Mesmerizing Ghost Doctor

Chapter 2713 - Visitors
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Chapter 2713: Visitors

“Ruan’s Fourth Miss, we don’t know each other well, and I don’t dare to be addressed as Brother by you.” Feng Jiu spoke languidly. After observing the change in Ruan Ruyun’s face, she smiled and inquired, “I am very curious, how on earth did I scare you?”

Feng Jiu suddenly patted her forehead as Ruan Ruyun continued to shrink back and lower her head without looking back. “That’s right, you should be stalling for time right now. I believe the people who secretly protected you should have returned to report? It won’t be long before a member of the Ruan family knocks on the door.”

The people around looked perplexed when they heard this, and it was difficult to tell what they were thinking.

When the beautiful woman saw this, she made plans for everyone to leave first because she didn’t want things to get too big and messy. After all, it was the Xie family. Since the host had already apologised and asked everyone to leave, everyone left right away. They didn’t get very far, though. After leaving the Xie family’s gate, they went not too far away to find a place to sit leisurely.

They didn’t think today’s problem would be easy to solve. After all, the Ruan family was not one to give up easily

Sure enough, the Ruan family arrived shortly thereafter. But, before they went through the gate to Xie’s house, more than a dozen people came out.

“Father!” Ruan’s Third Miss called out with joy when she saw that the visitor was her father.

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Ruan’s Fourth Miss was crying with her head down when she heard the voice. She raised her head and then rushed up, saying, “Father.” She sobbed softly and threw herself into her father’s arms.

“It’s fine, everything is alright. Just step aside and wait for your father to help you get justice!” Patriarch Ruan replied gloomily. His piercing eyes went across the crowd, landed on Feng Jiu, and then shifted to the beautiful woman who had just emerged from behind the crowd.

“How does Madam Xie intend to provide us with an explanation?” Instead of asking Feng Jiu, he asked the Xie family’s host.

“Patriarch Ruan, there is a misunderstanding here; Little Jiu is not that kind of person.” The beautiful woman smiled and walked over to Feng Jiu’s side.

“Misunderstanding? Hmph!”

He scoffed. “Is it possible that you were slandered by my daughter? He is nothing more than a servant. Will my daughter harm his reputation in order to slander a servant?”


Xie Yan, who was supposed to entertain the Ruan family’s old patriarch, learned the Ruan family had arrived and followed them outside. When Patriarch Xie heard the news, he came with his people. Patriarch Xie was stunned when he saw the scene and went over to inquire.

“What is going on? Since Patriarch Ruan has arrived at the Xie family, why don’t you join us for tea?”

“Your Xie family’s tea isn’t so tasty!” When Patriarch Ruan saw the person coming, he did not take another look at Xie Yan’s wife, but instead faced Patriarch Xie and said, “My daughter came to your Xie family as a guest, only to be bullied by a servant.”

Patriarch Xie was stunned when he heard this, then frowned and asked, “Who dares to be so bold!”

“Him, it’s him!” Ruan’s Third Miss pointed towards Feng Jiu who stood there and stayed silent.

Xie Yan came out from behind and spoke out.”Patriarch, he is not our family’s servant. He is our guest.”

Patriarch Xie took a brief look at him after hearing his remark and then looked at Feng Jiu. “This happened because of you. Shouldn’t you say something?”

Feng Jiu smiled and stepped out. “Patriarch Xie is right. This matter is indeed my responsibility. It will be unkind if I just stand there and watch.”

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