Mechanical God Emperor

Chapter 1270: Slaying Black Ogre Emperor’s Avatar
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Chapter 1270: Slaying Black Ogre Emperor’s Avatar

“It’s really him!” “Only Black Ogre Emperor can be this strong. Only he can push three quasi-Empyrean rank powerhouses back with one blow.” “Can Empyreans already come out into the world?” “Is he already awake?” “…” When the spectating Holies and Great Holies saw that the three quasi-Empyrean rank powerhouses were pushed back with one strike, apprehension shimmered in their eyes. If an Empyrean revives now, no one will be able to stop them. “Firmament Holy, kneel!” With a fierce flash in his eyes, Black Ogre Emperor erupted with countless runes and uttered frigidly. In an instant, countless sound waves gathered, vibrated, turned into a 10,000-kilometer-long lance, and stabbed at Yang Feng. Yang Feng unleashed a halberd strike, and ten suns sundered the sky and slashed the 10,000-kilometer-long sound wave lance. Boom! A terrifying shock wave spread in all directions, crushed the magic barriers around Yang Feng, and blasted the person himself thousands of kilometers away. Blood spilled in the sky. The Spirit Osta Fortress quickly turned around, changed into a mysterious rune, and flew into Yang Feng’s body. The Spirit Osta Fortress is just a broken Eternal grade secret treasure. Every time it is used, it must rest for a period of time to restore its full combat power. If it keeps fighting, its origin force will be harmed. “So strong! So this is an Empyrean!” “So this is the power of an Empyrean! In front of an Empyrean, a mere Great Holy can’t withstand a single blow!” “…” The spectating Holies and Great Holies stared Black Ogre Emperor with wary in their eyes. Black Ogre Emperor’s eyes flickered with a dense murderous intent, and he uttered icily, “Firmament Holy, you dare to attack my subordinate. I’ll give you a chance to commit suicide! As long as you commit suicide, I’ won’t persecute your friends and family. Otherwise, not only will you die, but your friends and family will die, as well. Even the whole human race will be destroyed because of you!” In an instant, eerie winds rose within thousands of kilometers, and countless evil spirits with ferocious appearances and black fur came out of the void and they stared at Yang Feng, hair-raising flash in their eyes,. “Black Ogre Emperor, you didn’t stay in your coffin, but came out to throw away your life! That’s great! If I devour a live Empyrean, I’ll be able to take another step forward.” Yang Feng’s eyes flickered icily. He revealed a smile and erupted with countless runes, and wisps of fate aura diffused. The Blue Mirror of Fate suddenly emerged and imprinted Black Ogre Emperor. The Blue Mirror of Fate shone with countless runes, distorted, and showed the image of a strange, blurry coffin. “Firmament Holy, you’re courting death!” Black Ogre Emperor’s face fell, and he unleashed a fierce roar. Countless runes shone, and terrifying fluctuations of power diffused from the strange, blurry coffin. The light in Blue Mirror of Fate twisted and collapsed. With a glimmer of murderous intent in his eyes, Black Ogre Emperor appeared in front of Yang Feng in a flash and sent a claw containing countless wisps of dark qi stabbing towards Yang Feng’s heart. Countless heroic spirits emerged behind Yang Feng. Yang Feng absorbed the battle skills of the countless heroic spirits, unleashed a halberd strike, and crushed Black Ogre Emperor’s claw. Bursts of terrifying black demonic qi broke out, and a berserk force sent Yang Feng tumbling in the air. Like maggots feeding on a corpse, the black demonic qi turned into strange runes and eroded Yang Feng’s body. There Xi Shen Armor shone, erupted with countless devour runes, and devoured the black demonic qi. As if an invincible god, Black Ogre Emperor unleashed all kinds of offensive spells and hurled attacks at Yang Feng. One after another, black holes emerged, and then collapsed. Yang Feng retreated again and again, and blood spilled into the sky. Bai Bingxian’s pretty eyes shimmered with enigmatic light, and she said with a smile, “Truly formidable. As expected of an Empyrean. Faced against him, Firmament Holy can’t withstand a single blow.” Mofeceraja’s beautiful eyes flashed with a dignified color, and she stated, “No, the truly formidable one is Firmament Holy! He’s only a Great Holy, yet he’s able to hold on for such a long time against Black Ogre Emperor. If he promotes to a quasi-Empyrean, he will be an invincible overlord.” “Firmament Holy, why don’t you have your people step in? If they help you, you may be able to survive.” Black Ogre Emperor tore open a huge hole in Yang Feng’s body with a claw strike, and then glanced at Starmoon Sky Snake Great Holy’s group of three and spoke with a frigid smile. “Black Ogre Emperor, I don’t need the help of my people to fight you! You not only woke up ahead of time, but this is also just an avatar. You don’t have what it takes to kill me.” Yang Feng coughed up a big mouthful of black blood. As soon as the black blood was ejected, it twisted and turned into tiny corpse snakes that bit at Yang Feng. Black Ogre Emperor’s attack contains the power of distorted laws force. If an ordinary Great Holy was hit by the claw, the countless corpse snakes would have devoured them from inside. Devour light swept the tiny corpse snakes and devoured them. Black Ogre Emperor said coldly, “An avatar is enough to kill you! How long can your last in your current state? Once you exit this state, I’ll kill you with just one claw strike.” Yang Feng smiled proudly and said in reply, “It’s a shame, but you are now meat on my chopping block! You’re the one who is going to die!” Uneasiness surged in Black Ogre Emperor’s heart. Dark Canyon is one of Cangzhi Plane’s famous danger zones. It is shrouded in endless darkness all year round. Even if it’s a Holy, they will die if they enter the canyon. Three Great Holy rank powerhouses once entered Dark Canyon, yet two of them died. After the one that survived escaped from Dark Canyon, they went crazy. In their later years, they became a monster with black fur and disappeared. In the era of Great Cloud Dynasty, Dark Canyon was a forbidden area among the forbidden areas. No one dared to go there to look for opportunities. Even though the universe began to recover and countless Holies and Great Holies awakened, but no one comes here to look for opportunities. In the void 1,000 kilometers away from Dark Canyon, ripples rose, and a huge fleet appeared. The artillery of the huge fleet shone, and Holy Slaying Artillery beams blasted into the strange canyon. Boom! Along with shocking explosions, things in the canyon were vaporized. Countless black evil spirits and strange phenomena emerged in Dark Canyon. The evil spirits and strange phenomena were directly vaporized by the Holy Slaying Artillery beams. The coffins at the bottom of Dark Canyon were also turned into ashes under the bombardment. “Firmament Holy, you beast, you dare attack my home! You’re dead! Even though that person is protecting you, I’m still going to kill you!” Black Ogre Emperor’s eyes flickered fiercely, and he stabbed at Yang Feng with his claws lightning fast like a crazy evil spirit. Black Ogre Emperor extracted the energies within 100 million kilometers and formed an invisible wall that pressed towards Yang Feng. Black holes emerged and blocked in front of Yang Feng. Black Ogre Emperor tore the black holes apart, and then dug out a huge piece of flesh from Yang Feng’s body. No matter how Black Ogre Emperor attacked, Yang Feng firmly guarded his vital parts. Yang Feng stared at the other party as if he were looking at a dead person, and his eyes shimmered with derision. After a volley of artillery fire, coffins flew out of the canyon, and black ogre race powerhouses climbed out from the coffins. Booming sounds of engines rose in the sky as countless 6th generation battle robots dropped from the sky, turned into a torrent of steel, and attacked the black ogre race powerhouses. The black ogre race powerhouses are comparable to Infinity Warlocks. But since they have just awakened from their seal, they’re currently in a weakened state. They were torn to pieces by Yang Feng’s mechanical legion like weeds. A brilliant beam fell from the sky and blasted into the center of Dark Canyon. “You all have to die!” An ancient bronze coffin flew out of Dark Canyon, and a creepy voice sounded. The lid of the coffin opened, and a withered claw extended towards the sky. In an instant, a huge claw 1,000 kilometers in length pinched a warship in the sky. The warship burst, and terrifying demonic qi surged and crushed everything aboard the warship. Lights shone, and a swarm of ruler series battle robots shot towards the ancient bronze coffin. The ancient bronze coffin radiated brilliant light, broke out with countless runes, and formed a cyan barrier that blocked the attacks of the ruler series battle robots. When the ancient bronze coffin appeared, the strength of the Black Ogre Emperor’s avatar that attacked Yang Feng decreased greatly. “The opportunity came at last! Black Ogre Emperor, you can go to hell!” Yang Feng suddenly showed a somber smile. In a flash, he appeared in front of Black Ogre Emperor and unleashed a halberd strike. A torrent of time, spatial gates, stars, a black hole, and twisted, faint fate threads suddenly emerged. A green ray appeared, slammed into Black Ogre Emperor’s avatar, and sliced him in two. Yang Feng cast a karma spell, and countless runes glimmered in his eyes. He saw karma threads connected to Black Ogre Emperor’s true body and unleashed a halberd strike along the karma threads. “Yang Feng, damn you!” In the ancient bronze coffin tens of thousands of miles away, a miserable voice sounded, and a large amount of blood gushed out of the ancient bronze coffin.

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