Mesmerizing Ghost Doctor

Chapter 2628 - Not A Good Person
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Chapter 2628: Not A Good Person

Ruan Ruyun saw Feng Jiu with shock and amazement. “My Master said that not even my father could see the hidden skill I practised. How did you see it?”

Xie Yutang couldn’t help but stare when he heard this. So, she was actually stronger than him?

Feng Jiu smiled. “It makes no difference how I know. However, since your Master wants you to conceal it, I believe he has his own reason. Don’t worry, we won’t mention you after we’ve left this place.”

“The problem is that we can’t get out.” Xie Yutang could only sigh. He would not have gone around and ended up trapped here if he had known this before.

Feng Jiu glanced at him and then stood up. “My luck is good. Maybe we will be able to get out again!”

Xie Yutang was stunned for a moment, but he remained silent and simply walked over to her. “Alright! I’ll go with you. Perhaps you’ll get lucky again and we’ll be able to leave this place.”

Ruan Ruyun stood up quickly when he noticed they were about to leave. Her hand unconsciously pressed the veil against the table, causing it to fall when she rose and revealed her face.

“Aah! Mother!”

Xie Yutang was taken by surprise. He instinctively yelled loudly and retreated several steps back. He stroked his chest and gazed at Ruan Ruyun with apprehension. “You, why’s your face like that!”

Ruan Ruyun was shocked and she quickly grabbed the veil. Feng Jiu grabbed her hand just as she was about to put it on again.

“What — what are you doing?” She stiffened and hung her head in bewilderment, covering her face with her hands.

Feng Jiu squinted and looked at Ruan Ruyun’s face, a dark glint flashed in her eyes. “Is this what you call the unmentionable disease? Do you realise this is a poison?” Her gaze was focused on Ruan Ruyun.

Her true appearance was no longer discernible. There were simply bluish-black marks scattered around the face. Unexpectedly, when Feng Jiu grabbed her wrist and quietly probed, she discovered that her primordial spirit had been imprisoned. In addition, she possessed a pure Yin body.

Ruan Ruyun looked at Feng Jiu in amazement. “What, what? Poison? How is that possible? This is a disease, a foul disease that no one can cure, not a poison.”

“Who told you it was a foul disease?” Feng Jiu raised her eyebrows.

“All of the physicians and pharmacists hired by my parents declared that it was a foul disease. Some believed that I was haunted by evil spirits and had incurable ghost spots on my face.”

She said sadly. After a brief pause, she turned her attention to Feng Jiu. “However, my Master stated that as long as I train diligently and break through the Golden Core, this illness will be cured. A few days ago, I was able to advance to the Golden Core, however, my appearance has not changed. Perhaps my face will never improve.”

Feng Jiu’s eyes narrowed and deepened; nothing could be gleaned about what she was thinking.

“You mentioned before that you had a sudden illness at age five, and that’s when your Master arrived?” She asked Ruan Ruyun.


She was perplexed by Feng Jiu’s question. She hesitatingly held the veil in her hand and inquired, “Can I, can I put it on now?” She was not accustomed to displaying such an unpleasant face in public. It made her feel inferior and out of place.

Feng Jiu looked at her and then took a long sigh. “I advise you to be careful. Your Master should not be a good person.”

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