Master of Untold Daos

Chapter 18 - Feels like he’ll die in one hit!
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Chapter18: Feels like he’ll die in one hit!

How to distract Pitfall Mountain? If he were to make a ruckus there wouldn’t they discover he was the Prince and then invade the Yan Empire faster?

To complete this mission, he needed to first know Pitfall Mountain’s intentions. This, in itself, was utter nonsense, since he wasn’t a fiend belonging to Pitfall Mountain. If he were to go there as he was, based on the fact that fiends used fiend energy, he would appear like a flashlight in the night.

Hold on, couldn’t he practice any cultivation method? If a cultivator were to train in a fiend’s cultivation method, would it generate fiend energy?

With this thought, he left the Sect Leader and headed towards the Scriptures Pavilion to check if it had any fiend cultivation methods.

Sect Leader watched him leave and muttered, “Don’t know if it was right to tell him, but with an Archfiend overseeing Pitfall Mountain, he probably won’t be so angry that he would go there to die, right?”

The Scriptures Pavilion’s elder didn’t ask for Chen Ming’s badge as everyone in the sect knew that he would become the next Sect Leader.

Chen Ming entered the Scriptures Pavilion and went straight to the floor restricted to the Sect Leader. In this restricted area, only someone with his status could enter and began to search for fiend cultivation methods.

A while later, he found a demonic cultivation method called Demonic Blood Saber that could also form a Dao Seed once cultivated to completion. He mulled it over, but still placed it in his bosom. Who knew when he would need it.

A beast hide hanged on the wall, portraying a three-legged Golden Crow. The Fire Crow Art depicted had nine stages and of equal grade as his Dragon Form Art.

To prevent the Scriptures Pavilion’s elder from noticing the fiend energy, Chen Ming set up a layer of spiritual power.

Chen Ming spoke in his mind, “Comprehend the first stage of Fire Crow Art.”

“Ding! Comprehending the Fire Crow Art requires 5 merits, continue?”

“Yes, direct comprehension!”

Chen Ming felt an indescribable warmth inside him as if a spark was ignited. A huge Fire Crow took shape in his mind, having wings of fire burning towards the sky!

The difference between comprehending a fiend cultivation method and human one was immense.

Chen Ming looked inside him again, but this time at the Dao Palaces, and found there was an extra one, holding scorching fiend energy!

He could cultivate fiend energy!

But he found that he still displayed the energy signature from the Dragon Form Art.

Chen Ming inspected his four Dao Palaces and saw that the Dragon Form Art’s Dao Palace was at the front. He strained his mind and the Fire Crow Art ‘s Dao Palace drifted towards the first position. Along with it, his energy changed into fiend energy!

If a fiend would see him, he would definitely consider him to be a Great Fiend that took human form!

If a cultivator saw him, he would definitely attack, “Die, fiend!”

It’s possible!

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These missions told Chen Ming something. The so-called fame required him to experience events, then change the original direction of these events. That was the only way to improve his rank. Just that a big mission was difficult, and he couldn’t do such an important mission here. I also can’t get these pots and plants killed. To do this major mission needs me to go to the fiend’s territory, and Myriad Mountains doesn’t seem too bad of a place to go to.

After changing back to the Dragon Form Art, Chen Ming took the beast skin with him. The inner sect disciple competition was about to start.

When he returned to Lustrous King Peak, he took Zhuo Qingyao, and master and disciple descended the mountain. As they walked, Zhuo Qingyao asked, “Master, are you testing disciple’s heart again?”

Zhuo Qingyao still had some doubts about why Chen Ming didn’t use the flying sword. He laughed, embarrassed, “Seems like your heart is not steady. How about this, there will be a new rule for my disciples. Before you experience battle, you cannot travel on your sword!”

Zhuo Qingyao thought that her Master was doing it all to harden her determination and made sure to remember this rule.

When they arrived at the competition, there was a sea of people. The elders urged their disciples to use this chance to earn a name for themselves and reach a high rank. Only this would make the sect invest resources and time to foster them.

The disciples found it strange when they took notice of Zhuo Qingyao, “What’s going on? Zhuo Qingyao couldn’t be thinking of taking part right?”

“Who knows! But it doesn’t matter even if she does since she is still the same 1st stage of Dao Sense realm trash from a month ago!”

“They say that her meridians are broken and unable to cultivate!”

“It looks like Grand Elder Chen is still young. He might have profound and high cultivation and an extraordinary sword, but his judgment of character is poor!”

“It couldn’t be that Grand Elder Chen had suffered from deviated cultivation and lost it, right?”

Rage painted Zhuo Qingyao’s face. Chen Ming looked at them, They would die from just one punch, and yet these 2nd and 3rd stage of Dao Sense realm are making fun of Zhuo Qingyao!

Chen Ming didn’t care, as he sat in his chair in high spirits. His attention landing on Endless Swords Sect’s guarding array, beginning to study the Lake and Mountain Grand Array.

Yet moments later, Li Changgeng brought Wang Tian to the competition. Wang Tian looked at Zhuo Qingyao with jealousy and deep contempt.

Li Changgeng sat in his chair when Wang Tian demanded of Zhuo Qingyao, “You had better not join in this competition.”


Wang Tian had an arrogant smile, “If you can’t even handle new disciples, you will bring disgrace to Grand Elder Chen!”

Zhuo Qingyao was no push-over, “We will see.”

Li Changgeng watched them bicker, but didn’t add anything since he wasn’t one to bully the weak. He found that, until now, Chen Ming was the proud son of heaven in Endless Swords Sect and Yan Empire, but he now had the chance to surpass him, “If Wang Tian has the misfortune of fighting Qingyao, ha-ha-ha. Um, that is, I will tell Wang Tian to be lenient!”

Chen Ming cupped his hands, “Thank you Elder Li.”

Elder Li was pleased, “Ha-ha-ha, you flatter me. Wang Tian, don’t be too rough and make things difficult for Grand Elder Chen!”

Wang Tian cupped his hands, “Disciple complies, but if Zhuo Qingyao has no propriety, then I can only teach her!”

Feels like he’ll die in one hit!

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