Mesmerizing Ghost Doctor

Chapter 2716 - Exposed
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Chapter 2716: Exposed

“Exactly. How could she continue to frame him in this manner after she was cured of her unmentionable disease?

“I’ve heard that she was held in isolation in the past and was only recently allowed to return.”

“Still, she should not frame her benefactor like this!”

“I honestly have no idea. How can such a beautiful girl have such a wicked mind?”

As others around them discussed the matter, the Ruan family could only feel shame.

Feng Jiu’s tapped acupoint did not last long.Ruan’s Fourth Miss sank to the ground with trembling feet and a pale, terrified face as she saw the arrival of the group of visitors. Old Patriarch Ruan stood still and remained silent as he observed the scene.

“Come! Send the Third and Fourth Miss home.” Patriarch Ruan issued orders while he regarded Feng Jiu with downcast eyes. As if suddenly aware of it, he glanced over and saw that his father had already arrived. “Father? What brought you here?

All eyes were drawn to Old Patriarch Ruan who walked out with his hands clasped behind his back. He looked at Ruan’s Fourth Miss, who was sitting on the ground, then frowned and asked several men from the Ruan family who were standing nearby, “What are you waiting for? Isn’t it embarrassing enough? Take her back!”

Ruan’s Fourth Miss, pale and terrified by the old patriarch’s words, waved her hand wildly, pushed those attempting to assist her away, and turned to the old patriarch whose face was so grim. She cried out, “Big Brother, Big Brother, please help me. Please help me! I’m not going back, it’s impossible for me to go back.”

Ruan’s Eldest Young Master looked at her with a complicated gaze. “Fourth Sister, you should go back with them first. Everything is fine.” He didn’t know why the smart and kindhearted Fourth Sister would change so quickly. Was it because they went from being ignored to being treasured? Was that why she seemed so abnormal?

However, upon hearing his remarks, Ruan’s Fourth Miss shook her head in fear and exclaimed, “No! No! Big Brother, I cannot go back. I failed to do my duty and humiliated the family. They won’t let me go. ”

“Come! Drag her back! What kind of nonsense is this?” Old Patriarch Ruan, his face gloomy and unsightly, yelled and ordered that she be dragged away.

“No! Don’t! Woo, I don’t want to…” She sobbed in despair. She looked at her family, including her grandfather, father, big brother, and sister. They all just stared at her in this strange and repulsive manner. No one could save her. No one could save her.


She sobbed and crept toward Fen Jiu. “Brother Little Jiu, Brother Little Jiu, I was wrong. I should not have thought of framing you, but I don’t have any other options. Brother Little Jiu, I can’t do anything. Please, Brother Little Jiu, help me! Please save me! My grandfather wants to use me as a cauldron to help the clan’s elite offspring cultivate. They want to imprison me. I’m scared. I’m scared, Brother Little Jiu...”

Feng Jiu’s heart was agitated like a pebble thrown into a calm lake, spreading layers of ripples. Her brows scrunched up and her eyes became increasingly cold, knowing that what Ruan’s Fourth Miss said was true because of the truth pill she had taken.

Cauldron? Her relatives will lock her up and use her as a cauldron because of her innate cauldron physique? Until every last drop of blood had been squeezed out?

She finally understood why a smart and kindhearted girl had changed so drastically in a matter of days.

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