Mesmerizing Ghost Doctor

Chapter 2714 - Slave
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Chapter 2714: Slave

She stood up and asked, “I wonder how Patriarch Ruan will handle the situation?”

When Patriarch Ruan saw the young man in front of him, he thought back to what his fourth daughter had told him. Because of this young man, they found out that the daughter who had been ignored and forgotten had a special physique. Even her strength and talent were superior to those of her peers in the clan.

Even what others couldn’t see through, this young man did.

He took a deep breath, calmed his heart, turned to Feng Jiu, and said, “For offending my daughter, one option is to gouge out your eyes and cut off your hands, and the other option is to become a slave of my Ruan family from today on!”

When he said these words, the people around them were shocked, but they thought it made sense. A strong exponent clan was offended by a young cultivator with no background and only the Foundation Formation cultivation. It was inevitable that he would be killed. After all, one should not have offended the prestige of the strong exponents. Nobody would say anything if he was smashed into tens of thousands of pieces, let alone gouging out his eyes and cutting his hands.

Even so, the weak were already in a disadvantageous position, and no one would stand up for them. When compared to being gouged out and chopped off, becoming a slave could save one’s life. On the other hand, one remained a slave for the rest of his life, working as hard as cattle and being scolded and beaten.

When Old Patriarch Guo, who was standing behind the Xie family, heard Patriarch Ruan’s words, he couldn’t help but shake his head and laugh. Guo Xinning, who was standing next to him, noticed it and asked quietly, “Grandfather, what do you think they mean by saying this?”

“I’m not sure what it means, but I know the Ruan family will be unlucky.” Old Patriarch Guo whispered back. Who did you think the Ruan family should not have provoked? Out of everyone, they chose to anger him?

Did they really think of this ordinary and honest-looking azure young man as a simple person to trample on like a soft persimmon? He couldn’t understand why the Ruan family would want to provoke him.

After hearing this, the Xie family exchanged glances. Slave? Others were unaware, but they were. The son told them about how they got acquainted with Ruan’s Fourth Miss at the time. Based on what happened today, they concluded that the Ruan family had set their mind on Feng Jiu.

These people targeted her, but they had no idea what kind of person Feng Jiu was, or they wouldn’t have done such a thing so suddenly.

They didn’t say they knew Feng Jiu well, but they did know that the Ruan family did not have good intentions for her. She was expected to show no mercy to the Ruan family since she’s such a person who was capable of making the Sacred Beast swear allegiance to her and Old Patriarch Xie pay her a personal visit. They didn’t think the Ruan family would be able to handle it when she directed her rage at them.

As Ruan’s Fourth Miss, who was hiding next to Ruan’s Third Miss, listened to her father’s words, her drooping eyelashes shook slightly and her body shrank imperceptibly. She was afraid to look up, so she kept her head down.



A chuckle pierced the eerie silence. Feng Jiu’s lips were smiling, but her eyes showed neither a smile nor any emotion other than amusement and indifference.

“Offend? How could I forget the word offence when it comes to it? Ordinary people cannot bear the consequences of offending a strong exponent.”

“I’m glad you know!” Standing with his hands clasped behind his back and staring at Feng Jiu, Patriarch Ruan asked, “How about it? Do you prefer your eyes gouged and your hands chopped off? Or being a slave?”

“I want neither.” She spoke slowly, with her eyes half-narrowed, and questioned, “You’ve been talking about me. So, what will you do if I can prove my innocence?

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