Master's Untamed Wife

Chapter 864 An Outstanding Player
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Chapter 864 An Outstanding Player

Xiang Wai felt goosebumps when she was attacked by that loving gaze of Huang Shuyi. Let's face it, he was an idol. If he was part of a boy band, it means he had the looks aside from his talent. And in regular times, his looks would be overshadowed by his sleepiness. But when he wanted to, he could really play the card of his good looks well. For instance, right now.

The charm that worked on millions of his fans, how could it not be visible right now? But the point was, it wasn't working on Xiang Wai. Her heart had never skipped a beat for this man before her. Whether she was immune to his good looks or his laziness was too deeply rooted in his mind, it was hard to tell right now.

But whichever it was, it didn't matter right now at all.

Huang Shuyi used his fingerpad to press down on Xiang Wai's frown as he said, "Such a beautiful face, why frown so much?" Her eyes widened as he continued in that unusually charming voice, "You look very confused."

"I am," she replied.

He shrugged nonchalantly as he continued, "Why do you have such short hair? I can't even tuck your hair behind your ear."

"Why do you wanna do it?" she asked in confusion.

"For the better effect," he answered matter-of-factly.

Xiang Wai didn't understand his words at all but she did laugh at his nonsense. "It seems you're very much influenced by Yue Fai. He talks nonsense and you started as well."

Hyson actually stood up from the moment Huang Shuyi held Xiang Wai's hand so gently. But then his eyes wandered off to a person who appeared at the door and he sat back down in understanding. He even gave Huang Shuyi a thumbs up in his heart. Good player! He definitely chose an outstanding player for this round!

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At the door was Zhai Yanjun, why else would Huang Shuyi suddenly change his face?

From the distance between them, of course, Zhai Yanjun won't be able to hear what they were saying but he could definitely see the interaction between Huang Shuyi and Xiang Wai. Just the way Huang Shuyi looked at Xiang Wai was enough to make someone feel the crisis. How could Zhai Yanjun's heart be at peace?

It definitely was not peaceful and his turbulent heart was actually displayed in the way he held the backrest of the wooden chair. One could see his veins protruding. He looked like he was holding back from committing murder or something.

Hyson tsked at this brother of his and did not feel sorry for him at all. It was just round one and his brother already looked like he was losing. With this kind of mental ability, he actually dared to say that he was willing to let Xiang Wai go and find her happiness.

"Wai, I'm gonna ask you a serious question?"

Xiang Wai looked at Huang Shuyi's serious expression and raised her brow. "What is it?"

"Do you want to really move on from Zhai Yanjun?" he asked. "The question is not whether you can move on or not, the question is whether you really want to or not?"

Xiang Wai thought about it for a minute before shaking her head, "I really don't want to."

"Then even if I get beaten today, it'll be worth it," he said with a smile and even brought up her hand to his lips and dropped a deep kiss.

While Xiang Wai's eyes went round, they heard a bang and looked over.

There was still a smile in Huang Shuyi's eyes while Xiang Wai actually stood up in surprise. The loud noise came from Zhai Yanjun's direction. It wasn't anything serious, he just wanted to go over to beat Huang Shuyi but ended up bumping into a waiter. The waiter held a tray of three cups of steaming hot coffee that poured onto Zhai Yanjun's chest.

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"I'm sorry! Are you okay?" asked the waiter.

Zhai Yanjun moved his eyes away from Xiang Wai as his head sobered up because of the hot coffee that scalded his skin. As some rationality came back to him, he realized that he had no right to walk up to Xiang Wai and beat her blind date. They broke up for so long. What right did he have to show his possessiveness?

He waved off the waiter, "It's alright. I wasn't looking. It isn't your fault. I'll pay for the damage as well. I'm sorry." The waiter and the manager who came over after the commotion were both surprised by Zhai Yanjun's good nature. Although it was indeed Zhai Yanjun's fault, the waiter wasn't exactly guilt-free either. However, Zhai Yanjun not only accepted his mistake but also wanted to pay for it.

As if not understanding the situation at all, Huang Shuyi pointed out, "Mister, those were the cups of hot coffee. Are you sure you're okay? Aren't you scalded?"

Xiang Wai stared at Zhai Yanjun who shook his head, "No. It's okay." Then he added, "Sorry for disturbing you. I didn't know you were here. It was..." He wanted to say that it was Hyson who called him but he held himself back. If even now he couldn't understand the intentions of Hyson, he'd be a real idiot. Even if Hyson already labeled him as dumb, he had to retain some image. "Forget it. You continue."

"Tsk. Still acting tough as always," commented Huang Shuyi and Hyson at the same time.

Xiang Wai turned to Huang Shuyi, "You wait. I'll be right back."

"Sure," said Huang Shuyi good-naturedly.

She walked over to Zhai Yanjun who was discussing with the manager the mess he caused. She straightforwardly held his wrist and said to the people around him, "Excuse us for a moment!" With that, she dragged him away while Zhai Yanjun was still trying to understand the situation before him. She didn't leave any room for him to resist, not as if he could ever resist before her.

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