t meddle in other people’s business!” The girl’s childish voice was mixed with an aged voice.

“I had no intention of meddling at first, but you made me meet you.” She looked at the girl. “Are you going to leave voluntarily? Or would you like me to do it for you?”

The girl was haunted by a ghost. She would not live very long if the ghost was not expelled. If the girl died, her body would become the vessel for the ghost.

It would be different if she had not encountered the ghost. However, since she did, she would not sit idly by. The palms of her hands turned and a flame surged up, and then, as the flames flew out and attacked the girl, a mighty pressure enveloped and surrounded her from all sides.

When the ghost attached to the girl realized there was no escape and saw the approaching flame, it was startled, immediately detached itself from her body, and flew away. Feng Jiu threw the small gourd she was carrying around her waist into the air as the ghost was about to flee.


Feng Jiu shouted. The ghost let out a scream as it was sucked into the gourd, which then rotated in midair before falling back into her hand in its original small form.

She put the lid of the gourd back, shook it, retied the string around her waist, and approached the girl who had fallen to the ground.

The spirit energy breath in her hand was activated, and vitality flowed from her palm into the girl’s body. She then took out the silver needle to dispel the cold yin aura from the girl’s body. When the girl’s condition returned to normal, Feng Jiu picked her up and carried her to the stall.

The woman was walking nervously around the stall, occasionally looking around. She hurried forward when she saw the figure in a dazzling red approaching with the child in her arms.

“Da Ya!”

The woman screamed, ran to Feng Jiu to take her daughter, and asked with a trembling voice, “Miss, what’s wrong with my daughter?” She had no idea why her daughter suddenly ran away.

Feng Jiu smiled. “She is fine. Take her home to rest. She will wake up the next day as lively and cute as before.”

The woman couldn’t help but pause when she heard Feng Jiu’s words. “So, what Miss said earlier… ”


The woman was stunned and then overjoyed when she heard her daughter’s voice. “Da Ya, Da Ya, are you awake? Mother is here. How are you?”

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