Mesmerizing Ghost Doctor

Chapter 2919 - Paradox
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Chapter 2919: Paradox

Translator: Misty Cloud Translations Editor: Misty Cloud Translations

“Oh? You’ve come out of seclusion already?”

Si Que looked at him. His eyes swept across him and he couldn’t help but praise when he saw the breath surging from his body: “Master’s medicinal pill is truly worthy of being called an elixir pill! It has only been one day and one night and the aura on your body is already different.”

“Hehe, that’s right. That’s why I came over to tell Master as soon as I got out of seclusion. I just didn’t expect the Immortal Lord to summon me as soon as I left my cave dwelling.” Mu Xin said. He stopped and looked at Si Que, then said: “I think Immortal Lord is having big regrets now.”

“The two Masters have made their own decision on this matter, we don’t need to speak of it anymore.” Si Que waved his hand and said.

When Mu Xin heard this, he asked: “Did Master give you any medicinal pill?”

Upon hearing this, Si Que, who was about to walk forward, paused and glanced sideways at him with a smile on his face: “Yes.”

“Really? What kind of medicinal pill?” Mu Xin was slightly surprised and asked him immediately. He wanted to know what his medicinal pill did.

“Master gave me three life-saving medicinal pills. She said it might give me a chance of survival at a critical moment.” Si Que said. When he thought of the three medicinal pills, his heart moved slightly.

He didn’t know how the three medicinal pills worked. Now that he had the three medicinal pills, he was tempted to take them to see what they did. However, as they were life-saving pills, he didn’t want to waste them either.

“Three pills?” Mu Xin was startled. His voice raised slightly as he exclaimed. He stared at Si Que and said: “I only got one pill. You actually got three? What grade is it? Take it out and show me.” At this point in time, he had none of the demeanour of a Venerable at all.

Si Que glanced at him and coughed lightly, then he said: “Since Master is willing to give me three pills, then that’s my business. Don’t stare at me so greedily. No matter how much you stare at me, I won’t give you one.”

The corners of Mu Xin’s mouth twitched, as if he had sensed that he had lost his temper. So he coughed lightly and straightened his face and said: “Why would you think that? I just wanted to take a look at the medicinal pill that Master gave you.”

“It’s pointless just looking at other people’s belongings.” Si Que said leisurely and walked forward.

Mu Xin was stunned for a moment. Then he shook his head and laughed: “That’s right, it’s no use looking at other people’s things.” It wouldn’t belong to him anyway, so what was the point in looking?

The two of them walked over to the cave dwelling. Mu Xin glanced at him and asked: “I came over to tell Master the effects of taking the medicinal pill she gave me. What are you doing here?”

“Oh? You don’t know? Master asked me to find a mansion for them in Cardinal Point City. Now that the matter has been settled, naturally I have come to inform Master.”

“The two Masters wants to live in Cardinal Point City? Isn’t that very close to us?” Mu Xin was overjoyed. Cardinal Point City was the closest city to them and also the most prosperous city nearby. If they lived there, it would be easy to look for their Masters in the future.

“The place has been selected, it depends on whether the two Masters are satisfied.” Si Que said. When they arrived at the cave dwelling, he told the two disciples at the entrance to announce their arrival.

When Mu Xin saw this, he also waited outside. Not long after, a red figure came out of the cave dwelling. When the two of them saw her, they bowed immediately and greeted: “Disciple greets Master.”

It was strange that it was always this Master that appeared and Master Xuanyuan rarely made an appearance. They wondered what he was doing in the cave dwelling.

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