Master of Lust

Chapter 47 Ride all night
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47 Ride all night Chapter - 47

Rick stood there in front of the showrooms in double-mind, gazing at the dazzling array of cars on display. The choices seemed endless, and his mind had a whirlwind of thoughts.

'Exotic, fast two-seater sports car? Sleek and classy sedan? Or maybe something completely unexpected? What should I go for?'

Rick had come alone to buy himself a nice car, but with so much option, he was lost in the pros and cons of each. They were all so good.

As he contemplated his options, a mischievous grin tugged at the corners of his lips. "Why settle for something small?" he mused to himself. Suddenly the idea of having all his women ride together in the same car ignited a spark of excitement within him. He could already picture the chaos and hilarity that would ensue.

With that thought in mind, Rick's choice took an unexpected turn. He was no longer in the market for a sleek sports car; he wanted something big, muscular, and capable of accommodating his entourage of women. And what better choice than the Range Rover series?

Rick then skipped the Mercedes, Ferrari, and Porsche showroom, and sauntered into the Land Rover showroom, exuding confidence as he approached a salesperson. "Hey there, my friend! I'm in the mood for something big and bold. Show me what you've got in the Range Rover department."

The salesperson, taken aback by Rick's enthusiasm, quickly led him to the Range Rover section of the showroom. Rick's eyes widened as he took in the sight of the rugged and imposing vehicles.

"Ah, now we're talking!" Rick exclaimed, running a hand appreciatively over the sleek exterior of a Range Rover. "These babies have the muscle and the class. Perfect for a man with a harem of women!"

The salesperson raised an eyebrow when he heard Rick blurt out something unexpected, but thinking that maybe the kid was joking so he decided to roll with Rick's eccentricity, "Indeed, sir. Range Rovers are known for their versatility and luxury. Is there a specific model you're interested in?"

"I have no idea. Would you mind introducing some to me?" Rick asked as he looked around.

The salesman raised an eyebrow as Rick confidently strolled through the showroom, admiring the impressive lineup of Range Rovers. He couldn't help but be curious about Rick's budget. After all, these big boys didn't come cheap.

"Sir," the salesman began, his tone polite but tinged with curiosity, "May I ask about your budget? Range Rovers are available in a variety of price ranges, and we want to ensure you find the perfect fit," the salesman tried to politely ask. free(w)

Rick grinned, when he heard the man, "No problem at all! I'm looking for something around $90,000 to $100,000, maybe even a bit more if I really like it. Money's not an issue for me."

The salesman's eyes widened, clearly impressed by Rick's nonchalant attitude toward spending a substantial sum. "Very well, sir. We have a range of options that should suit your budget and preferences."

As they continued to explore the showroom, Rick couldn't help but chuckle to himself. Money, after all, wasn't a problem for him. He had an unusual and highly unconventional way of making cash—by having sex.

Rick was the proud owner of a system that rewarded him with a hefty $50,000 every time he indulged in the pleasures of the flesh. It was like hitting a financial jackpot with every intimate encounter. To Rick, it was no big deal. He simply saw it as an easy way to make money and fund his extravagant lifestyle.

'Who needs a nine-to-five job when you can make money in the most enjoyable way possible?' Rick thought, his grin widening.

He only needed two sessions of intense love making with Amanda, or maybe even Gloria now for that matter and he would easily make more than what he was going to spend today on his car. freewebnovel.c(o)m

Meanwhile, the salesman's eyes widened ever so slightly, as he watched Rick grin to himself lost in his own thoughts.

At first when Rick walked into the showroom, he was a bit hesitant to entertain him. Rick looked quite young to come and buy a Land Rover from their showroom. But he decided to not let his personal prejudice mask his judgement. There were just so many of these kids making a killing just by shaking their hips and lip-syncing in front of camera.

So the man quickly regained his composure. "Sir, We have a range of options within that price range, and I'm confident we can find the perfect vehicle for you. Let's start with our lower-priced models and work our way up."

"The first one is Range Rover Classic. First introduced in the 1970, the Range Rover Classic was what actually defined the later models of the company. The car is epitomized for opulent off-roading, with an aristocratic aura, it blended timeless style with rugged capability. The iconic split tailgate beckoned adventurers, whether scaling rocky peaks or cruising urban streets. This vintage icon now fetches upwards of $50,000 in ex-showroom cost, without any added accessories.

"Nice," Rick nodded in appreciation of the car, and his behaviour made the salesman somewhat relieved. He then moved on to the next car.

"Going a little higher on the price range is this beauty Range Rover Evoque," The salesman then spent the next minute telling Rick all about the car, "Ex-showroom, this will cost you around $70,000. Of course, not adding any other accessories."

"Looks nice," Rick suggested, "Why don't we put this one on my wish list for now?"

"Certainly," the salesman agreed and moved on to the next model, "This one is one of the latest series introduced, Range Rover Velar."

"This one is..." And the salesman told Rick all about the car, "With this car, you have suddenly jumped to the nineties... This one costs a hefty $95,000 something. It's one of our premium cars."

"And talking about premium, slightly above your budget is another premium beauty, Range Rover Sport. And this one here is the Carbon Edition. With a menacing V8 engine under its sleek hood, it delivers an exhilarating 0 to 100 Kmph sprint in under four seconds. Carbon fiber accents adorn the exterior, enhancing its sporty appeal. Inside, the cabin is a perfect blend of carbon fiber and quilted leather. If you are willing to spend a little more than what you originally thought, I would suggest you go with this one. Priced at $125,000, this is the absolute beast you are looking for. Nothing comes close." The salesman said, showing Rick the last piece.

"Isn't this what all the salesman say?" Rick smirked at the salesman as he raised his eyebrow.

And his words made the salesman blush, "That's not how..."

But Rick interrupted him as he grinned, "I am just joking... I know you have a job to do as well. Well, I think I will take this one, Rick said pointing at the last car the salesman showed him, "But I can already see myself cruising in this baby. "

The salesman was delighted to see Rick's enthusiasm and he was glad that he saved this one for the last, but the last obstacle still remained. Will this kid pay?

Rick put his hand on the car and slid his hand along the body, "It will feel like royalty when I am on the road."

"Does it come with a built-in massage chair for the ladies?" Rick asked with a wink.

The salesperson chuckled. "I'm afraid not, sir. But it does have heated seats and a premium sound system."

"Ah, heated seats? Perfect for those chilly nights, don't you think?"

The salesman chuckled politely, clearly accustomed to Rick's sense of humor. "Indeed, sir. Heated seats are just one of the many comforts these vehicles offer."

He cleared his throat and said, "Well, sir, if you have decided upon your choice. Shall we talk more inside my office?"

"Sure, why not?" Rick nodded, "But I will pay it all in cash, is that okay for you?" Rick said, as he slid his bag off his shoulder and gave it a pat.

"All cash?" The salesman was a little perplexed as he looked at Rick's bag.

"All cash," Rick nodded. In fact his bag had nothing. He was just going to pull out the money from his system, and show as if he was taking out the money from his bag.

The salesman thought for a while before finally nodding, "Alright, lets do it," he said with a smile.

Hearing him, Rick couldn't contain his excitement. "I'm sold! Let's do this. Wrap it up, my good man!"

And with a few swift strokes of paperwork and dumping all the money in front of the man, Rick was soon handed the keys to his dream car.

"Time to hit the road in style!" Rick exclaimed as he fired up the engine, eliciting a contented purr from the vehicle.

The salesman watched as Rick drove away in his opulent Range Rover, feeling a mixture of astonishment and admiration.

As the car disappeared into the distance, the salesman couldn't help but chuckle to himself. "Well, that's one way to buy a car. The salesman thought as he recalled the scene of Rick taking out money from his bag.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Rick eased his new Range Rover through the bustling traffic, enjoying the commanding view of the road ahead. The luxurious interior enveloped him like a cocoon of comfort, and he couldn't help but feel like a king on his throne.

Finally, he spotted the perfect spot to pull over and decided to give someone a call. He reached for his phone and dialed the number.

"Hey there. Where are you?" Rick greeted, his trademark casual charm in full swing.

"Oh, so you finally remembered my existence?" Came the somewhat aggrieved response from the other end.

"Don't be mad. I am waiting for you outside," Rick said, a mischievous glint in his eye.

"Oh, really? What's the occasion?" The voice on the other end sounded nonchalant.

"I've got a surprise in store for you," Rick replied, a hint of mystery in his tone.

"A surprise? What is it," this time the response was a bit more intrigued.

"It's a little something that's gonna have us burning the midnight oil. The stage for a night of passion," Rick whispered playfully.

"..." "Hello? You still there?" Rick asked again when he heard no response.

"I am on my way."

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