Master's Beautiful And Confident Wife

Master's Beautiful And Confident Wife
Chinese Novel

Master's Beautiful And Confident Wife

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    A conspiracy had brought her back from the countryside to replace his sister and marry the mysterious and eccentric Crown Prince.

    As a tough girl She expressionlessly stretched her muscles and planning to block whatever came her way.

    If that so called Crown Prince dared to touch her, she would definitely hit his head to the ground!

    However, the strange crown prince seemed to have some misunderstood about her...

    “My wife is obedient and sweet. Don’t scare her. ”

    “My wife will have her final exams tomorrow. I need to go back early to tutor her. ”

    “My wife is not knowledgeable and has a bad temper. But with me around, you have to indulge her. ”

    In the upper class of S City, they received a warning from the young master of the Bo Family almost overnight: Madam Bo is a treasure. Whoever touches her will have their hands cut off!

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