Master of Lust

Chapter 14: Rick and Amanda [4]
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Chapter 14: Rick and Amanda [4]

Chapter - 14

Amanda lay on the floor motionless after an intense orgasm. Rick took this opportunity and slowly crawled over Amanda. With his arms supporting his weight, his face of inches away from Amanda's as he looked at her with tender eyes.

"You are beautiful," Rick whispered.

Hearing Rick's compliment, Amanda blushed and she gently punched Rick's shoulder, "Sweet tongue. Do you think... Ummm..."

But before Amanda could complete her words, Rick leaned and kissed Amanda's lips. It was a light peck and after kissing her, he moved back soon.

"Umm... What do you think you are... Ummm..." With her eyes wide open, Amanda looked surprised, but before she could ask what his intentions were, Rick leaned closer, and kissed Amanda again. This time it was a long passionate kiss.

"Ooh, that feels so good," Amanda moaned.

"Is that so?" Rick raised his eyebrow, "Can I... Can we do it now?" Rick asked hesitantly.

"Huhh... There is no turning back," Amanda sighed, "I never thought my first time would be in such a situation... And with a man I had not even known for just a few hours."

"Tell me about it. I got knocked down by lightening, woke up in a hospital, my head is still buzzing and before I knew it, I am lying naked with a beauty in my arms," Rick smiled, "If someone would have told me this is how my day is going to end, I would have punched him in the face and kicked his ass for making fun of a virgin."

"It is what it is," Amanda smiled when she heard Rick. She reached down to take off her skirt, "But I don't regret it," Amanda said as she looked at Rick, straight into his eyes.

"Me neither," Rick smiled and held Amanda's hands, stopping her, "I like the way it looks on you. I prefer you keep them on."

Amanda smiled and opened her legs as Rick pushed her skirt up. She scooted her hips towards Rick, making sure he had plenty of access to her pussy.

"I am putting it in," Rick placed his cock over Amanda's swollen, pink pussy and said. He was trying to make sure Amanda was ready for it.

And it was a good thing he did. Though Amanda said that she was ready, her body was trembling. She was genuinely afraid. After all, it was her first time.

Rick smiled looking at her and slowly rubbed his cock around Amanda's wet pussy. He did not enter inside her, but continued to tease her instead.

Rick rubbed his cock around Amanda's swollen, pink opening. His eyes were filled with excitement. He was going to do it. He was going to fuck her. He was finally going to lose his virginity.

"Here we go."

Rick carefully pushed his cock farther up Amanda's pussy. Not much, just the tip of his cock. And it was just so incredibly tight. It was like a hand gripping his cock and squeezing it hard. As he pushed his cock deeper inside her pussy, even Rick felt slight pain in his penis. It was unlike anything he had ever felt before.

Meanwhile, Amanda grunted as she felt him going deeper.

"Oh, shit! Unnnngggggggh."

It hurt... It hurt her so much. Amanda felt her pussy was tearing apart. little by little. There was a flash of pain as her hymen was torn away completely, but then that was replaced by the new feeling of being very full as his cock slid completely into Amanda's vagina. Her eyes moistened, but Amanda bit her lip, trying hard not to let out a cry.

Rick pushed the head of his cock through the soft, pink folds of her pussy. He paused once his cock was fully inside Amanda. Amanda let out a contented groan as her pussy spread open. She was tighter than Rick had anticipated. Inch by inch he continued sliding himself inside her, filling Amanda with his thick cock.

"Ohhh, Rick! Oh, shit!" Amanda finally let out a moan.

After pushing his dick deep inside Amanda, he slid his cock out of her until just the head was left inside, then shoved it back in as he began a steady pace of fucking.

"Oh! Oh! Oh, yeah!" After a few minutes, the pain was gone and Amanda moaned, "Fuck me, Rick! Fuck me!" She was enjoying the new sensation.

Rick's eyes were fixed on Amanda's breasts as they bounced in rhythm to his strokes. The large globes bounced up, down, and off the sides of each other, with her eraser-like nipples making little circles in the air all the while. He had never seen anything quite so amazing.

Likewise, Amanda's eyes ran up and down Rick's body. What a stud he was. She had never seen a guy naked so up close. Let alone a guy with such a chiseled body. He had obviously been working out. His muscles were flexing and shining with sweat as he worked.

"Holy shit, Amanda. I can't believe I'm fucking you!"

"Me neither, Rick. It feels so... so good,"

Amanda sat up on her elbows and watched as Rick's cock plowed in and out of her pussy. She had always liked visual stimulation, and knowing that the cock she was watching belonged to a complete stranger made Amanda even hotter.

Rick sped up the speed of his strokes, fucking Amanda faster and faster. Amanda groaned and grabbed his shoulders.

"Yeah, just like that," she encouraged. "Fuck me right there! Oh, yes!"

But suddenly Rick stopped, and Amanda looked at him confused.

"Why? What happened?" Amanda asked. She was starting to feel so good. Why Would he stop now? Is he playing with her?

"I want you to do something for me?" Rick suddenly thought of something and smirked.

"What? What is your perverted mind thinking?" Amanda looked at the smirk on his face and she knew he wasn't thinking something good.

"Call me daddy," Rick said.

Just as Amanda heard Rick, her pussy tightened.

"What? What did you say?"

"I said, call me daddy," Rick repeated himself.

"You want me to call you daddy? Seriously?" Amanda looked at Rick with complicated eyes, "You know I won't."

"If you don't, I am pulling it out," Rick seriously said, "We can all forget about everything that happened today and go on our separate ways," as Rick said that, he pulled put his cock only leaving the tip inside Amanda.

"Stop," when Amanda felt Rick pulling out, she hurriedly stopped him. After the pain, she had just started to feel the pleasure. And now Rick wanted to stop? How inconsiderate.

"Daddy," Amanda bit her lip and murmured.

And just as Rick heard her, he almost cummed. His cock swelled. Even Amanda could feel it getting bigger inside of her, "What did you say? Say it again."

"Daddy... Please fuck me daddy," Amanda blushed as she said it again. This time a little louder.

"Ughh... That's my girl," Rick praised Amanda like a real father and slid back inside her. Amanda also tried humping her hips towards him, wanting to get Rick's cock as deep inside her as it could go. She had been close to cumming when he stopped fucking her pussy, and she could feel another one building up from deep inside her.

"Don't stop, Daddy! I'm gonna cum! I am gonna cum!"

Hearing Amanda moan, louder and louder, Rick grunted and fucked her even harder, desperate to give Amanda the best orgasm possible. Amanda squealed and trembled as she felt the waves of pleasure overtake her.

"Ohhhhhhhh, Daddy... I'm cumming!!! Ohhhhh, fuck it, Daddy!"

Rick continued fucking her through her orgasm, feeling the spasms as her pussy clenched and squeezed at his cock. He slowed down his strokes as Amanda finally stopped shaking beneath him.

But Rick did not stop. He continued to fuck Amanda. He was about to cum as well.

"Oh, fuck! I'm gonna cum again!" she cried, "Daddy!"

Now Amanda was rubbing her clit as Rick sped up his strokes.

"Fuck!!!! You are so good, Daddy!!!"

Amanda's entire body exploded with pleasure. Her pussy gushed out juice onto her hand as her pussy muscles contracted around Rick's cock, squeezing it tightly. Amanda had cummed twice in a matter of minutes, her pussy was ever so sensitive. Every thrust of Rick, sent quivers down her body.

Rick, on the other hand, continued fucking as he felt his balls start to boil.

"Amanda, I'm gonna cum!" Finally Rick said. fre(e)webnov(l).com

"Not inside," Amanda felt weak in her body but she moved quickly when she heard Rick. It was not a safe day today. Earlier she was lost in pleasure, but she had her head was somewhat clear now.

Amanda quickly leaned forward and Rick's cock left her pussy with a small 'pop'. She sat on her knees and grabbed his cock, jacking it off as hard as she could. Meanwhile, Rick also stood up, his cock face to face with Amanda.

Rick fucked his cock, covered with Amanda's pussy juice into Amanda's hand, watching her tits jiggle as she jerked back at it.

"Ohhhhh, here it comes!!" Rick moaned.

A huge rope of cum shot from Rick's cock and splattered across Amanda's face. She continued to jack him off as more shots spurted out, coating her lips, neck, and chest in his cum.

"Ohhhh, yeah!!"

Rick groaned as a few final shots dribbled onto Amanda's tits.

"God, that was great, Amanda." Rick said as he put his arm around Amanda's chest and pulled her down on the floor. The two of them laid there for a while, catching their breath.

"Umm..." Amanda nodded.

And no one spoke for a while after that. After a few minutes, Amanda got up, and walked towards the table. She pulled out a few tissues and started cleaning herself up. Her back was towards Rick and he could see that white perky ass teasing him.

"It was the best first time I could have asked for," Amanda said when she was done wiping herself up, "You are the best, Daddy," Amanda teased Rick. But she wasn't looking at him.

Suddenly a pair of strong arms wrapped around her and she could Rick's strong chest against her back. His breath brushed his nape sending tingles all over her body.

"You dare tease your daddy? You need to be punished," Rick said as his hand fondled her ass before stopping between her ass cheeks, "This time, I am going to punish this."

'What?" Amanda went weak in her knees. If not for Rick holding her, she would have fell on the floor.

"You want to do what?"

* * * * *

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