Master of the End Times

Chapter 555 - Bottomless Dantian
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Chapter 555: Bottomless Dantian

“It’s Qin Feng! What is he thinking?” Bai Yu was shocked.

“Isn’t it a little too early to snatch the Sacred Armor?” Kui sneered and said.

He, too, believed Qin Feng would not last long.

They were not at all worried about another person getting into the mix. The plan was set into motion as soon as they stepped into this place. These prodigies were the best of the best and had come here numerous times. They had thought of such a plan after numerous failures and this was their best bet to obtain the Sacred Armor. They were not planning to return empty-handed this time.

The releasing of internal power had become extremely difficult inside this place. They were having a hard time controlling other prodigies at the moment. But when they thought about the potential reward, they gritted and persevered.

They were doing this for the ultimate prize—the Sacred Armor.

But they could not claim it just yet. The Sacred Armor was still too powerful and would assimilate them instantly.

A lot of prodigies had come here in previous years trying to land a hand on the trophy. But now, everyone was backing off as they did not wish to be used by the top-tier prodigies as cannon fodders.

Qin Feng was just a small wrinkle in their grand plan.

But soon, they realized it was not as simple as they thought.

“It’s already more than ten seconds!”

“Why is he not dead yet?”

“Fifteen seconds!”

The person inside the Sacred Armor was unusually tranquil. He did not move and did not shriek like those before him. The counting had gone beyond twenty seconds.

“How is that possible?!” The top-tier prodigies were flabbergasted.

Qin Feng, who was being surrounded by the Sacred Armor, was actually in deep pain.

Nevertheless, he was prepared for it this time so it was not as torturing as the one with the Lesser Sacred Armor.


In his consciousness, Qin Feng’s Diamond Starglobe spun frantically to absorb the colossal energy coming in from the Sacred Armor.

‘This is ten times scarier than the Lesser Sacred Armor!’

Qin Feng was shocked too. But his face was masked by the helm so the others were unable to see his terrified expression.

Qin Feng could feel that his physique that had been strengthened a few folds over could no longer sustain the massive energy of the Sacred Armor, even after the energy had been tamed by his absorb ability.

‘This won’t last!’

Qin Feng directed the energy out from the Starglobe to strengthen his consciousness.

His conscious realm vibrated vigorously and its power expanded continuously.

Vast energy was required for his emperor-tier consciousness to grow. But after being perfused continuously by the Sacred Armor’s seemingly endless energy flow, Qin Feng’s consciousness evolved instantaneously.

He attained C5-tier consciousness in only thirty seconds.

Those puppets from before had experienced numerous thirty seconds and did not deplete much of the Sacred Armor’s energy. The force continued to pour into Qin Feng.

‘It’s still not enough. My assimilation is too slow as compared to the influx of energy. My body is going to explode if this goes on.’

Qin Feng’s expression was contorted but his mind functioned rapidly to look for a solution. He needed to get himself out of this.

Luckily, other than his physique and consciousness, there was another compartment where he could store the energy.

‘This way!’ A stream of excess energy flowed down his body, entering a large meridian that entered straight into his dantian.

He could turn this energy into his internal power.

Ever since he obtained the gaea crystals, Qin Feng’s dantian had enlarged by ten times its original size. It now had enough space to accommodate a huge number of force pools.

After he arrived at Beihua, other than absorbing the internal force of Guang Wei when he killed him, Qin Feng’s internal power had been growing steadily based on the self-recycling of Asteroid Assimilation.

At the moment, he possessed 37 pools of internal power.

It was comparable to the internal force of a B3-tier aptitude user.

‘Let me see whether you can fill my dantian then!’ Qin Feng was spirited.

Qin Feng had never thought that such a day would come when he first got the gaea crystals. He wondered whether his dantian could accommodate the energy from the Sacred Armor.

‘I would very much like to see whether my dantian is deeper, or your energy stronger?’


The first flux entered his dantian and immediately formed an energy pool.

No. 38! 39! 40!

A pool had formed in a matter of seconds. But Qin Feng’s dantian was like a bottomless pit.

One second after another, Qin Feng had been wearing the Sacred Armor for more than a minute now.

Those conspirators controlling other prodigies in the dark as well as other intelligent species that were hiding far were stunned by what they were witnessing.

“It’s impossible. He is still holding on after a minute!”

“How could a mere human sustain the energy flux from the Sacred Armor? It gets stronger over the years and is probably way beyond the endurance of a C-tier by now!”

“He is still going on. One minute and a half already!”

“Two minutes!!”

Everyone was dazzled as they fixed their sights on the middle spot of the Sacred Armor. The vibrating armor proved that the person in it was still alive.

Three minutes!

Four minutes!

Five minutes!

The time passed quietly. Qin Feng was like the only person left in there. Everyone else was just watching in awe and did not make a sound, as if they had forgotten to breathe.

It had simply taken too long.

Nobody knew when the energy from the Sacred Armor would be bottomed out. Some were hoping that the person inside the armor would burst because of the gargantuan energy.

But nothing changed.

If he could withstand one minute, perhaps he could stay inside for another ten minutes.

“It still hasn’t burst!” Restlessness began to creep in among the conspirators. “Will he take ownership of the Sacred Armor if this goes on!?”

“Easy! Even if he obtains the Sacred Armor, we will just kill him and rob it from him then.”

“As if it will be that easy. Have you forgotten about the previous battle? It’s a disaster with so many prodigies around. We wouldn’t know who is going to sneak in and steal the armor away!”

They did search for the Lesser Sacred Armor after the fight from before but because it was too chaotic, they could not find the culprit in the end. Any prodigy on the scene with a piece of decent spatial equipment could have easily snuck it out and hid it.

“Besides, do you really think we can defeat the owner of the Sacred Armor easily?” The others realized the severity of the matter after receiving this message through consciousness. It was their plan to deplete the energy of the Sacred Armor through sacrifices. They certainly did not wish to see someone claim the ultimate prize right under their nose.

“Then we have to do it now! Kill him!”

Bai Yu’s killing intent blew off the chart.

“Charge!!” Her followers rushed out promptly in response to the order.

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