Master of Lust

Chapter 18: Rewards and Emily
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Chapter 18: Rewards and Emily

Chapter - 18

"Inventory," Rick thought and the inventory of the Lust System opened.

In the numerous boxes in the inventory, two of them were occupied.

One had a big $ sign on it and below it $51,100 was written. It was the cash reward he just received. Rick clicked on it and a pop up appeared in front of him.


Balance: $51,100

Withdraw: _______


'Okay, here's the moment of truth,' Rick thought, '$100'.


Withdraw $100? (f)reewebnovel


'Yes,' Rick approved.

And then Rick waited. He continued to wait for something to happen, but nothing happened for some time and he found it odd. System has never disappointed him till now. So what's with the no show this time? f(r)eewebnovel

'What if... What if the money was sent to my account,' Rick wondered. Rick had read a lot of such stories where such things happened.

"Man, the IRS will be on my ass whenever I try to get my money. This is my bloody money," Rick sighed and face palmed himself. But then he felt something on his face.

"This..." In Rick's hand there was a $100 bill. Since it was just one bill, he didn't feel it in his hand.

"Hell yeah! That's some real money right there," he exclaimed, his mind already racing with ideas of what he could do with the unexpected cash bonus.

"This is so awesome... I won't have to worry about being found out by the government anymore," Rick sighed in relief.

Rick then had another thought, and the $100 from his hands were gone and it was again $51,100 on the screen.

"Neat..." Rick nodded in appreciation.

Next, his eyes landed on the other slot in the inventory. It was the "Summon Card."

"Summon Card? Not bad," he chuckled, not entirely sure what the Summon Card entailed, but he had a feeling it was awesome.

With just a thought, Rick clicked on the card and it appeared in his hand. It was like a big, solid tarot card with numerous designs on it.

With the card, some information appeared in his mind as well.

[ To summon your familiar, hold the card, and say "Summon." ]

"Summon," Rick did as he was told. Suddenly the card in his hand shown brightly, bright enough to almost make him blind, and then it vanished. But another information appeared in his mind.

[ Your summon will arrive in front of you within 48 hours. ]

"Hmmm... So I won't know what it is for two days," Rick felt a bit disappointed, given the anticipation he had for the summon card. Well, nothing he could do.

After that, Rick hurriedly opened the shop and his attention then turned to the "1 Lottery Spin." "Oh, this could be interesting," Rick said with a mischievous grin. He clicked on the icon, and a familiar lottery machine appeared on the screen.

With a press of a button, the machine started spinning, and Rick eagerly watched the symbols whirl before him.

In no time, the wheel began to slow down... It slowly went from Premium, Epic, Legendary with each segment smaller than the previous.

After a few heart-pounding moments, the spinning stopped, and a message appeared on the screen:

"Congratulations! You've won a Basic reward: $69,900"

"Ha! That's what I'm talking about!" Rick cheered, feeling a rush of excitement. He clicked on the reward, and the message disappeared. When he checked the inventory, the cash he had has already increased. It was now $121,000.

"This just keeps getting better," Rick laughed. He was already a rich man now.

As he closed the system, Rick couldn't help but feel a mix of excitement, curiosity, and a bit of caution. The rewards were enticing, but he also knew that he couldn't let the system control his emotions and relationships. But in front of all the rewards, caution hardly mattered. And it did not look like the system meant anything bad for now. So why not just enjoy it?

"What am I getting myself into?" he questioned himself, feeling both excited and apprehensive about the newfound powers the system granted him.

As he thought about it, his eyes slowly began to close. The exhaustion was finally catching up to him.

'At least it is real,' It was the final thought he had before he drifted into slumber, 'Oh wait, I forgot to check my Ero Points. Maybe I will do it tomorrow.'

~ ~ ~ ~ ~


"Aghh," Emily groaned as she frowned in her sleep.

"Ding-Dong," the doorbell sounded again, pulling Emily out of her groggy slumber. When she opened her eyes, she frowned as she realized she had fallen asleep right against the door.

"Why am I here?" Emily thought, but then the memory from last night flooded her. She was waiting for Rick all evening and when he did came, he left without even explaining anything. Emily then cried sitting by the door before she fell asleep there itself.


"Who is it?" she grumbled, her voice muffled by her drowsiness.

"Ding-Dong," But she got no answer. Instead, the persistent ringing continued, making Emily's annoyance grow.

"I heard you the first time! Give me a second to open the door," she shouted, her patience wearing thin.

She stumbled to her feet, rubbing her eyes to wake herself up. With her eyes still half-closed, Emily opened the door, only to find Rick standing there with a smile on his face. Her surprise was evident in the way she stammered, "You... You... What are you doing here?"

"What else? Don't we have classes?" Rick replied playfully, "Why aren't you ready yet?"

"You are here to pick me up?" Emily asked, still uncertain about the situation.

"Why else would I be here? Silly," Rick gently knocked on Emily's head with his knuckles, teasingly.

"Now hurry up and get ready... We are already late for school," he urged, playfully pushing Emily inside her apartment.

"And don't you dare skip the bath," he added with a smirk. He grabbed a towel and pushed her inside the bathroom.

Emily entered the bathroom, still trying to make sense of Rick's unexpected visit. As she stood under the shower, she couldn't help but think about the events from last night and the complete one-eighty turn in Rick's behavior right now.

Rick, in the meantime, cleaned up Emily's room with a sense of amusement. "Geez, this room is a mess," he muttered to himself, picking up clothes and rearranging things. Rick was more than energetic today.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~


As the door clicked open, Rick turned around with a playful complaint on his lips. "Finally! What took you so long to take a shower?" Rick said, trying to sound exasperated, "You weren't doing something naughty, were you?"

Emily, however, was too flustered to respond to his complaint.

Her eyes widened in shock as she looked at him. Rick right now was holding her bra in his hands. She blushed furiously, feeling a rush of embarrassment and panic all at once.

"Oh my god, Rick! What are you doing with... with... my bra?" she exclaimed, her voice slightly squeaky.

Rick glanced down at the bra in his hands and then back at Emily, a mischievous glint in his eyes. "Relax, Em, it's just a bra," he said, trying to downplay the situation.

"But... But still!" Emily stammered, her face now turning a shade of crimson.

Rick chuckled, knowing he was teasing her, but he couldn't resist adding, "I mean, I've probably seen all your bras and panties by now, right? After all the times I've cleaned up your messy room!"

Emily's embarrassment reached a whole new level, and she felt like crawling into a hole and hiding. She knew he was right. He had helped her clean her apartment god knows how many times.

"That was different?" she muttered, barely audible.

And before Rick could respond, she suddenly lunged toward Rick to snatch her bra from his hands. However, her feet were still wet from the shower, and as she moved, she slipped on the tiled floor.

"Whoa!" Rick exclaimed, catching Emily in his arms just in time to prevent her from falling flat on her face.

Rick fell on the floor, with Emily on top of him, and their faces mere inches apart.

The air crackled with electricity as Emily and Rick lay there, their faces only inches apart. Rick's arm was wrapped around Emily's waist, holding her close. His eyes locked onto hers with a tender smile, sending her heart racing.

Emily's breath hitched as she felt the warmth of Rick's body against hers. Her heart pounded in her chest, and she could feel the blood rushing to her cheeks. It was a moment of intense intimacy, and she could hardly believe that this was real.



Quest: Tease Emily

Time Duration: 10 Minutes.

Rewards: Temptation: +5; Ero points: 500


This time, Rick was not surprised when he saw the prompt. They were in a situation where Rick was almost waiting for the system to give him something.

Without wasting a second, Rick opened the system and Emily's information was in front of him.


Name: Emily Clarke

Age: 23 years

Carnal Calibrator: 55/100

Romance Radar: 00/10


'What the hell? How is this possible?" Rick thought to himself when he looked at the information in front of him. Why was Emily's Carnal Calibrator already so high? It didn't make any sense. He remembered even Amanda's was not this high. Not to mention he knew Emily was not interested him in at all. Or was there something he missed?

So Rick decided to follow the System's lead.

Rick's thumb gently brushed against Emily's cheek, and she closed her eyes, savoring the touch. "You are so beautiful," he whispered, his voice low and filled with emotion.

"What?" Emily's eyes shot open, her eyes almost ready to pop out of her sockets.

"Leave your underwear. You dressed in the towel is even more tempting. I want to do so many things with you, "Rick continued.

"Wh... Wha..." Finally Emily remembered that because Rick pushed her inside the bathroom with just a towel, she was only draped in a towel right now. She wasn't wearing anything else on her.

"But we are getting late for college, "Rick said and helped Emily stand straight.

"Hurry up and get ready. I am waiting for you outside, "Rick said and walked out of the room, leaving a stumped Emily behind.



Quest: Tease Emily

Progress: Quest Completed

Quest Reward:

Temptation: +5

Ero Points: +500



Name: Emily Clarke

Age: 23 years

Carnal Calibrator: 60/100

Romance Radar: 00/10


* * * * *

Q. Why would the Carnal Calibrator be 55 for Emily?

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