Master of the End Times

Chapter 948 - The Dark Immortal’s Starglobe
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Chapter 948: The Dark Immortal’s Starglobe

Qin Feng could not help but smile. Of course, he did not want to hide things from Bai Li. He told her everything about what happened to him during the course of his time there.

Originally, he thought that Bai Li would definitely get angry if he decided to act out on his own without permission but she did not care about these things.

“I knew you were gonna do this! Forget it, all that matters is that you’re safe. We have a contract, so whatever you’re doing I’m able to sense it. This time, if you get into something dangerous, I’ll definitely show up and beat the crap out of you!”

“In order to not have you beat me up, I’ll also keep myself out of trouble!” Qin Feng said, his eyes softened. “Thank you for your accompaniment, Bai Li!”

Qin Feng started out as an orphan, but ever since his rebirth he gained a better life, obtained a stronger level and saved his best friend’s life. For him though, what really changed was the one who made a contract with him, Bai Li.

This was his family. His partner!

When Bai Li heard Qin Feng’s words, she seemed to sense what he was also thinking in his heart. Leaning over, she gave him a kiss on the cheek.

The two embraced, filling up the loneliness that they had been feeling for all this time.

While talking, Bai Li suddenly thought of something. “About the energy core of the Immortal turning into a starglobe, could it be the same with the starglobe that the Skeletal Fiend was talking about?”

“Hmm, I was waiting for you to return so I can properly ask the Skeletal Fiend. Last time I asked, it was pretty beat up, so it didn’t manage to say a lot. That or it’s actually hiding a lot of things from us!” Qin Feng said.

“Alright, this bastard actually thinks he can lie to us!”

Bai Li stretched out her hand and in her palm, a ten centimeter by ten centimeter cube cage appeared and inside it was the Skeletal Fiend.

The Skeletal Fiend did not shrink of course, it was just Bai Li manipulating the compression of space.

The Skeletal Fiend was like a frog under the well, if he had just looked he would see a massive Bai Li looking at him.

However, when he saw that the surroundings had changed he was overjoyed, thinking that the spatial beast had died and caused the space to collapse and he was finally able to escape.

“Hahaha, what a bunch of idiots, thinking that this can hold me down. Greed is the original sin, if only you didn’t go to that starglobe then you definitely wouldn’t have died, but who could resist such a temptation!”

The Skeletal Fiend cackled out loud.

Very quickly, consciousness blasted over like a rumbling earthquake and sent him bouncing around all over before he was sprawled out on the ground.

“Sure enough, you didn’t tell the truth last time!” Qin Feng said coldly.

The Skeletal Fiend’s laughter immediately halted and when it looked at its surroundings, its eye sockets seemingly widened.

Qin Feng and Bai Li were comparatively far too big, when he was not looking into the distance he did not notice the two people.

From where he was, he thought that the space barrier had been dissolved, but it was not. It turned into a silver cage. He was still in the other’s palm and all they needed to do was squeeze to kill him.

Right now, the current Bai Li made him feel dread, so did Qin Feng.


The Skeletal Fiend’s teeth clashed as he slammed his mouth shut. If he was not a dead body, he would have been swallowing hard by now with cold sweat dripping down his back.

Even though this was not actually happening, he was still visibly trembling. A sign of fear.

“Eight hundred year old creatures indeed have wisdom that we can’t imagine. Now, can you tell us about the Immortal’s starglobe!” Qin Feng said.

“You know about it?” The Skeletal Fiend secretly knew that this was not going to go well.

The Skeletal Fiend had lived for a long time, even maintaining a somewhat humanoid form. In fact, he too was a human back then.

However, the human race was one with strong ambition. When the Skeletal Fiend was a human, there was no way he could become an S-tier. As such, he relied on extreme methods to transform himself into an undead form, thus achieving S-tier.

As such, he successfully became a member of the Dark Coalition and knew a lot of things that S-tiers did not know.

Therefore, when the Skeletal Fiend saw Qin Feng and Bai Li, although they had great strength, they did not seem to be members of the Human Alliance so he tried to trick them as a form of revenge to get them both killed.

The waymark of the planet that the Skeletal Fiend mentioned was the crystal core of a dark ability Immortal. It had not been dead for very long, only for a hundred years. Many in the Dark Coalition knew about this.

However, in reality it was too dangerous.

As an object of darkness, any lifeform that set foot on that starglobe would get consumed.

The Skeletal Fiend did not dare approach it but in the void, he used a special method to blow up a region to retrieve a Hellstone from it.

Since the explosive force he used was too powerful, a spatial rift appeared and the Hellstone crashed into Qin Feng’s realm.

Previously, when he told Qin Feng about the waymark, he was hoping that Qin Feng and Bai Li would have gone to such a place. Even if they saw how dangerous it was and did not set foot on the starglobe, there were many Dark Coalition S-tiers that lingered around that place.

Whichever way, it was death.

What was unexpected was that Qin Feng did not go.

“Fiend, you better be honest about what you know. Too many uses of soul absorption and that little speck you call a soul will burn up into ashes!” Bai Li threatened.

“What do you want me to say? I have told you everything I know!”

Qin Feng chuckled coldly, “Of course, tell me if this Immortal has an inheritance or not, or that there is no inheritance at all and it is only just a place of death?”

The Aether Realm that Qin Feng was at before made it clear that the Immortal was indeed a snow lady. Snow ladies did not have many desires, but after having her homeland destroyed by a strong being with dark abilities, her heart was stained with hatred.

Hate did not blind her eyes or soul, she was still kind-hearted. So after she died, she left her inheritance in hopes that someone would obtain it and inherit her will to fight against Sky Demons.

Therefore, this so-called Immortal that the Skeletal Fiend was talking about, what kind of creature it had been, what its identity was and what it did after becoming the Immortal could be inferred. It was unclear if this was a kind of being to have left behind an inheritance or was it a being that did not want to be defiled by others even after death.

The Skeletal Fiend’s expression dropped as he looked at Bai Li.

Due to her massive size, the Skeletal Fiend was unable to avoid her silver gaze. When he thought about mustering up soul absorption, he shuddered and decided to speak the truth.

“The Immortal was part of the Abyss Dragon species. After it died, it transformed into a massive landmass. The Immortal’s crystal core is located on its head and it emits a powerful aura of death. Any living creature that approaches it would die!”

“So, I won’t lie to you when I say this. Only I can retrieve the Dark Sacred Stone. I will get it for you and you will let me go. This is a fair deal!”

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