Master of Lust

Chapter 46 New Ride
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46 New Ride

Chapter - 46

As Rick walked out of the convenience store, a sense of disappointment hung over him like a dark cloud. He couldn't help but let out a heavy sigh as he replayed the events of the day in his mind.

Everything had been going so smoothly, and he had felt like he was on the verge of scoring Gloria. The flirtation between them had been electric, and he had leaned forward with every intention of sealing the deal with a kiss, and perhaps even taking it one step further.

But then, like a sudden thunderstorm on a sunny day, Gloria's daughter's call had interrupted their charged moment. The name with a heart sign on her phone's screen had brought their flirtatious dance to an abrupt halt.


Rick had watched as Gloria answered the call, her voice filled with concern and love for her daughter. It was a reminder that there were priorities in her life that took precedence over their playful flirtation, a reality that had extinguished the fire of desire that had burned so intensely between them.

He couldn't blame Gloria for putting her daughter first; it was what any responsible parent would do. But it didn't make the disappointment any less palpable.


Quest: Help Gloria regain her sanity

Time Duration: Within 5 minutes after the call ends

Rewards: Ero Points: 10,000; 1 Lottery Spin; Cash: $30,000

You ask why the system is so generous? Because a loser like you is willing to let go of the opportunity to fuck such a sexy MILF. Good going, loser! But hey loser, there is a penalty as well.

Penalty: Ero points: -25,000; No cash reward for next 3 quests. ]

Rick looked at the quest and the frown on his face darkened. Not because of the rewards, they were absolutely mouth watering, but because of the way this system sometimes treated him. Not always, but the system would occasionally diss him, somehow trying to show Rick his place. But wasn't he the master of this piece of shit?

Rick hoped to somehow beat the shit out whoever it was that spoke in that mechanical voice. But the quest was his priority for the time being. The penalty was quite harsh on this one.

More so, he might not want to do it anymore, but he knew that Gloria would still be feeling the effects of their intense flirtation, her desire heightened and her thoughts likely consumed by the rising temptation that had sparked between them.

So even if the system didn't give him such a quest, he wasn't going to leave Gloria like he left Lisa. Gloria wasn't Lisa. Gloria wasn't a guinea pig for his experiment. Gloria was just something else. Way better than Lisa.

So, while Gloria continued her conversation with her daughter on the phone, Rick's mind was already racing. He knew exactly what he needed to do, and he wasted no time. With a quick, discreet glance around to ensure no one was watching, he opened the Lust system.

The pale blue interface appeared in front of him, something Gloria was not able to see.

Rick did not waste a moment to needlessly look through his system. He quickly opened the shop and skimmed through the various sections: Power/Skill cards, Weapons, Cultivation Techniques and Summoning. He quickly jumped to the Random section.

Opening the Random section, Rick began to search through its offerings. It was a digital treasure trove, a place where the unexpected and the extraordinary could be found. Rick's heart raced with anticipation as he scrolled through the options, each one more intriguing than the last.

In the Random section, there was literally everything he could hope for. From clothes, mobiles, gems, jewelry, to random skills that could not be found in any of the other sections. Maybe he might even find a private jet in there. Everything that the world had to offer to any person was available in the Random section and much more.

But Rick knew what he was looking for, and he had a feeling it would be tucked away in the depths of the "Random" section. He continued to scroll, his eyes scanning the descriptions with an eager intensity.

But there was such a vast number of items in front of him, making it hard for him to find the skill card he was looking for.

'Wish there was a search option like those e-commerce site,' Rick thought. And just as he wished, A search bar appeared in front of him.

[You just need to ask]

Rick heard a voice full of smugness in its tone. 'Whatever,' Rick brushed off system's smugness and thought in his mind, 'I want something that could help me reduce the temptation of my women.'

And in no time, a few options appeared in front of him.

1. Desire Disarmament (Mortal): This skill allows the user to subtly influence the target's thoughts and emotions, gently diverting the targets attention away from her desires. It was a subtle, low-level skill that wouldn't leave a noticeable impact on her. Reduces the Temptation by "50", works on targets with Romance Radar "0".

Cost: 7,000 Ero Points; Duration: 10 minutes 2. Lust Lullaby (Mortal): With this skill, the host can dampen the target's emotions and desires, creating a temporary sense of emotional numbness. It was a more effective option than the Desire Disarmament skill. Reduces the Temptation by "70", works on targets with Romance Radar "0".

Cost: 10,000 Ero Points; Duration: 10 minutes

3. Sensation Serenity (Earth): This skill allows the host to directly suppress the target's desires, providing immediate relief from the overwhelming temptations she felt. Reduces the temptation by "50", works effectively on targets with Romance Radar "1" or less.

Cost: 30,000 Ero Points; Duration: 25 minutes

4. Temptation Nullification (Earth): This skill completely nullifies the target's temptations and desires for an extended period. reduces the Temptation to "0". Works effectively on targets with Romance Radar "1" or less.

Cost: 50,000 Ero Points; Duration: 30 minutes

Rick looked at the options available to him and without a second thought, dismissed the last two. They were just overkill, not worth the reward for the quest.

Now the choice was between the "Desire Disarmament" and "Lust Lullaby". Both of them could work in this situation. But the downside of Lust lullaby would be that Gloria would be left with next to none temptation towards him. Right now, Gloria's Carnal Calibrator was at a staggering "90". Even if he removed "50" of it, he would be left with a safe and solid "40" points. And that was a good thing, considering, he had set his eyes on her.

So, after a careful consideration, Rick decided to purchase the "Desire Disarmament" skill. It struck a balance in his favour, and he believed it would provide Gloria with the relief she needed without raising suspicion.

And so Rick spent the 7000 Ero points. He got the skill card in his inventory and within no time, it was in his hands. With the skill in hand, Rick activated it, and a subtle wave of energy emanated from him.

Just as Gloria ended the call and wanted to say something, Rick got up and placed his hand over her shoulder. He looked her straight into her eyes and without any suspicious movement, comforted her.

The warmth reached out to Gloria, enveloping her in a calming aura. The effect was immediate but gentle, like a soothing balm to her emotions.

Gloria's eyes, which had once been filled with desire and longing, began to lose their intensity. The fire that had burned within her began to wane, replaced by a sense of emotional numbness. She blinked in confusion, as if trying to grasp what had just happened.


[Flashback end]

Rick's encounter with Gloria had left him with mixed feelings. On one hand, he was disappointed that their fiery flirtation had been extinguished before it could ignite into something more. On the other hand, he was relieved that he had exercised restraint, knowing the consequences of letting their desires run rampant. He took a deep breath, shaking his head to clear his thoughts, and decided it was time for him to head home.

But just when he thought about going back to his apartment, it struck to him that he didn't have his bike anymore.

And so, it was time for him to get a new ride.

With a casual wave, Rick flagged down a passing cab. He leaned in, giving the driver an easygoing grin as he settled into the backseat. "Hey there. Would you mind taking me to Speedster Street?"

The taxi driver, a seasoned city dweller with a grizzled beard, shot him a glance in the rearview mirror. "Sure... You got it, buddy!"

"Then step on it," Rick commanded.

"Hehehe... Looks like we're in for a treat today, eh?" The driver grinned as he turned his taxi.

Rick chuckled, feeling the excitement build within him. "You have no idea!"

As the taxi pulled to a stop, Rick paid the fare and hopped out onto the bustling street. He took a moment to admire the sheer variety of vehicles on display. Low-end bikes? Check. Roaring engines? Double-check. It was a car lover's dream come true.

The street was a paradise for anyone with a penchant for automobiles. It had everything, from low-end bikes to high-end luxury cars that cost more than a small house. Rick was here for an upgrade, and he was ready to splurge on something expensive and eye-catching.

As he strolled down the street, his gaze darted from one showroom to the next. Each one had its unique charm, and Rick couldn't help but admire the sleek designs and polished exteriors of the cars on display.

He paused in front of a showroom that had a lineup of shiny sports cars, each one more exotic than the last. Rick whistled appreciatively. "Now we're talking. These babies could give a jet a run for its money!" free

But as he shifted his gaze to the showroom next to it, it was a treat of classy and comfortable sedans. Now Rick was confused.

"Where should I go first?"

* * * * *

Q. Which car should Rick go for?

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