Master of Lust

Chapter 29 Toy Store
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29 Toy Store

<nullb>Chapter - 29

Rick's mischievous grin widened as he stood in front of the sex toy shop, his gaze fixed on the colorful display in the window. The array of tantalizing items seemed to beckon to him, igniting his curiosity and sense of adventure. Beside him, Amanda's cheeks flushed a deep shade of pink as she realized what had captured his attention.


<nullb>Quest: Bring Amanda to the sex toy shop

<nullb>Time Duration: 10 minutes

<nullb>Reward: Ero points: +100; Cash: $1000


"Rick, are you serious?" Amanda's voice came out in a hushed whisper, a mixture of surprise and embarrassment lacing her words.

Rick turned to her with a playful glint in his eyes, his lips curling into a wicked smile. "Why not? It's just a shop like any other. Nothing to be embarrassed about."

It was not because of the quest, it was not that great anyway. He just wanted to go in and take a look.

Rick looked at her, his grin widening. "Come on, Amanda! Don't you want to explore the mysteries of the adult world?" He wiggled his eyebrows suggestively, making her giggle despite herself.

"I don't," Amanda rolled her eyes and playfully swatted his arm. "You're such a troublemaker."

Amanda bit her lower lip, her gaze shifting between the vibrant displays and Rick's unapologetic expression. She couldn't deny the curiosity that was piqued within her, but the idea of stepping into a store filled with intimate items made her feel like her cheeks were on fire.

Before she could protest further, Rick gently took her hand and pulled her inside the shop. The soft chime of a bell announced their entrance.

The interior of the shop was dimly lit, the walls lined with a variety of intriguing products that ranged from tantalizing lingerie to adventurous bedroom accessories. Amanda's eyes widened as she took in the array of items on display. It was a world she hadn't explored before, and she couldn't help but feel a mix of curiosity and self-consciousness.

Rick picked up a feather tickler, by the door and waggled it in Amanda's direction, his grin growing even wider.

"Think this could add some excitement to our romantic evenings?" he teased, making Amanda burst into a fit of laughter.

"Rick, you're incorrigible," she managed to say between giggles.

Rick playfully shrugged. "Hey, a little adventure never hurt anyone, right?"

Amanda's cheeks flushed as she tried not to let her gaze linger on any one item for too long. Rick chuckled beside her, sharing in her mixture of excitement and nerves.

"Whoa, this place is like a grown-up playground,"Rick whispered, nudging Amanda with his elbow.

Amanda stifled a giggle, her eyes wide as she took in the displays. "Yeah, I wasn't expecting it to be this... this vibrant."

As they ventured deeper into the shop, they noticed a sales girl with a vibrant personality, standing behind the counter. She had brightly colored hair and an outfit that could only be described as edgy.

She wore a fitted black tank top with a cheeky slogan in neon pink letters that read "Flirt Like You Mean It." The top's low neckline revealed a hint of colorful tattoos that peeked from her collarbones, adding to her edgy allure.

Her hair, a riot of colors ranging from electric blue to hot pink, was styled in a messy bun atop her head, held in place by an assortment of quirky pins and clips. A few strategically placed streaks of matching neon hair color framed her face, accentuating her features in a playfully unconventional way.

Around her neck, she wore a chunky silver chain with a pendant that featured a miniature handcuff charm, adding a touch of kinkiness to her look. Her ears were adorned with a mix of studs, hoops, and dangling earrings, each piece reflecting her eclectic taste in accessories.

The sales girl's edgy outfit was completed with a pair of high-waisted black denim shorts that exuded a rebellious attitude. They were high-waisted and made of distressed black denim that hugged her curves in all the right places. But what really caught your eye were the neon green fishnet tights she wore underneath, peeking out from the strategic rips in the shorts.

"Hey, y'all! Welcome to Pleasure Haven!" the sales girl greeted them with a cheerful grin. "Lookin' to spice up your love life?"

Amanda's cheeks turned an even deeper shade of pink, and Rick cleared his throat, trying to maintain a composed expression. "Uh, yeah... Not really... We thought we'd, you know, check out what you have."

The sales girl leaned against the counter, giving them an amused look. "Alright, well, you're in for a treat. We got it all β€” <nulli>vibrators, dildos, butt stuff, whips, candles, wax, sexy lingerie, <nullb>you want it? I have it."

Rick and Amanda exchanged a quick glance, their eyes wide with a mix of amusement by the boldness of the girl. She looked no older than eighteen, but she looked way more experienced for the likes of Rick and Amanda.

"Um, we're just browsing, thanks," Amanda managed to say, her voice a little shaky.

The sales girl raised an eyebrow, a mischievous twinkle in her eyes. "Sure thing, take your time. And hey, if you need any help, just holler. I'm here to make your wildest fantasies come true."

Rick coughed, attempting to stifle his laughter. "Thanks, we'll keep that in mind. I might even invite you to spice things up," Rick said, winking at the girl, earning a giggle from her. But when he looked at Amanda, she was throwing glares at her.

Rick cleared his throat, trying to redirect the conversation, "So, uh, what's popular in your shop?"

The sales girl grinned, leaning in as if sharing a secret. "Well, let me tell you, butt plugs have been flying off the shelves lately. People are gettin' quite curious, you know?"

Amanda's eyes widened, and Rick couldn't help but chuckle at her reaction. Amanda shot him a playful glare before turning back to the sales girl.

"Um, really? Butt plugs?" Amanda asked.

Rick when saw Amanda curious about the butt plug, he wasn't much surprised. He knew from the information that the system gave him, that Amanda wanted to try anal. He tried to pursue her into anal sex that night when both of them lost their virginity, but she was very bashful about it. So they went for round two, but there was no anal.

'Well, I am going to take it from you, sooner or later,' Rick smirked.

On the other hand, the sales girl nodded, her grin widening. "Oh, for sure! They're versatile, can be used solo or with a partner, and they come in all shapes and sizes. We even got ones with cute little jewels on 'em."

Amanda bit her lip, glancing at Rick, wanting to say something.

"Hmmm... Interesting," Rick raised an eyebrow at her, his eyes dancing with amusement. "You feeling adventurous, babe?"

Amanda wanted to nod, but when she heard him tease her, Amanda rolled her eyes, her cheeks still pink. "Oh, shush. We're just looking."

The sales girl leaned in conspiratorially, lowering her voice to a stage whisper. "Well, if you're gonna take the plunge, remember, lube is your best friend."

And Rick burst into laughter, and Amanda couldn't help but giggle too, "Thanks for the advice. Let us look around."

The sales girl winked, her playful demeanor infectious. "Anytime, lovebirds. Enjoy your 'exploration'!"

Rick and Amanda strolled through the rows of enticing displays in the sex toy shop, their curiosity piqued by the vast array of products that ranged from playful to provocative. The shelves showcased an assortment of lingerie, dildos, vibrators, and other items that left them both amused and intrigued.

"Who would've thought there would be so much variety in a place like this?" Rick remarked his tone a mixture of astonishment and amusement.

Amanda chuckled softly, her cheeks turning a shade of pink as she glanced around. "I know, right? It's like a whole new world of possibilities. But since you practically dragged me here, are you telling me this your first time? C'mon don't lie to me." Amanda asked.

"Well, it's the truth. It is indeed my first time here," Rick nodded.

"Then what brought you here?" Amanda curiously asked.

"Truth to be told, I am here because of you," Rick mischievously grinned at Amanda.

"Me? Why?" Amanda was confused.

"You look like someone who wants to get her ass drilled," Rick leaned in and whispered, "I am just preparing for the drilling."

"You stupid, idiot, pervert Rick," Amanda was shocked by what Rick just said. She raised her hand to hit Rick, but the latter was quick to run away.

Amanda ran after Rick as the two of them wandered deeper into the shop. Rick decided to get a hit, in hopes of enjoying the sight in front of him.

Soon, they were in the lingerie section. Their eyes widened at the sight of lingerie in alluring designs and vibrant colors. They exchanged amused glances as they explored the shelves, occasionally pointing out items that caught their attention.

"Check out those lacey teddies," Rick commented with a smirk, causing Amanda to playfully nudge his arm.

"Hey, Amanda, imagine surprising me with one of these," he teased, his voice carrying a playful tone as he picked up a sexy red lingerie.

Amanda swatted him playfully, her embarrassment giving way to laughter. "Oh, stop it! Let's just look around and leave. I am not buying anything, we are only here to divulge into your curiosity."

"We will see about that," Rick shook his head, his gaze shifting to the shelves of bondage and BDSM gear nearby. "And look at all these restraints and handcuffs. People really do like to experiment."

"That they do," Amanda nodded looking at the furry, pink handcuffs, she looked lost looking at them.

Rick raised an eyebrow, a playful glint in his eyes, "What? Thinking about trying out some new tricks? Whatever it might be, I want to be policeman."

Amanda chuckled, her cheeks reddening once again. "Oh, hush! You and your dirty mind. Let's keep moving." freewebnove(l).com

"Why so embarrassed?" Rick muttered under his breath.

Amanda's gaze shifted to a display of beautifully designed vibrators, some with sleek shapes and others boasting more innovative forms. "Wow, they've really taken innovation to another level here."

Rick nodded in agreement, his eyes scanning the variety before landing on a particularly interesting rabbit vibrator. "Looks like they've got something for every preference."

As they continued walking around the shop, Rick had so many scenarios running through his mind, 'God... I am going to really enjoy it." Rick decided looking at the items in front of him. Even if they did not end up buying much today, Rick was going to buy at least one piece of every item in here.

"It's a multi-tasker. I can use it for a relaxing massage," Rick suggested with a grin, his eyes sparkling mischievously, "As for you?"

"Don't tease me..." Amanda's face was hurting now. The sheer embarrassment she felt inside this shop was more than anything she had faced for all these years.

As they moved forward, eventually, they found themselves in front of a display of butt plugs. Amanda's cheeks turned an even deeper shade of pink as her gaze fixed on the different sizes and shapes. π‘“π“‡π˜¦π˜¦π˜Έπ˜¦π‘π˜―π‘œπ˜·π˜¦π“.π˜€π‘œπ“‚


<nullb>Quest: Buy Amanda a butt plug

<nullb>Time Duration: 24 hours

<nullb>Reward: Ero points: +10000; Cash: $25000


Rick looked at the quest and he could not help but frown. In case of Amanda, the choices are almost non-existent now. As for the quests, they are not giving him the one thing he wanted, Experience. He was just short of 100 experience points from leveling up. Why was it so hard? It was irritating.

But whatever the case may be, he had to complete the quest, at least for the money.

Rick playfully nudged Amanda, who was intently looking at the butt plugs, "Feeling itchy, Amanda?"

Amanda rolled her eyes with a shy smile, "I am just looking."

"You know since you are beginner, why not start with a small, cute one?" Rick picked up a small, beginner-friendly butt plug and studied it intently. He then turned to Amanda, his voice a blend of seriousness and playfulness, "You know, I've heard that these can be used for both pleasure and as a way to prepare for anal play."

Amanda when saw Rick explain it seriously, listened to him intently. She wanted to nod hearing his words, but when she the smirk on his face, she almost pulled his hair.

"<nullb>I am not buying it," Amanda decisively refused.

"And I am not buying it," Rick leaned in and whispered in her ears, "<nullb>Your words."

"It's decided then," Rick quickly pulled away and moved towards the girl at the counter, "We are buying this one."

"..." Amanda stood stumped at her spot.

* * * * *

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