Mesmerizing Ghost Doctor

Chapter 2715 - Truth
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Chapter 2715: Truth

Feng Jiu chuckled upon seeing Patriarch Ruan scowled with a gloomy expression and remained silent. With a flick of her finger, she attacked Ruan’s Fourth Miss, causing her to cry out in pain. As soon as her lips parted, Feng Jiu threw a pill into her mouth.

“What did you put in her mouth? Patriarch Ruan glared angrily at Feng Jiu. He could not believe that the young man had the audacity to do it in their presence.

“Ugh, ugh!” Ruan’s Fourth Miss coughed and bent over to try to spit out the medicine she had just swallowed.

“Don’t worry; it’s not poison.” Feng Jiu smiled and ignored Patriarch Ruan who glared at her, instead looking at Ruan’s Fourth Miss and asked, “Ruan’s Fourth Miss, have I bullied you?”

Hearing Feng Jiu’s unexpected question, the people around them turned to look at the two parties one by one. What surprised and perplexed them even more was Ruan’s Fourth Miss’ response the next moment.


“No? If he didn’t do that, why did she claim he ripped her clothes off to take advantage of her?” Some of the young men who had been at Xie’s house for the banquet opened their eyes wide.

Ruan’s Fourth Miss, who heard her own answer, exclaimed and attempted to cover her mouth when a blade of vital energy came out and struck her acupuncture point, rendering her immobile.

“What did you do?” Patriarch Ruan bellowed as he glared at Miss Ruan Fourth and then Feng Jiu.

“I didn’t do anything. All I did was give her a truth pill to get her to tell the truth.” Feng Jiu spoke slowly with her lips curved up. Then, amidst the commotion, she asked, “Ruan’s Fourth Miss, who tore your clothes? Did someone bully and take advantage of you?”

“I tore it on purpose; no one bullied me, and no one took advantage of me.”

The words poured from her mouth. Ruan’s Fourth Miss turned pale and her body shook when she heard her own answer.She tried to stop it but couldn’t; it was as if her body were under someone else’s control.

“No, no, that’s not true. Not what I said at all. I only invited him to be a guest official in our Ruan family, but he didn’t want to come, so I wanted to force him. That’s not true. I, I..” The more she talked, the more she got confused, and the more she spoke, the more she got flustered.


A commotion broke out as everyone wasn’t expecting it to be this way.It turned out to be a scene she wrote and directed, just because she invited Feng Jiu to join the Ruan family as a guest official and was rejected, so she slandered him in this manner?

When they recalled that Patriarch Ruan had stated that he would allow Feng Jiu to join the Ruan family as a lowly slave, for a little while, their thoughts shifted. Nobody would put in this much effort for such an ordinary young man. Could this young man possess something remarkable?

Everyone’s gaze returned to the young man, who casually took out a truth pill, which they had never heard of here, but it obviously worked so well that Ruan’s Fourth Miss herself told the story as soon as the pill was taken. This medicinal pill would be extremely beneficial to some large families.

“Hmph! You are truly despicable! Little Jiu is so kind to have helped you and cured your unmentionable disease. I can’t believe you’d do something so cruel as to put him in danger!” Xie Shisi rushed over angrily. She would have hit Ruan Ruyun if Xie Yutang hadn’t stopped her.

“What? Ruan’s Fourth Miss’ unmentionable disease was cured by this young man? This is what is meant by repaying kindness with ingratitude!”

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