Master Of None

Chapter 1695 1695. Rise’s Interests
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Alice's face had a permanent frown. She saw how many people had been poisoned in this battle. She was sure that they weren't able to avoid it but it was still too many in her eyes. No one had expected that the undead decaying aura would carry so many poisons too.

"I promise that we will have time preventative potions ready the next time we face a ghost ship." Walker didn't help by saying this. Alice was busy singing but her eyes told him that she didn't want there to be a next time at all.

Walker was also thinking how glad he was that so many experienced healers had come with them. He lacked in depth experience in purifying poisons. When it came to a battle like this where the poisons were unknown, mixed with darkness mana, and also had strange death energy it was better that experienced healers handled it.

Yes, Walker had healing skills so he didn't hesitate to use them. But he was also lower on mana after using his mana and the ambient light mana to do one large attack. There was an upside though, his attack and Alice's singing had brought Rise back down from the sky where she had been absorbing starlight.

"It's night. That attack should have been drastically weakened. You used my mana and her mana to do that. Explain." Rise had felt the entire process. She never had moments where someone else had stronger control of light mana than her. The only being that had a closer connection was Horizon who was slumbering in Alice's spirit mark.

"Well…I'm not really sure." This made both Alice and Rise flinch a little. The surrounding dragonkin did too. They were all being healed with light elemental mana and were lost as to why Walker couldn't figure out his own use of the same mana that's as around them.

"I have seen the elemental thrown blades from the elves. The swords made as after images by your dragonkin. The swords and shields made of light when Alice sings. I took all of that and envisioned the same purifying effect as these white flames I learned while fighting undead. If there wasn't a ton of water everywhere, I would have used these more." Walker showed the flames he had originally learned as purifying not as light related flames. His thoughts had changed now that he knew more.

The flames had carried purifying light elemental mana. Not some mystical life energy. They just directly burned through the darkness mana at the core of undead before burning their bodies. This was the level of understanding he had at the moment. This wasn't to say he could even grasp the concept of life and death energies or manas if there was even a solid term for them like those.

From hearing this, Alice increased the beat of her song. She was happy that just seeing her sing and how she used her mana had helped Walker. She always worried that she was doing too little. It was funny to Walker since he valued Alice so much. Especially now as her dining slowly pulled away the poisonous lines around everyone's wounds and stitched them back together.

In contrast, Rise was still unhappy. She had sensed the strength of the attack. It was more than she expected. Especially in the dark where only starlight and the moon were a focus of light. That was why she had used the light elemental mana stored in her body to release and assist them.

A second of understanding bloomed on her face, "have you ever used the moonlight for skills or channeled moonlight in any form?" It was unexpected but Walker recalled the elves and how they had entire rituals to attract moonlight to certain trees. It was a requirement for their growth.

"When we were in the elven forest, we helped with a tree that needed moonlight and a special ritual for a single elf's growth. We have also spent time around the ocean during full moons and faced enemies during a full moon. I didn't directly use the moonlight but it would make sense that it did have an effect. I also have decent water elemental knowledge and I know the moon and water are connected to a degree."

It appeared that this matched up with Rise's thoughts. " The moon is deeply connected to light and water. It reflects the light of the sun from the day. It gathers it in the waters deep inside it and sends it back out. That is why it is unique light and water mana reacting to it. It is also unique."

Since Rise had meditated and absorbed all sorts of light elemental mana, she had long understood the core differences in them. She even understood some of the why and how of it. These things had been learned by her or passed down from fellow light elemental dragons. This knowledge came from those who had met unique beings such as a lunar goddess system holder. Or even monsters said to have come from the moonlight mana.

"Hmm so just having been in different situations where the moon light fell on me gave me help. I'll have to ask you to teach me more about it." This surprised Rise. She didn't expect that Walker would instantly want to be taught. However, Alice was also looking at her with desire. Furthermore, her dragonkin had fixed fazes on her as well.

"As Amy royal dragon would, I will share my knowledge. It will advance your understanding and show the world the strength of every dragon. However, that will come later. There is healing and purification to do." Rise remained somewhat cold but returned to the air leaving behind another bit of light elemental mana which was easily used by Alice to keep healing.

"That seems to have gone well." Leon and Su were standing nearby. It appeared they had been waiting for the chance to speak while also listening carefully. They too wanted to understand how everything had happened with the attack squad that had left the ships to deal with the ghost ship.

"Yes. Yes it did go very well." Walker was partially dazed. He wasn't exactly sure but felt that Rise had become embarrassed after speaking about teaching. It was a very odd change of personality. Or maybe it was who she really was now that she had let down some of her strict and cold walls that blocked off others.

With her mana nearly empty and the other healers prepared, Alice stopped singing. She had managed to purify everyone that was brought or came right to her. It was a massive example of her strength when it came to her skills and light elemental mana.

"You are the reason that my soldiers did not suffer in The waters. Your songs more than helped purify the poisons that could have crept in to their gills. Even Remey said that her potions were more of a precaution." A wave from the breast Remey proved this along with a nod from Su who had been helping with the application of potion soaked bandages.

"Thank you very much." Alice beamed with pride. These moments were like gold to her. It was a much better feeling to know she had saved and helped people than to feel she had failed. Or even worse, to blindly collect gold when she used her skills like some worse healers.


"I also wanted to take Walker away. This incident proved that there is more than just a continent of monsters here. Those were humanoid shapes that those zombies had. Wings similar to a harpy, bones thicker on some, and even a few that clearly still had fins." Walker knew this was coming. He was sure the other leaders would have questions.

Since Alice had finished what she could do, she followed Leon, Walker, and Su toward a group of people. Scylla, the king of the surface, Mordant, and Current were already waiting for them. Gil, Onyx, Midnight, and a few others also rushed over seeing that they might get answers.

Walker looked at them calmly. They all knew he would have some form of answers for them due to his all around appraisal skill. He couldn't have missed so much as he analyzed the ghost ship, the undead, and even the ghost ship captain.

"This continent is called Sigil. It is home to the Rize and Fel empires. I believe these are the two split ancient races' descendants. They might be at war still or not. But I feel that the Rize empire is named as such because they believe they rise above others and the Fel because they have fallen from previous ideals to make their own. It makes sense with what I've learned from ruins when they split up. I also have an idea of their race. I believe they are angels of sorts."


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