Max-Level Learning Ability: Facing The Cliff And Repenting For 80 Years

Chapter 231 - 231: Meeting Across 300,000 Years (1)
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Chapter 231: Meeting Across 300,000 Years (1)

Translator: Nyoi-Bo Studio Editor: Nyoi-Bo Studio

Time is wood, and the Great Path is fire.

Burning the past.

That was the story of the Qinling Emperor and his sister.

The Qinling Emperor was rescued by his sister, who was several years older than him. However, the two of them became husband and wife under the witness of the clan elders, and they accompanied each other for decades.

It was these few decades that made the Qinling Emperor reminisce his entire life, unwilling to give up.

He had spent his entire life searching for those decades of life, even at the cost of his life.

It had only been a few decades since the Qinling Emperor became the number one expert. Compared to those Immortal Emperors who lived for a very long time, the Qinling Emperor’s life was very short.

He didn’t like fame and fortune, nor did he like fighting. Although he yearned for the outside world when he was young, after going through thousands of trials and hardships, he only wanted to hold his sister’s hand and spend the rest of his life.

After his sister’s death, the Qinling Emperor had been living in the past.

In this ancient city, Li Qingshan burned the memories between them. He used the Great Path Fire to burn in front of his sister’s grave.

The ancient city trembled.

At first, it was just a slight tremor. As the flames burned, it became more and more intense.

The lives of his sister and the Qinling Emperor were just a brief moment in the vast expanse of time. Although it seemed long in the endless flow of time, it was actually very short.

Li Qingshan’s face was illuminated by the raging flames. He looked at the surroundings silently. The 3,000 Great Paths were activated at full power, allowing him to sense the world that others couldn’t.

Monk Wu’o was also watching from the side. He didn’t say a word and didn’t want to disturb Li Qingshan.

He also hoped that Li Qingshan summon his sister back.

Even though the Qinling Emperor had already fallen for hundreds of thousands of years, if he knew that his sister still existed in a corner of the world, he would surely be delighted.

Monk Wu’o remained vigilant around Li Qingshan and didn’t want anyone to disturb him while he was fully focused.

The ancient city shook even more intensely, attracting the attention of the geniuses who had entered the city.

The thousands of people who had rushed into the ancient city earlier hoped to find some treasures.

However, after walking around the ancient city, they found nothing. It was empty. fre ewebn ovel

There wasn’t a single living person in this ancient city, nor was there a single magic treasure.

The various experts who had been secretly trying to rope in other people previously had ugly expressions on their faces at this moment. They had tried their best, but it was all for naught.

“The ruins left behind by a dignified Immortal Emperor expert are actually empty. Is it worthy of his status as an Emperor?”

“A rogue cultivator is a rogue cultivator. He’s so poor.”

“Even if the Qinling Emperor wasn’t remarkable, he should have left behind his scriptures to spread to the future generations so that everyone can learn from them.”

“What a waste of joy. There’s such a huge commotion, but there’s nothing. How unlucky.”

“But wait, this ancient city seems to have trembled.”

Someone noticed and said in surprise.

Soon after, the tremors intensified. Everyone’s expression was serious as they watched in bewilderment.

“What happened?”

“Did the Qinling Emperor get angry because I said that he was poor?” “It still feels very dangerous. It’s better to escape first. There’s nothing good here.”

At this moment, everyone quickly retreated and walked towards the city gate.

However, when they reached the city gate, they saw Li Qingshan burning something. A young monk was standing beside him with his hands clasped together and chanting scriptures.

“Monk, what have you found?” When the Heavenly Monster saw this scene, he was high and mighty as he questioned.

He was in the Ancestral Immortal Realm. If he questioned a Primordial Immortal, wouldn’t the other party answer obediently?

To their surprise, Monk Wu’o ignored him and continued to chant scriptures with his head lowered.

The Heavenly Monster was enraged as he glared at Monk Wu’o. His aura surged, and the pressure of the Ancestral Immortal Realm spread out, about to envelop Monk Wu’o and Li Qingshan.

Monk Wu’o frowned and turned to look at the Heavenlv Monster. His expression was cold as he said, “I have never interfered with you in the slightest, yet, you want to find trouble with us. You brought this upon yourself!”

The Heavenly Monster, though female in appearance, acted very masculine. He smiled disdainfully and stared at Monk Wu’o, “Monk, an Ancestral Immortal expert is asking you a question. How dare you not answer?”

“Is the Ancestor Immortal Realm very powerful?” Monk Wu’o said coldly.

“An Ancestral Immortal can crush you to death!” The Heavenly Monster said coldly. He was originally irritated because he had gained nothing. In addition to the Fox Lady’s cold attitude towards him, all the anger that he had accumulated earlier was poured out.

He took a step forward.


The Ancestor Immortal’s aura was vast and mighty as it enveloped the surroundings. Wisps of Dao light flowed around his body, making him look extremely terrifying.

At this moment, everyone in the ancient city was shocked. They all felt a majestic aura as if a demon mountain from beyond the domain of the stars descended and crashed down here with a loud boom. freewebnove(l).com

Those who were about to flee stopped in their tracks and looked over in great surprise.

“Who is this monk? He actually angered the Heavenly Monster?”

“The aura of an Ancestral Immortal is too vast and terrifying.” “This monk seems to be protecting the person behind him?”

“What is that person burning?”

The group of geniuses discussed animatedly. They stood in the distance and watched as the Heavenly Monster flew into a rage and used his aura to suppress Monk Wu’o.

The other Ancestral Immortal geniuses watched coldly. It wasn’t worth it to have a conflict with a Heavenly Monster over a monk they had never met before.

Even though the Ancestor Immortal’s aura had suppressed Monk Wu’o, his expression remained unchanged. He was still as cold as ever, but his eyes were filled with rage.

Faced with the aura of an Ancestral Immortal, he didn’t retreat. Instead, he took a step forward.


Behind him, a Buddha’s Golden Body appeared. It was no longer peaceful and serene, but now displaying the wrathful form of Mad -Eye Vajra..

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